The Softer Side Of Winter In A Farmhouse Dining Room

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The Softer Side Of Winter In A Farmhouse Dining Room || Worthing CourtPin

Would you agree if I said that winter is pretty much a harsh time of year?  Depending upon where you live, that is.  Here in North Carolina, we don’t have it nearly as rough as many of you do, but we do get our fair share of freezing cold temps, snow, ice and gray days.  Lots of gray days.

When I decorated my dining room for Christmas, I didn’t use the cheery green and red, like I did in the rest of the house.  I kept the colors softer in here by using pale, frosty greens and shades of gray.  Then, when transitioning the room from Christmas to winter, I decided to counteract the season’s harshness by keeping the same softer-side vibe going. 

Farmhouse style dining room decorated for winter || Worthing CourtPin

I was actually inspired by the centerpiece that I placed on my table for Christmas.  It already fit it with my winter’s theme, so I left it just as it was.

Farmhouse dining room winter decor || Worthing CourtPin

I added more of the frosty greens and whites throughout the room, starting with the sideboard and the vintage shelf above it.  I just love this shade of green!

Winter sideboard decorations in a farmhouse dining room || Worthing CourtPin

I made the easiest wreath in the history of ever to display above the shelf.  I simply sprayed a grapevine wreath with one coat of white paint and then poked pieces of an artificial greenery bush, that I had cut apart, into the wreath.  Done.  I think the wreath can stay in place all the way through the summer!

Simple winter shelf display || Worthing CourtPin

Down on the surface of the sideboard, I filled a large white container with artificial birch sticks and added my set of iron scales.  Simple and easy – that’s what I’m all about this winter! 

The Softer Side Of Winter In A Farmhouse Dining Room || Worthing CourtPin

Each side of the scales contains a frosty green candle ring with a vintage Kosta Boba snowball tea light candle holder nestled into it.  

Vintage Kosta Boda snowball tea light candle holders || Worthing CourtPin

The plates that I had put into the baskets below the hanging lanterns for Christmas were replaced by glass vases filled with eucalyptus and more of the same artificial greenery that I used on my wreath.

Winter farmhouse dining room decor || Worthing CourtPin

Across the other side of the room, I replaced the Christmas wreath on the mirror with a hanging wicker wall basket filled with more eucalyptus and added a super simple little vignette to the top of the chest.

Dining room winter vignette || Worthing CourtPin


Winter vignette || Worthing CourtPin

Thank you for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed my take on the softer side of winter.  How about in your neck of the woods – is winter harsh where you live?  Or are you one of the fortunate ones who lives in a nice warm and sunny climate year round.  Color me jealous, if you are!


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  1. So pretty! Your dining room is one of my favorites. I transitioned away from red in my Christmas decor and use primarily the pretty frosty greens you show here and it has made so much difference in decorating duties! I can now enjoy my “winter” decor all the way from the day after Thanksgiving to mid February, when I start to bring out spring decor. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. Tina Sipe says:

    I love the greens you have chosen. I think they give a look that teases us that Spring is just around the corner! My favorite room of yours is the dining room. I love all of the windows and those window treatments! Sheer jealousy on my part !!!

  3. I love the way that you decorated your room. I especially like the little deer vignette on the chest and the buffalo check material on your chairs.

  4. You have such a lovely home!

  5. Heather Anne says:

    So very pretty – I wish i could tuck you in my pocket and bring you home to show me how to make what I have work for a more farmhouse feel – on a tight budget!!! You’ve done wonders with your home – so cozy!

  6. Just beautiful! I love your scales. I would LOVE to find a set of those on the cheap! 😉

  7. I love this room! So pretty!

  8. I love your dining room. So pretty!

  9. Stephenie Bernal says:

    Very warm and inviting!! I love decorating and it’s so fun to see what others are doing and get ideas!! Love your space, it feels so cozy and friendly!!

  10. A lovely room. The arrangement on the table is simple but beautiful.

  11. I love your softer Winter look. I think the soft greens call to me the most. They are almost like a hint of the season to come.

  12. Julie Brack says:

    Beautiful, love that shade of green as well, keep the inspiration coming!

  13. Suzy ~ your frosty green is my favorite ~ especially this year!
    At Christmas I grouped three varied size frost (not flocked) green trees with only lights … and they’re still up!

  14. Love your antique shelf and the set of scales. Very nice.

  15. Beautiful! Brightens up even the harshest winter days!

  16. I just love, love your blog. I look forward to every email I receive from you. You are so very talented, and I wish you lived closer so I could hire you to give me some direction!!

  17. The room is still festive, yet calming. Love it!

  18. Suzy, I agree with Tina. I love the greens you have chosen. I think they give a look that teases us that Spring is just around the corner! I must remember to use that technique next year. Always look forward to your inspirations, keep them coming!