Late Summer | Early Fall Farmhouse Open Kitchen Shelves

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Late summer is when my thoughts start turning toward fall!  I’m not quite ready to completely let go of summer – not yet.  Instead, I’ll just pull out my faux green apples and a few wood elements to combine together to give me the feel of fall, but still say that summer isn’t quite over.

Open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves decorated for late summer
Even though it’s late summer, I tried to hint at the approach of fall by using wood, lanterns, lots of texture and by scattering green apples here and there. I love, love, love the combination of apple green, wood and black and white!

(I hope you’ll enjoy re-visiting my early fall shelves from last August and will find some inspiration for your own home!)

A faux pig head, surrounded by a preserved boxwood wreath, hangs above open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves


Mug tree holding black and white mugs from the dollar store

I like to make it easy on myself, so when I decorate, I try to use classic backdrops and accessories so that all I have to do is rearrange and add to what’s already there.  It saves me an enormous about of time, plus it helps to keep a continuous flow through my home.  So, for my late summer decor, I kept the black and white accessories, dishes, bowls and mugs that were already on the shelves and simply changed what is displayed with them.  This little lamp lives on my sideboard and stays lit 24/7.  It just adds a bit of coziness to the corner and acts as a nightlight of sorts.

Breakfast area vignette


Salt and pepper shakers from Pottery Barn

For example, I kept the stacked plates, bowls and mug tree, but changed the look a bit by displaying a few of the plates in a long narrow basket.

Early fall rustic farmhouse open shelves

Mr. Herbert, my faithful pig companion, still keeps watch over the goings on in the breakfast area, but he’s ready for early fall with a dough bowl filled with green apples.

Faux pig head wall hanging above open rustic farmhouse shelves

I kept the vintage toolbox, but put a galvanized metal tray behind it, in place of the tobacco basket that was here before.  Then I simply removed the spring decor from the toolbox and filled it with some of the white pitchers and black and white pieces that were already on the shelves.

Open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves decorated for late summer

This late summer combination of green apples, wooden elements and black and white accessories should easily carry me over into fall!

See?  So much easier that starting all over from scratch!  And in case you’re wondering, using a dresser as a sideboard in my kitchen is one of the best things ever!  I have it filled with all kinds of kitchen and dining linens.  You can read all about exactly what I have stored in each drawer HERE.  Plus, you’ll get a peek at what the wall above the dresser looked like before I added the open shelves.

Other elements that you can decorate with that will carry you from summer into fall are:

  • twig wreaths
  • dried flowers, such as hydrangeas
  • candles
  • throws
  • old wood
  • green leaves
  • copper accents
  • tarnished/aged brass accents
  • sunflowers
  • galvanized metal
  • twine
  • baskets

Tell me.  Are you ready to let go of summer yet?  Or are you like me and are holding on for a long as you can?  Cause you know what comes after fall – WINTER!  Boo.


Late Summer or Early Fall Rustic Farmhouse Open Shelves



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  1. Your late Summer decor looks so pretty, Suzy! I’m doing some transitional decorating as well. I like this approach, because then we only have to add the true Fall accents. It makes the process a little easier.

    1. I agree, Shenita. It’s sooo much easier for me to do it this way. Have fun with your fall decorating!

    2. Gaye Arnn says:

      Suzy, Love your fall decorations. Your home is beautiful,and I know you have been a busy girl getting it to look so nice. Can’t wait to see what you will be doing for the upcoming holidays. I can believe how hot your summer has been. We visited Boone last week and talk about being hot. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for letting me read your blog. Gaye

      1. You are so right about how our summer decor can start looking tired. The lemon theme Ihave in my kitchen needs to be changed. I think I will do faux sunflowers, cotton and some woody branches. Time to bring back my tobacco basket and some other baskets to put on top of my hutch. My coastal look in the family room will stay till Sept. Still looks good to me. August is a difficult month for me to decorate my home but you have given me some incentive.

    3. Penny Sands says:

      I love everything about your blog! I love the hanging lanterns in your dining room. I am going to try making those for mine. Thanks so much for all your inspiration!


  2. That little piggy is such a cutie and he looks great surrounded my so much pretty greenery!

    Kate |

    1. Thank you, Kate! I love my little piggy – he has such a funny face.

  3. I love the look you’ve given to your shelves. I’m not quite ready to bring out the fall decor, either. I’m like you, trying to ease into it. Thanks for sharing your lovely decor ideas with us at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.

    1. Thank you, Beverly and thank you for the pin!

      1. Stopping back by to let you know your lovely late summer shelves is our Snickerdoodle Special feature at today’s party. Hope to see you there!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine!

