How To Create A Summer Centerpiece With Both Modern And Vintage Touches

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Creating a summer centerpiece isn’t hard. Let me show you how to put one together in about 5 minutes, mixing both modern and vintage touches together!

Centerpiece with blue white and green dishes on a breadboard.Pin

Summer is the time of year when I love to use touches of blue and pops of green throughout my home! The blue reminds me so much of water and the pops of green remind me of all of the shades of green to be found outdoors this time of year.

This cute and summery centerpiece is a reflection of how I most love to decorate around most of my home – by combining touches of both modern and vintage items together, mixed in with updated traditional decor.

My theory is that combining modern and vintage together reinforces the welcoming feel I try to always strive for and it also helps to make decor seem more collected instead of like I just went to the store and bought it all at once.

Let me show you how to turn all of this…

The items for the centerpiece spread out on the table.Pin

…into this beautiful display in just a few short minutes!  

Blue and white bowls and plates, plus a wooden cutting board.Pin

It may look like I just threw all of these things onto a breadboard, but trust me, there’s a method to putting a successful vignette or centerpiece together! You can find all of my tips HERE.

You may not have the exact decor items in your stash to pull from that I do, but I bet you have enough lying around that you could easily mimic this summer centerpiece. Look for:

  • a large item for the base, such as a wooden breadboard or tray
  • something tall, such as a topiary or container filled with long greenery stems
  • a cohesive assortment of plates and bowls
  • a wire basket to contain some of the items
  • something long to lay in the basket, such as twigs, a bundle of long skewers tied together, more long greenery stems or spindles
  • a medium sized pitcher
  • a mug
  • some silverware
  • a cute small’ish vintage decorative element, like my chippy bird

A ceramic bird is on the board.Pin

Positioning the centerpiece base at an angle gives much more visual interest to the show stopping display than just squaring it up with the edges of your table.

The centerpiece in the middle of the dining room table.Pin

Up close look at the centerpiece elements.Pin

Colorful dishes are in the summer centerpiece.Pin

Varying heights are so important in a centerpiece, so be sure to stack plates and bowls together to achieve the most proportionate height for the perfect display.

Colorful bowls and blue cutlery.Pin

Take a look at this photo chart and you’ll see how easy it was to put together.  You can see that I start out with the larger pieces and then fill in as I go.

step by step directions to make a centerpiece with blue white and green dishes on a breadboardPin

If you just aren’t sure of where to start, take a look in your cabinets for inspiration!

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Step by step centerpiece with blue white and green dishes on a breadboardPin


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  1. Sooo pretty! I will definitely give it a try on my dining room table. Thanks! Blessings.

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks – you help make everything so easy!!

  3. You always give me inspiration. You make it look easy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the step-by-step!

  5. I love it! I never thought of using dinnerware as a centerpiece. It looks beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the idea. You just never know what you have around the house to make a vignette!

  7. Jacki Salinas says:

    That is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this! It’s hard to think “outside the box” but this is so easy to follow! Can’t wait to see what I can find to make my centerpiece.

  9. You definitely have a flair for decorating. ?

  10. Thanks for the lovely ideas! As for blue and green, those have always been my favorite colors since they’re the color of water.

  11. Beautiful! I love the idea of using what I already have. It’s like going on a scavenger hunt!

  12. Thanks for breaking down the components of your centerpiece. I like that you put it on the diagonal. I do that too on my kitchen table. Someone usually comes along and “straightens it out” for me, so I have to keep putting I back on the diagonal!

  13. Great idea! I use blue and green all year long…just seeems to work for me. 😉

  14. Carol Elkins says:

    Cute centerpiece! I would’ve never thought of using plates, etc., but I love it.

  15. Another great how-to for the decorating deficient. Thank you!

  16. Julie Briones says:

    Love this tablescape and your greens and blues are so pretty! Do you usually change up things in the office for the seasons?

    Thanks for showing us how you put this together!

    1. Hi Julie. I probably won’t do much changing in the office until the time comes for fall and Christmas decorating. Then…watch out! 😀

  17. JaneEllen Jones says:

    With so much to look at, several wonderful posts I don’t want to miss, will be here for while tonight. Lots of eye candy and educating myself.Even tho am older never think I know it all,love to learn new ideas to gussy up our little home. Your home is a fascinating teacher. I love to see what others like yourself do and take bits of it to apply with my own things.
    To me when it comes to decorating this is one old dog (77 in couple months) ready to learn new tricks.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us. Have fantastic weekend

  18. mattsgramma says:

    Terrific! This gets me thinking Suzy.

  19. I love blue and green together and this really is so very pretty the way you have it continued in the room–not just the centerpiece. That would have been nice, but this way it makes much more of a statement! in the room. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Your table centerpiece looks perfect on your table. Thank you for using items that already in my home for the most part. I bet you do enjoy looking at it from your couch!!