Style Showcase 50 | Fall Kitchen Decor, How To Determine Your Interior Design Style And More!

Welcome to the Style Showcase, your weekly digest for home decor inspiration!

We’ve got lots to share with you this week – there’s fall kitchen decorating ideas, how to figure out your interior design style, how to hand paint pumpkins, a fall door swag, how to make books look old and 5 ways to decorate for fall.

I’m happy to report that we finally started on a project around here that’s long overdue! We’re fortunate to have three areas of walk-in attic space here and while it sure is handy, it makes it much too easy for me to accumulate too much stuff! We’re tackling getting all three spaces organized over the next several weeks, but we’re starting in the area that holds all of my Christmas and seasonal decor first. It’s the worst by far. It’s a huge undertaking and will have to be done in stages, but I think it will be so worth it in the end. Be sure to watch my stories on Instagram if you’d like to see the process and all of our organizational ideas.

Enjoy the Showcase!


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Town & Country Living | Fall Decorating In The Kitchen

gray pumpkin on a stand with two white pumpkins below

Worthing Court | 12 Interior Design Styles & How To Figure How Which One Is Yours

living room with white entertainment center, gray arm chair and gray coffee table

Fox Hollow Cottage | How To Hand Paint Pumpkins Perfectly

white pumpkin with the word boo painted on one side

Sand & Sisal | Fall Door Swag

glass front door with a fall door swag

Shabbyfufu | How To Make New Books Look Old

old and worn book spines

Southern Hospitality | 5 Easy Ways To Decorate For Fall

vignette with fall foliage in a white container

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