45 Ideas For Art To Hang Above Your Fireplace

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Learn how to decorate above the fireplace in a room with a vaulted ceiling.  There’s no denying the instant drama provided by a vaulted ceiling or a two story room, but in can be challenging to figure out what to do with all that wall space.

Oversized wood art above a fireplace in a room with a vaulted ceiling. #farmhousestyle #paintedfireplace #brickfireplace #fireplacmakeover #manteldecoratingideas #springdecorPin

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All that space – it’s amazing – right?  And the room seems soooo big.  If you have a room with tall ceilings, you might think it would be fun to have all that space to decorate.  Well…..yes and no.  I’ve lived in three different homes with that situation in the family room and I honestly think that decorating above those fireplaces was more difficult than in other homes with normal height ceilings.

But don’t give up!  I’ve put together an amazing list of 45 ways to decorate above the fireplace, or any other wall, for that matter, in a two story room.

Simply use the arrows to scroll through the choices.  All of them are large enough to work well above a fireplace in a room with tall ceilings and some of them are also available in multiple sizes.  You’ll see that my suggestions go beyond just one piece of large artwork.  😀


Mirrors are probably the number one most common thing to see above a fireplace.  They do a wonderful job of bouncing light around a room and don’t require a color commitment.  My tip though, is to be careful what your mirror reflects.  It isn’t very appealing to see a reflection of the ceiling or a blank wall across from it.




Grouping multiple prints together that coordinate with each other is a great way to use artwork that incorporates the styles and colors of the decor in the rest of the room.

Don’t be intimidated by hanging several pieces of art in a group.  The easiest way to get it right the first time is to trace around each piece using old wrapping paper or a roll of brown paper, then cut them out and tape them to the wall with painter’s tape.  Be sure to accurately mark where the hanger is on the back of the picture so that you can nail right through the paper once you get everything arranged to your liking.  Then just rip the paper away and hang your pictures.




A large wall clock makes quite a statement no matter where it hangs.  They’ve been a hot trend over the last few years and go with almost anything else in the room.  Plus – they’re relatively inexpensive so you can usually get a lot of bang for your buck!




Art made with wood can add a homey element that you just can’t get from other materials.  If you think of wood as being rustic, you can erase that notion from your mind!  The popularity of wood art is at an all time high, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all of the different style options available.


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45 Ideas for what to hang on the empty wall above your fireplace #fireplacedecor #fireplacedecoratingideas #wallart #fireplacemakeoverPin

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  1. Great ideas to hang over your fireplace – or any wall! Thanks for sharing the ideas and the links.

  2. I LOVE the wood/metal arch in your first and last photo. Where is that from? Is there a link? Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Laura. The piece that you’re asking about is from Kirkland’s, but sadly, it’s no longer available. If you happen to be located near Greensboro, NC though, I’m selling mine.

  3. Gina Krestan says:

    Hi Suzy,
    I came across your fireplace decoration (wood/arch). I was wondering if you ever sold it and/or if you have seen anything like it anywhere recently? Love the look!

    1. Hi Gina. I still have it and would love to sell it. It’s too large and heavy for me to ship though. If you’re in the vicinity of Greensboro, NC and are interested, please shoot me an email at worthingcourtblog@gmail.com. I don’t believe that Kirkland’s sells it any longer and I’ve never seen another one quite like this.

  4. Where can I get that wicker basket on your hearth. The shape and size are so perfect.

    1. That wicker basket came from Target several years ago. I wish it was still available!

  5. Hey Suszy,

    I love the look in that first photo and I am desperately trying to recreate it. Can you point me in the direcetion of where those white pillar candle holders came from?

    1. Hi Laura. Those candle holders came from Pottery Barn a few years ago.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Can you tell me where I can find the set of 6 framed floral prints?

    1. They were available on Wayfair when I wrote this post, but it appears that they’re now sold out. 🙁

  7. I have that large arch but I have it in the original wood, I plan to white wash mine as well for a new house and was wondering what brand of paint and the colors you used. Also did you do the white first then the grey? Thanks doo much- this is so beautiful all put together!

    1. You could probably use any brand or type of paint, but I think that chalk paint would be a good type of paint to use on a project like this. It’s been so long since I painted it that I’m not positive what color I used. I painted the white on first and then just dry brushed the gray on in strategic spots.

  8. Loving the metal/white arch with the wreath above the fireplace!! I am looking for a large piece to go above my fireplace mantle that is 73” long and my living room has 19’ high ceilings. Any chance you know where I could get one similar? Or other idea? You also mentioned selling yours?
    Again BEAUTIFUL ❤️

    1. Hi Amy. My piece came from Kirklands and yes, I did sell it. 🙁 It’s no longer available, but I did find this one. If it’s two narrow, you could hang two of them, side by side, touching one another: https://rstyle.me/+Oh0vqYbHYnpCuUegwlWqSQ

  9. Hi, I’m currently building our home. I have a very large fireplace with stone on the sides and stucco in the middle going to the ceiling. I know and have a picture of what look Im going for, just havent found where to get the materials to make or find someone that would make it.
    You do anything like that?

    1. Unfortunately, my time doesn’t allow me to do projects for others, but thank you for asking!

  10. Diane Groome says:

    I love the arch with the wreath. Where can I purchase this from?


    1. Hi Diane. I purchased it from Kirkland’s several years ago. Sadly, they no longer carry it.