How To Add Pops Of Color To A Neutral Space Without Losing The Overall Neutral Vibe

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Adding interest to a space can be easy with pops or color here and there that will draw your eye to the focal point!

Are your all neutral rooms looking a little blah, lifeless and uninteresting these days? Here are 5 ways to add interest with small pops of color and still hold on to that overall neutral vibe.

Gray recliner beside white painted brick fireplace.Pin

Totally neutral rooms, such as all white, gray or beige rooms, have surged in popularity over the last few years. I even jumped on the bandwagon myself!

I painted all of the walls in my home a neutral beige (Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige) and changed just about all of my furnishings to neutral colors as well. I either painted existing pieces, gave them a makeover by reupholstering them (such as my coffee table) or purchased pieces that needed to be replaced anyway.

Even though my neutral rooms work well because I made sure to pay attention to the details, like texture and using different shades of the same colors, it wasn’t too long before I began to miss a little color in my life.

Reasons you may want to add a little color to your all neutral spaces:

  • your room seems uninteresting or feels cold
  • everything in the room just blends into the walls
  • you’ve become bored with nothing but white, gray or beige everywhere.

If you don’t want to lose the overall neutral vibe in your rooms, here are few small ways to add color, but still hold onto that cohesive look.


Accessories are an ideal way to add pops of color to an all neutral room.  They’re typically small in scale and don’t take up a lot of visual space. They may be small, but they can be mighty!

Adding something as simple as greenery can bring an otherwise blah spot to life!

Breakfast room with table, chairs and open shelves decorated for spring.Pin

If you’re craving a just a little more variety, branch out by adding small doses of  pretty florals.

Gray sideboard with shelf above flanked by hanging lanters.Pin


A neutral space makes the perfect backdrop for artwork with color. And because your artwork is most likely at or close to eye level, it will take center stage without taking away from the neutral decor in the rest of the room!

Entryway with colorful painting looking through to family room.Pin

Sofa with gallery wall above and sofa tableland blue throw pillows on the couch.Pin


When I refer to textiles, I’m talking about draperies, colorful decorative pillows, bright throw blankets and even bedding.

Family room decorated with neutral decor and pops of green plants.Pin

If you fall in love with a comforter (like I did) that would add more color to the room than you would like, simply fold it and place it at the foot of the bed.

King size bed with mostly neutral bedding.Pin


Add some interest underfoot (and hide some of the grime) with a patterned rug! If you’re striving to hold onto the overall neutral vibe, select a rug color that isn’t too vibrant but still has colour.

Screen porch decor with hand painted furniture and a blue and white area rug.Pin


Consider making a color statement with a small piece of accent furniture.  Small tables and chests are the perfect candidate for giving a paint makeover and can be the inspiration for spreading more pops of that same color around the room.

White entertainment center and a blue side table in the living room.Pin

Do you think you might try some of these suggestions in your neutral rooms?Small Splashes of color can add a pick me up to your neutral room!

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  1. Great ideas Suzy! I love the look of all neutral colored rooms in magazines and online, but not in my own home! I need that pop of color.

    1. I’m the same way! Hope found some tips to help you. 😀

  2. Hi Suzy,
    I need some color too so I like your ideas. I’ve inquired before but can you Link where you bought the aspen artwork you have hung above your fireplace mantel? I’ve admired it in many of your posts and have browsed on-line but can’t find anything remotely close to it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy. I’m sorry if I missed replying to you before! I bought that piece of artwork at At Home, so unfortunately there isn’t a link for it. 🙁

  3. I always get so many ideas from your beautiful rooms. I had no idea those arm chairs were recliners until I clicked on the link. Thank you for brightening my day.

    1. Thank you so much, Marie!

  4. Hi Suzy,
    I was wonder if you’d share where you purchased the comforter in this post?

    Love your pops of color!

  5. Eileen Miller says:

    My single story semi-open concept home has beautiful beige walls. I’m tired of the plain white doors and am considering painting them as slightly deeper shade of beige.
    Help! Would this look OK?

    1. Yes, I think that would look lovely. To keep it from looking choppy, you might also consider painting the trim around the door, not just the door itself.

  6. Thanks for your great ideas and beautiful photos. I still love my use of neutrals and one of the best things gs about it is the ease one can add pops of color to change up my rooms with the seasons. I can get a totally new feeling in a room and have fun doing it. I change up my pillows,throws, vignettes, dishes, floral arrangements and even paintings and area rugs to reflect the season.