Foyer Updates And How To Style A Farmhouse Board And Batten Wall

How To Style A Farmhouse Board And Batten Wall || Worthing CourtPin

At the onset of our foyer makeover, I knew that one of the most important improvements that I wanted to make was to brighten this dark’ish space.  The addition of a painted white board and batten wall has accomplished just that!  Take a look at how far this wall has come.

This wall has gone from a blank canvas…

Farmhouse Style Makeover Plans For A Suburban Foyer || Worthing CourtPin

…to the addition of board and batten…

Farmhouse Style Makeover Plans For A Suburban Foyer || Worthing CourtPin

…to a finished, caulked, painted and styled wall!

 Fill a board and batten wall with baskets, grapevine wreaths and greenery to create a farmhouse feel || Worthing CourtPin

I always knew that I would put hooks for coats on the left side of the wall, but struggled with what to do on the right.  In the end, I realized that there will be times when we need lots of places to hang coats, so I added them to the right side as well.

How To Style A Farmhouse Board And Batten Wall || Worthing CourtPin

Pookie helped me build these super simple benches a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll be sharing the tutorial soon!  You may notice that the fabric is the same as what I used on our chairs in the dining room.

How To Style A Farmhouse Board And Batten Wall || Worthing CourtPin

All of the electrical work has been completed and the new lighting has been installed.  If you have a sharp eye, you can probably look at these photos and figure out which foyer lighting collection I decided to go with.  🙂

This post is supposed to be about how to style a farmhouse board and batten wall, so here are my tips:

  • Use lots of texture – think baskets, straw hats and grapevine wreaths.
  • Use greenery and/or dried or faux flowers.
  • Add elements of zinc or galvanized metal. 
  • Soften things up with fabric – upholstered pieces and pillows.
  • Display your items in unexpected ways on inexpensive black hooks.  THESE are my favorite.

How To Style A Farmhouse Board And Batten Wall || Worthing CourtPinThe best part about this?  Everything that I used, with the exception of the benches, came out of my stash!

Here’s where my to-do list stands as of today:

  • Caulk and paint the board and batten wall white, to match the trim.
  • Replace the chandelier, add sconces to either side of the doorway into the office and add a matching flush mount in the hallway at the top of the stairs.
  • Replace the area rug.  The current one just isn’t working well with two dogs.
  • Add hooks to the board and batten wall to the left of the office opening.
  • What am I going to do on the board and batten wall to the right of the office opening???
  • Build (maybe) two benches – one for each side of the office opening.
  • Do something on the big honkin’ wall going up the steps.  Gallery wall???
  • Made a decision about whether or not to add sconces to either side of the mirror above the gray chest.
  • Add an outlet inside of the coat closet.  That’s where our modem and router are located.  See that extension cord running around the wall beside the gray chest?
  • Add some sort of drapery or shade to the window at the bottom of the steps.
  • Replace the smoke detector in the upstairs hallway.
  • Add accessories!


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  1. That looks GREAT!! Love it! Really want to do board and batten somewhere in my home.

  2. Loving the foyer ideas! You are giving me some wonderful ideas!

  3. GREAT job on the benches!!!!!

  4. Amazing foyer transformation! Love board and batten!

  5. Jennifer Cloud says:

    What a great transformation! Your lighting choice was my favorite of the bunch. I’m looking forward to the bench tutorial!

  6. I love the board and batten look. It definitely brightens the foyer. Your choice of lighting is wonderful. I wish I had waited to build a bench. My husband told me he’d do so, but I got a little impatient andI bought one. I love the one I bought, but I’m sure I could have saved a bundle. ?

  7. Your foyer looks bright and the those lights are exceptional. What a difference. I also like the benches that you made and the fabric that you used. I wonder where n my home I could do this!

  8. The wall looks great! Such a fresh look.

  9. Amazing transformation! Now it is decorative and useful!

  10. Love what you have done. Looking good!

  11. Love, Love, Love! Can’t wait for the bench tutorial!

  12. I love your list! “big honkin wall” that’s how I write lists too!! Looks fantastic and I’ll be waiting on that bench tutorial – they look fantastic!!

  13. Wow! Awesome redo! Love it!

  14. Oh, this is SO lovely! Are you ready to come help me on my house now?

  15. Carol Elkins says:

    Love your foyer!!! Beautiful!!!

  16. Nancy Walden says:

    I love the board and batten wall. I’d love to do that in my foyer but it wouldn’t have nearly the impact of yours since it has a dropped ceiling.

  17. Tina Sipe says:

    The look you have put together is just great! The sharp white against your walls looks beautiful! I love the fabric on your benches and chairs!

  18. Nancy Careoll says:

    Looks awesome! I’m thinking of doing the board and batten on my closet wall …..someday LOL.