House Tour – The Family Room

Our family room is the most used room in the house.  Even more than the kitchen.  What does that say about how much I cook?
Don’t answer that.
This is the view into our family room as you enter from the foyer.
It’s extremely difficult to capture the correct wall color in photographs of this room.

See that spot on the left end of the couch?  That’s were I blog.
Step on into the room and you can see how open to the kitchen it is.

That black blob draped across the back of the couch is Maggie, aka Diva Dog.  She came running in just as soon as she heard the camera clicking away.
Look to the right a little and you’ll see Pookie’s favorite spot in the room and the bane of my existence.

It rocks.  It swivels.  It reclines.  It’s leather.  It’s perfect, according to Pookie, that is.  I’ll just keep my opinion to myself.

How does Diva Dog know that I’m trying to take a pic of that chair?

The picture above the green chest is another painting done by my Auntie Syl.

Look to the left and you’ll see this console table and mirror.

That mirror is a little more garish than I’d like.  I tried to tone it down by applying stain to it, but the only way it’s going to get any darker is for me to flat out paint it.  Maybe I’ll get around to that one of these days.
This little lamp is one of my favorite things in the room.  It was a vase that I found and had made into a lamp.

These chairs sit in front of the table and mirror.  There’s a walkway in between the chairs and the table.

The doorway to the left leads to the foyer and living room.  The doorway to right leads to the dining room.
If you enter from the dining room, this is the view into the family room.

You can see the entrance to the office to the right.
Here’s a full on frontal shot of the bookcases.

We had to remove the doors to the center section to fit the flat screen tv in there.
Here’s a closer look at the right side.

The little black things up on top are speakers.
An even closer look.  The back of these cases was the same brown as the rest of the wood.  I didn’t like how dark it was, so I purchased a sheet of 1/4″ plywood, applied burlap to it with spray adhesive and put it behind the glass shelves.  For a little extra color, I added some decorative cording (the kind you use to trim pillows with) all the way around the top, bottom and sides.  I just used my hot glue gun to attach it.

Here’s the bookcase on the left.  I really like the burlap.  It adds texture as well as providing a lighter backdrop for everything.

I’m sure you’ve been able to tell that this room is two stories tall.  I love the volume, but it sure does present decorating challenges.  I decided to embrace it instead of fighting it by adding large accessories on top of the bookcase/entertainment center, by hanging decorative metal plaques on the wall above the couch…

…and using two story tall drapery panels.

I’ll end the tour with a bird’s eye view and a tip.

Here’s the tip – do you have bookcases that you would like to display items on top of, but can’t because the top of the bookcase sits lower than the moulding?  That was my case here.  I couldn’t just elevate items on blocks of wood because you can see the tops of the bookcases from above.  We took care of the problem by adding a sheet of luaun (or whatever you call that stuff used on the back of bookcases) cut to fit the shape and size of the top of the bookcase and simply laid the pieces on top.  They aren’t held down with glue or nails or anything.  We purchased the luan at Lowes and they cut it to size for us for free.
Oh okay, Maggie…I’ll include one more picture of you.  Sheesh!

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  1. Wow, this room is so lovely! We may have similar tastes in colors & the over-all “welcome” feel we like our homes to project. You’ve done a wonderful job of decorating to make it feel so cozy and inviting.

    I did the laundry room, too, and it is adorable. I’m still working on ours & want it to be functional but also very fun to work in. It’s a “walk-through,” so it will take some time to plan out the space.

    I really enjoyed both tours!
    🙂 CAS

  2. Hi Suzy,
    Your home is lovely and the color palette is so warm and inviting. I like your solution for the top of your living room shelving unit. The two story window treatments are fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. Hi Suzy, You have a beautiful home. I love the colors and your decor. Of course I love the drapes. The tip for the bookcases is great. A lot of people will be using this one. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Ginger

  4. HI Suzy, WOW, do I love your house! I have the same color pallette in my house too! I even have a gren kitchen but mine is a sage green. I love the family room and am hoping you will take us on a tour of the kitchen! Have a great weekend. XO, Pinky

  5. Your family room is beautiful, including hubby’s favorite chair! I love how your dog seems to know where to pose! I am your newest follower. (here and on Pinterest!). xo,

  6. Hi, came by your blog from Susan’s. You must be my blogging ‘soul sista’, (even though I haven’t blogged in 2 years since having my last daughter @ 43 yrs old). We have a lot of the same accessories in our home. I, too, collect pottery, have the same pear from Lowe’s, and have a thing for rabbits. The vase you had your lamp made from is like one I bought, and still have from Bombay Company about 15 or so years ago. My kitchen is also green, and we have a small beach property too @ North Myrtle. I’m in NC and feel like I have been in a home w/ a floor plan like yours. Would be wild if we looked at your home. We looked at a very similar condo when we bought our beach place, but it was in NMB and not ocean front. It amuses me to find someone with such similar tastes as mine. ;o)

  7. Visiting from Met Monday. Your home is beautiful! What a talented Aunt you have, what beautiful painting. The backing to your built ins looks amazing…very nice touch!

  8. Hey my new friend! 🙂 Sorry I did not get right back to your email. Its been a hectic weekend. I would love to meet up with you when you come down again. Let’s see how that date plays out. Right now it works for me. I am soooo excited to meet you and see your lovely beach condo in person. woo woo Welcome to Met Monday. I will get with you later this week about showcasing your blog too. All my best – Barb

  9. This really shows how a room can be comfortable and cozy and still be beautiful. No wonder your husband and dog spend their time in here. I love the idea for the backs of the bookcases. I have the same problem with mine being too dark. You can only see the contents when the lights are on. I will have to give it a try! Thanks!

  10. What a beautiful home you have! I’m enjoying looking around on your blog this morning. Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog. I will ask my sister about adding one of those subscribe by email thingys. Since I’m just getting started, I’m still refining it a bit. I still need to add a blog roll too. Have a great Monday!

  11. Hello. Where have you been all my blogging life? Love the pops of color and the bold accessories. Traditional with a twist. love it

  12. Your home is so pretty. I love the colors! It’s so homey and beautiful. Great job!

  13. Suzy,
    Your family room is beautiful! Although it posses it’s own problems with all the doorways and high ceilings, you’ve done a marvelous job with your decor!

  14. Oh yay. So glad you linked this up to Motivated Monday at Becolorful. I just love your images and your use of color. It was fun to come back and comment so I could see it all again. :0

  15. Ha! Diva Dog has a friend in my Mattie Gray. Apparently they both to have the spotlight. Thanks for sharing your space in my “Room by Room” series!