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How do you feel about the return of color in interior design? Oh, I know it never really left, but all white, all gray or all neutral rooms have been at the forefront of interior design the past few years (my own home included).

I for one am glad to see it’s return. The High Point Furniture Market was filled with color everywhere I looked and beautifully decorated rooms with color are showing up in my Instagram feed more and more.

This image of this beautiful dining space from Mallory Mathison Inc. interior design popped up in my Instagram feed this week and I am loving the cheery addition of color!

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I think this outfit is perfect for spring! And yes, I will be wearing white pants even though it isn’t Memorial Day yet. Do you follow that old fashion rule?

The top is a lightweight knit with 3/4 length sleeves, so it’s a good transitional piece for going into summer. And I love the fit of this denim jacket! I went through several before I found one that didn’t have a baggy, boxy fit, but I love the just-right fit and not-too-long length of this one, plus it’s only $20!.

I can wear the necklace or not, depending upon whether I was to dress the outfit up or not.

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We recently watched this charming moving starring Kelsy Grammer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t let its children’s movie classification scare you away. If you’re like me and have grown weary of movies with a plethora of bad language and other unmentionable subjects, this movie is a great selection! It’s available for purchase or streaming on Amazon.

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I’ve been searching high and low for a tinted moisturizer that I could apply in the mornings when I don’t want to do full makeup, but I do want a little something to even out the skin tone on my face.

I recently stopped by my local Ulta and this is what they recommended. I have to say that I LOVE it! It already has moisturizer it in, it has great coverage and it’s SPF 50, which means I don’t have to apply sunscreen to my face. I’ve never tried the IT brand cosmetics, but I’m definitely a fan now.

I’m wearing the Light color (this image is my actual tube), but it comes in many others. Order it from Amazon and save yourself about $12!

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The most exciting (if you can call it that) thing that is happening around here lately is that I’m trying to recover from a pinched nerve in my hip. It’s my first experience with one and I can tell you that isn’t an experience that I want to repeat! Thankfully, my orthopedic doctor thinks it will resolve itself and won’t require anything invasive. In the meantime, you can find me on my bed doing stretches several times a week.

The hubs does most of our grocery shopping and is a big fan of stocking up on items that we regularly use when they’re on sale. So, even though we have a good size pantry, we need more food storage space. We have a certain spot where we’d like to put a cabinet, but it’s an odd height. We’ve looked high and low without success so Pookie decided to just build one. While I’m stretching you’ll find him out in the garage working on the cabinet.  😀

man working a piece of plywoodPinEnjoy your weekend, my friends!

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  1. Thanks so much for the inspiration as always. I look forward to your movie selections and anxious to watch the one you recommended. Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. You are so sweet – thank you so much! Let me know if you enjoy the movie!

  2. Leandra Snow says:

    I got a lot of great ideas today! I ordered the denim jacket, the CC cream, and I’m hoping to see the movie you suggested! Thanks for today’s post. Hope you feel better… take care.

  3. Ouch! Hope you are healed up soon and pain free! Thanks for the great suggestions.
    I am delighted to see some color coming back into homes. Personally, I am SO over all the dull, cold grey tones out there. I do like white or neutral upholstery with colorful accents, but I have had my fill of dull, monochromatic schemes recently. I think a bit of color can really up the cozy, cheerful factor.

  4. I’m team color! Like the other comment I keep my sofas neutral so I can add colorful pillows and accessories. I also like lots of different fabric patterns like the photo above. I wear white all year as a Floridian. Having suffered with nerve pain for years I get it, so sorry. It takes a long time but the regular exercises do work. Also heat pad first thing before leaving bed in the morning.

  5. Donna Marsh says:

    Life’s pendulum will swing from one extreme to the other. Thank goodness, dull and grey are fading. I hated this trend and did not follow. I am a color person. Looking forward to COLOR.

    So sorry to hear of the pinched nerve. I have been down that road as well. It certainly cramps your lifestyle. Follow your routine and it will work.