Style Showcase 69 | Making Your Home Yours, A 1919 Home Tour And More!

Welcome to the Style Showcase, your weekly digest for home decor inspiration!

This week we’re sharing tips for making your home uniquely yours, a 1919 southern home tour, how to apply gold leaf, how to add picture frame molding to walls and a cute spring decorating project.

I sure do hope that your Valentine’s Day was all the things that you wanted it to be! Ours was rather unusual and memorable for sure. We had an ice storm here that caused us to lose power and internet for several days. Ugh. THANKFULLY, we have an inline generator though, so we were at least able to keep heat and the rest of the power on in the house. We wound up with a few family members, who also lost power, staying with us and it was so much fun! Kind of like an adult slumber party.

Enjoy the Showcase!

Worthing Court | How To Make Your Home Uniquely Yours

bathroom vanity styling with artwork, hand towels and blue hydrangeas in a vase

Fox Hollow Cottage | 1919 Southern Home Tour

vintage container holding white tulips sitting on a kitchen counter

Shabbyfufu | How To Apply Gold Leaf

ornate silver candelabra with candles sitting on a dining room table

Southern Hospitality | How To Add Picture Frame Molding

walls painted blue with picture frame molding in a sitting room with two chairs and a tv

Town & Country Living | Spring Nature Board

piece of painted wood with Easter cards and a birds nest attached to it for a spring display

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