  4. Kendra @ says:

    Oh your décor is stunning, Suzy! So perfectly styled!!! Enjoy your weekend! xo (Featuring you on Sunday at the Creative Corner

    1. Thank you so much, Kendra! And thank you for the feature too!

  5. So Beautiful Suzy!! – As always! Your home is stunning!
    Thanks so much for sharing your post on Wonderful Wednesday Link Party #OMHGWW.
    I will be featuring it next week on our Link Party!!
    Have a great week!


  6. This is a beautiful layout. I like your choice in dishes too.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors on Friday at 12AM EST.

  7. I love your shelves. I am new to your blog and posts and am enjoying them very much. Started decorating for fall today!

    1. Jackie Wallace says:

      I am always looking for new tablescaping ideas! Enjoy getting ideas from this site!

  8. Sherry Pelle says:

    Hi Suzy! I’ve decided that I like the blach & white, wood, apple green combo too! Withe those colors I also like grays too, pig, galvanized tray, etc.! Love it!

  9. Sherry Pelle says:

    One other comment I have is I LOVE how the shelves disguise the light switch and the thermostat!! So very clever, good move Suzy! ANnnnd the salt and pepper labels on the shakers are really classy! These labels can really jazz up a plain old set of shakers!!! I got so many great ideas from you today THANKS!!!

  10. Terri denson says:

    Love the open shelving. Very nicely done the colors and plates and wooden box just so nice together. Love it!!!!!!!

  11. I wish I Had room in my kitchen for a display like this! Love it!

  12. I love the look of open shelves and your display is lovely! We recently added some open shelves on a blank wall in our kitchen and I love them! I might have to add a few fall accents now though.

  13. Love the hutch with the open shelves, that is exactly what I am hoping to have our breakfast nook look like.

  14. Hi, would you please tell me where you purchased your shelving and brackets from? Thanks!

  15. So pretty! Good tips for transitioning to fall.

  16. Linda Charlton says:

    You have impeccable taste.

  17. Very pretty! The apples under the pig cracks me up! Looks like he is hungry!! 🙂

  18. I love the pop of green you added with the apples! And black and white is just classic.

  19. Adding sunflowers in an antique copper container today!!!

  20. Sandy Heath says:

    What a nice way to ease into fall!

  21. Where did you snag those Great black and white dishes? They look just wonderful with your Late Summer Shelves. The bright pops of green you’ve used really set them off. I can imagine they’d be just right in any season’s decor!
    I love all of your decorating techniques. You have such a flair, and it seems like everything you touch turns out just right!
    Keep these wonderful inspirational ideas coming!

    1. Hi Deborah. If you can believe it, those dishes came from Dollar Tree! As far as I know, they still carry them. 😀

  22. Late Summer early Fall transitioning is always hard.. Even more so now that we moved to Arizona, but I am trying! Its hard to think fall when its 110 out 🙁

  23. Julie Briones says:

    I’m hoping to incorporate some corks in my decor for fall. 🙂 Also, I think I’m going to stencil a couple of cork table runners. 🙂

    1. Julie Briones says:

      By the way… I believe I started following you about this time last year. I think it was your transitional fall decor that ‘won’ me! 😉

  24. Your kitchen shelves are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

  25. What a nice shelves you have. They are vibrant.

  26. I enjoyed seeing your kitchen shelves. Thanks for the suggestions and ideas.

  27. Love how you change your displays and vignettes so often, and with such ease! I get busy, and leave things out far too long … !
    (This light light type for comments is difficult to read, even with my new readers!!!)

  28. Mary Geldreich says:

    Your open shelving has inspired mine. Love the piggy.

  29. We barely had any summer here in Wisconsin this year, so I’m not ready for fall quite yet. I love that pig head with the wreath, and the little lamp that stays lit is so homey!

  30. I really enjoyed your suggestions for making changing out items from season to season easy, by having basic items that are always in place. I like the way you used the long basket as a back drop for some plates and switched out the contents of the toolbox. You gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  31. I recently received an old set of monogrammed silverware from my husbands grandparents. I see that you have some silverware in an old creamer! Great idea! Thanks !

  32. Adele Scheidt says:

    Love the shelves and changing decor! I put shelves in my Florida home and love to re-arrange my special pieces! Love all you decorating insights!

  33. I just love your blog! I have used it has my inspiration to redo my sideboard in our dining room. I’m curious to know where you found the cute pig! I’m originally from Iowa but know live in Arizona. I’m looking for a cute pig as an homage to my home state!

  34. Elizabeth Logan says:

    I love your shelves and this styling. Could you share what the spacing is of your shelves? I’m wanting to put some above an antique buffet but I’m not sure how far about they should be to have them look good. Thanks in advance.