Style Showcase 30 | Front Porch And Back Porch Decorating, Two Bedrooms, A Coastal Kitchen And More!

Welcome to the  Style Showcase, your weekly digest for home decor inspiration.

You’re going to find so much inspiration in this week’s Showcase.  We’re sharing both front and back porch decorating ideas, making lavender bath salts, two bedrooms and a coastal kitchen!

I’m a homebody at heart, so I keep telling myself, and honestly do feel fine staying at home these last few weeks, but I’m finding it super hard to get motivated!  I have so many projects that I want and need to be doing, but everyday I seem to find a different excuse. How about you? Are you getting tons of things marked off of your to-do list are you struggling like me?

Enjoy this week’s inspiring ideas!

Southern Hospitality | Summer Screen Porch Ideas

Town & Country Living | How To Make Lavender Rosemary Bath Salts

Worthing Court | Modern Farmhouse Spring Front Porch Styling On A Budget

Fox Hollow Cottage | Little Cottage Loft Bedroom Reveal

Sand & Sisal | Coastal Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Shabbyfufu | Summer Bedroom Decorating In A Soft Style


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  1. Joan McCormick says:

    I’m a home body also…the quarantine hasn’t bothered me one bit, BUT I’m not motivated to do my spring cleaning and it is really bothering me! I don’t understand why I feel this way…anyone have any suggestions? It all feels so overwhelming to me this year.

    1. Hi Joan. There are a couple of ways that I motivate myself when I’m feeling like you are. One way is to get out of the house for awhile and take a walk, a drive or just sit and enjoy nature. The other is to reach out to other by phone, FaceTime or other ways. And yet another thing I do is browse Pinterest and Instagram to see what everyone else is doing. 😀

  2. In some recent months, I work from home, so I am bored. That is the result I want to improve my house. But now I cannot know what I will do first, so much work. I find some awesome ideas from your post and I will try for my house like your Farmhouse Spring Front Porch Styling. It is green!!!

    1. It’s hard to pick just one project when there’s so much you want to do – have fun! 😀