Iconic Farmhouse Cottage Living – Sarah Richardson Style


I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson and her beautiful farmhouse cottage style! Here are some of her best looks.

Are you a fan of Sarah Richardson?  If you’re not familiar with who she is, Sarah is the multi talented driving force behind Sarah Richardson Design.  This is how Sarah describes herself (quote taken directly from Sarah Richardson Design’s website):

“On any given day, I wear a number of hats for the different jobs I do. I’m an entrepreneur, designer, writer, producer, and TV personality (but I consider myself to be a designer first, and everything else flows from the creative industry that inspires me). Lucky me, that I’ve been able to carve out a niche where I can share my work, as well as the ideas, products, and materials that inspire me.” 

Iconic Farmhouse Cottage Living with wood and homey details.Pin

Pookie and I are avid fans and make sure that we catch every new show of her’s that makes its way down to the US.  My Canadian friends are fortunate to have Sarah in their own backyard and to see so much of her design work on HGTV/Canada.  We don’t get to see all of her shows down here in the US and the ones that we do see are way behind their original air date in Canada.  Boo.  Thankfully though, we can still enjoy and be inspired by her work in the online world!

One of my favorite shows of hers was Sarah’s Cottage, where a very pregnant Sarah and her husband renovate an off-the-grid getaway.  If I remember correctly, the bachelor shack of a cottage belonged to Alexander (her hubs) before he and Sarah married.  It was very dated and the bachelor style decorating wasn’t doing it any favors.

Sarah turned the ugly, uninviting place into a gem of farmhouse cottage style.  Take a look at this beautiful renovation.

The cottage is situated on an island that is seventeen miles offshore in the Georgian Bay in Ontario.  The location affords some spectacular water views, which Sarah took full advantage of with the living room design.

A living room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the water and blue striped couches and pillows.Pin

Sarah is a master at mixing fabrics and patterns together and the tranquil blues and creams that she chose for the living room only serve to highlight the fact that the cottage is located on the water.

Neutral armchairs wth throw pillows.Pin

The adorable kitchen is a wonderful mix of old and new.  During the show, there was much discussion about which appliances to use and how much electrical lighting to add since they are living off the grid in this isolated location.

A farmhouse cottage kitchen.Pin

Part of putting the cottage style kitchen together was finding just the right salvaged wood to wrap the peninsulas with.  I think that Sarah and her faithful sidekick, Tommy (a designer in his own right), stumbled upon the perfect choice.

A neutral kitchen with white cabinets.Pin

A dining and lounge area are located just off of the kitchen.  I can just imagine spending an evening with good friends, good food and good conversation in this gorgeous setting.

Wooden farmhouse style dining room table.Pin

And after you finish your meal, enjoy drinks by the roaring fire in the lounge area that’s in the same large room.

Four armchairs around a round table with a wicker basket beside it.Pin

A cute chest and gallery of hats sits along one wall.  Fishing anyone?

Gallery wall made with hats.Pin

A quaint quilt takes center stage on the bed in the master bedroom.  Notice the beautiful painted floor.

A red and white bedspread.Pin

A look at the other side of the bedroom.  The walls and ceilings in most (maybe all) of the house were already clad with pine paneling.  Now they’re so much more charming with a whitewash finish.  This was done before the days of the shiplap craze, y’all.

Red armchair in the master bedroom.Pin

Enjoy a cup of coffee and the fabulous views on the deck located off of the master bedroom.

Cottage deck overlooking the lake.Pin

Sarah managed to pull both cottage and spa-like style together in the serene bathroom.

Spa-like style in a cottage bathroom.Pin

There are other bedrooms in the house that are used by Sarah’s two girls, but I’d be perfectly content to be a guest and stay in the adorable bunkie that is a little cottage separate from the main house.

Throw pillows on the cottage style bed.Pin

All photos via Sarah Richardson Design, photography by Stacey Brandford

Sarah probably wouldn’t describe her cottage as farmhouse’y, but I think that the two styles have a lot in common – don’t you?

There is so much more to see in this charming home that Sarah shares with her family.  Click HERE.


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  1. Absolutely love everything that Sarah does. Haven’t had a new show in South Africa for ages. We did have the one that you show about the cottage on the island. We have had quite a few of the shows of the homes that she has done up, the last one being the new build on a housing estate.
    Wish we’d get the holiday rental one as we have not seen that one yet. Thanks for reminding us of her wonderful style although you do have wonderful style of your own.

  2. I have never been a prolific pinner on Pinterest, but Sarah’s cottage most definitely is one style of which I saved several pins on my home decor board when I first started pinning. Her style, and this cottage particularly, remains one of my favorites in its entirety.

  3. Love Sarah! I so miss her shows! I really wish hgtv would put her back on, instead of some of the shows they now have. And you’re right….she had shiplap before it was so popular! Thanks for the tour…I just love her style…oops, I’m repeating myself! 😉

  4. Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms says:

    This is beautiful! To be honest I hadn’t heard of her but wow! I am going to check out her other styles

  5. I love watching Sarah transform!!!!

  6. Love Susan Richardson. Lots of ideas to try.

  7. I’m so glad to see this post, as I have been hit by an arrow from cupid’s bow, I am in love with this design. I am checking out her site now, I will never be the same! I adore everything!

  8. When I first saw this on HGTV, several years ago, I went nuts for it! My home in SC has the tongue and grove pine that starts out yellow, but as the years go by slowly turns red. Not that I hated it, but I needed a change. I went and got the gray tinted, transparent stain and hired someone to white the wood. Now it is beachy and light, and even after several years, makes me happy. Sarah is one of the few designers that given the chance, I’d give her free reign to redo my home. I’ve never seen any of her work that I didn’t like.