My Urban Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch

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I am sharing all the details of my show stopping urban farmhouse Christmas front porch!My Urban Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch || Worthing Court poster.Pin

Welcome to Worthing Court’s Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch, located in the heart of suburbia!  I’m excited to be joining a Christmas Porch Tour hosted by Amy of Atta Girl Says!  Whether your style is vintage, rustic, farmhouse, French country, traditional or cottage, you’ll find lots of  inspiration as you deck your halls for the holidays.  Scroll to the bottom for the links to visit everyone else’s Christmas porch.

We’ve lived in our home for a little over two years now, but this is the first Christmas that I’ve gone all out decorating my front porch for Christmas!  Still under the influence of the much adored tartan plaid plates that I used in my Christmas Breakfast Nook, I used a lot of red on my front porch.

Decorating My Porch For The Holidays

The very first thing that I did was to create a Christmas inspired garland to surround my front door.  I attached three red berry garlands (from Michael’s) to three of those very inexpensive plain green garlands, using the greenery branches to wire them together at the ends.  I then tucked white lights into all of the branches.  Super easy to do and so much less expensive than the greenery and berry mix garland that I saw at another store!  Oh, and those planters?  They’re new ones that Pookie built for me!  We’ll talk more about them in a bit.

Front door surrounded with lighted garland and flanked with diy planters for Christmas.Pin

The holiday wreath is made from a grapevine wreath with two faux greenery pics and two leaf and berry picks attached to it with floral wire.  And of course, I had to add a plaid Christmas bow!

DIY grapevine Christmas wreath with red berries and a plaid bow.Pin

Our wide and deep front porch is one of the things that sold me on this house, but it takes a lot of stuff to fill it!  I had so much fun adding all sorts of Christmas goodies, but the width of the porch and the large square columns make it difficult to photograph.  So….I’ll be showing you my porch one end at a time.

We bought a new Christmas tree for the inside this year, so I saved the old one to use on the porch.  I love it!  The tree is flanked with white wicker rockers that live out here year round.  I added a throw, Christmas pillows, lanterns and lots of other goodies to cozy it up.

Front porch Christmas tree decorated with red ribbon.Pin

The big blank wall needed something, so I purchased wooden screen slats at the big box store, cut them to 36″ long, glued them together (with wood glue) in the shape of a star and spray painted it red.  So easy to do, but I will say that it took me a bit of fussing to get the star to just the right shape.

A red star on the siding of the house.Pin

I added a bench filled with throw pillows between the rockers on the other side of the porch. An old wood crate holds a lighted Christmas tree filled with red stars and happy red striped ribbon.  The wreath above the bench is filled with white lights too.

Wicker chairs with plaid pillows.Pin

A beautiful vintage sled, leaning against the wall helps to fill in the blank space and to create a feeling of coziness for the holidays.

A wooden sleigh on the porch.Pin

White wicker chairs with holiday throw pillows on the porch.Pin

Now about those planters.  I wanted to replace the black urns, that formerly flanked my front door, with two wooden planters that I saw at Remodelando la Casa (you can find them HERE).  Pookie made them for me using Christina’s directions.  Mine are larger though – they’re 24″ square, plus we added castors to the bottom.

DIY wood planter decorated for Christmas with a red star.Pin

I filled them full of every greenery pick that I could find and then added the same lanterns that I used in the urns for my fall front porch.

DIY wood planters filled with Christmas greenery and lanterns.Pin

I found these metal stars in my stash and painted them red for the finishing touch!

DIY rustic wood planter decorated for Christmas with red stars.Pin

I mentioned before, that our porch is wide and deep.  I thought I’d give you a shot of what the whole porch looks like from a distance.  In a perfect world, the area around the shrubs would be free of leaves and no leaves would be in the gutters, but the reality is that my house is surrounded by woods and we have several huge oak trees in our front yard.  In spite of clearing the leaves every few days, this is how it will look until all of the trees have finished shedding for the winter.  At least I was able to get the leaves off of the porch long enough for me to take pictures for you!

A large urban covered porch decorated in the farmhouse theme for Christmas.Pin

Thank you so much to Amy for putting this tour together and thank each of you for visiting!  Click on the links below to visit the other gorgeous Christmas porches.

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Farmhouse Christmas mantel decorated with traditional red and green || Worthing CourtPin

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. It is beautiful! Everything looks so wonderful. I love the colors against the white. It really all goes together so well. I have gotten so many ideas. If only I had your front porch. I am jealous. I will have to say. Happy Holidays!

  3. Your front porch looks beautiful. Unfortunately ou winter weather does let me decorate like this. Snow is predicted today, but not much, so greens are a must. I like the red color that you used and the plaid.

  4. Audrey Stewart says:

    That is so beautiful! I wash I was there, sitting on your porch. I love that you even have a tree.

  5. Your porch is absolutely killing me. Love it all. Love every teeny tiny detail of it. And LOVE those big porch planters. Pookie did good!

  6. Wow, Suzy! Your porch looks like it’s from a magazine. Everything is just beautiful. I can see how you fell in love with it. Those wooden planters are the perfect addition.

  7. Your porch looks spectacular! You’re so lucky to have such a big area to decorate..

  8. Brenda Radliff says:

    I absolutely love your front porch! Beautiful. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog.

  9. Mary Chris says:

    everything looks so festive. Wonderful job. Have a great holiday season.

  10. Dolores Haley says:

    All blogs were fabulous but I live where it snows, a lot! I would like to see a porch decorated in a place where it snows. I couldn’t leave a fabric throw outside or the wonderful chairs I saw. Maybe next year, a porch where it snows!

    1. It’s adorable! I like it so much! I agree.with Delores. We have snow and wind at Christmas. Do you have ideas to look out and see something nice that will not blow away? Nobody wants to sit on the porch at Christmas. Brrr!

      1. Thank you so much, Portia! I live in North Carolina, so we rarely get snow this time of year. And since my porch is covered and is fairly deep, the wind hasn’t been a problem for me – so far, that is. If you wanted to put a tree on your porch, maybe you could lay a bag of sand (or two) across the base to keep it from blowing over. You could then cover it up with a tree skirt or piece of fabric. For small containers, you could try adding some loose gravel to the bottom of containers. Merry Christmas!

        1. Thanks Suzy! Great ideas. Definitely worth a try!

  11. Beautiful and inviting.

  12. I see lots of Suzy signature touches on this porch. It’s so gorgeous, and so you!

    I’ll be over soon for coffee and conversation!

    I love your big tree and the planters that Pookie built. If you’re looking to “rehome” your old planters, I’ll buy them from you!

  13. Your porch is perfect. I love the way you decorated it with the stars. Your husband did a great job on the wood planters also!

  14. I am awestruck! *shakes head quickly back and forth*. Just… WOW!

  15. I love your Christmas decorations. All of your red plaid is so Christmas. Gives me ideas for next year. I have a small front porch but I can use a few of you ideas

  16. Dreamy!!!! Up for the inspiration!!

  17. Nancy Carroll says:

    So inviting!!! Love it! You always have such a pretty garland on your front door. I need one, but feels like such a daunting task to make one and I’m already tired of decorating. Do you still have the one you had on your Worthing Court house? It probably needs a new home LOL

    1. My old garland was falling apart and was sent to the garland graveyard when we moved. 😀

  18. Christy @ Our Southern Home says:

    Oh, Suzy! I am so in love with your home and porch. I can’t believe it has already been 2 years since you moved here. You have accomplished so much in so little time. Can I just say that Ashlyn discovered your Instagram a few days ago and is in love. She keeps showing me pics and saying…we should do this!