My Eucalyptus And Buffalo Check Christmas Trees And Mantel

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Buffalo check Christmas tree and mantel, featuring red and white ornaments and ribbon, combined with a generous amount of eucalyptus work together to create a stunning holiday display this season!

I’ve discovered that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas at Worthing Court without the use of festive red in my decorations!  I’ve tried foregoing traditional Christmas colors in the past, in favor of all neutrals, but my family sent me a loud a clear message saying that it just isn’t the same to them.  And I must concur!
Buffalo check Christmas tree and mantel decor.Pin
The trick was to still use traditional red and green Christmas colors, but to do it with an updated look.  So I combined my red, green and white color palette with black and white buffalo check Christmas ornaments and ribbon, along with lots and lots of eucalyptus tucked into the branches of the tree and throughout the garland.
Can I just say how much better my tree looks against the backdrop of my newly painted entertainment center this year?!?  All of the fresh colors really pop against the white!
There is a large Christmas tree decorated by the window in the corner of the house.Pin
Before I go any further, let me welcome you to the annual Christmas Ideas Tour, put together by my friend Angie from Postcards On The Ridge.  Today, 20 bloggers are sharing their favorite Christmas ideas all around their homes!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the links to all of their amazing inspiration!
My holiday tree was the very first thing that I decorated in my home for Christmas this year.  I really didn’t start out with much of a decorating plan, like I have in years past, but somehow it became one of my most favorite trees!
There is a eucalyptus garland on the white fireplace mantel.Pin
By the way, if you’d like to get step-by-step directions for decorating your tree exactly like a designer, CLICK HERE.
I started out by adding a big red star to the top of the tree and filling in all around it with lots of eucalyptus pics.
A large red star is on the top of the Christmas tree.Pin
Then the tree branches were filled with extra-large and medium size red, white and buffalo check Christmas ornaments.  Next came the wide loopy pretty ribbon and the finishing touch was the addition of eucalyptus and frosted red berry picks, generously sprinkled throughout the tree.
Buffalo check ribbon is on the tree tied in boughs.Pin
When it came to the mantel, it only took two cedar garlands, laid end to end, to immediately give me the lush full look that I was craving.  The garland was filled with more eucalyptus and the same frosted red berry picks that were used on my Christmas tree.
There are black and white buffalo checked stockings hanging by the fireplace.Pin
 So quick and easy, but it looks like I spent a huge amount of time decorating my tree!
There is a large painting above the fireplace mantel.Pin
To give the eye a break from all of the buffalo check, I didn’t add any ribbon to the garland on the mantel, but simply added two black and white Christmas stockings to one end.
A small wooden chair with a Joy pillow on it is in front of the fireplace.Pin
Lanterns were added on the opposite end of the hearth with happy bows attached, made from a combination of the same ribbons as on the tree.  You can never have too much Christmas ribbon in my book!  😀
A lantern with a red candle in it is beside the Christmas tree.Pin
There are red ribbons tied to the top of the lantern.Pin
The other end of the fireplace is balanced with two smaller trees.  They were super easy too!
The living room all decorated for Christmas.Pin
I used a snowflake ornament for the topper for each tree and then added red and white ornaments and a buffalo check garland on each tree.  Placing the two trees at different heights shows them off a little better, I think.
A small pillow that says Merry Christmas is on the armchair beside the tree.Pin
The pair of matching holiday trees, combined with a red throw, Christmas pillow and smaller tree on the end table, create such a cozy corner in my family room!
There is a red throw on the armchair.Pin
Look at how the glorious sunlight streaming in the windows causes the whole corner to glow because of the red throw!  It’s something that I could’t see with my naked eye, but the camera sure did pick it up.

There is a large clock on the wall in the corner of the room.Pin

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  1. Your living room looks stunning, Suzy! Your tree is so pretty and I love how you used eucalyptus in it. Your mantel is also gorgeous with the cedar garland combined with eucalyptus and red berries. I love all of the pops of red that you added to the room. Christmas perfection!

  2. Suzy, your Christmas decorations are amazing! I keep going back to look at them! Merry Christmas,

  3. Suzy, your Christmas mantel and tree are so festive. I love the inclusion of eucalyptus. I often find fresh seeded eucalyptus at the market this time of year and I love decorating with it as it looks and smells wonderful. Your rounded leaf eucalyptus looks great with the red berries and traditional greenery. A great mix of color and texture.

  4. Suzy,
    It is all absolutely stunning! I love the extra fluff (ha, ha) that the eucalyptus gives. It just makes everything seem complete and gorgeous. Love your Christmas home!

  5. What a beautiful room, Suzy. The punches of buffalo plaid really stand out and add the perfect pop to your Christmas decor. I especially love the stockings on your fireplace. I kept going back to those photos…so, so pretty!

  6. Everything looks beautiful, as usual! I love all of the colors and the buffalo check. And great minds must think alike because I’ve added some eucalyptus to my tree this year too! I love that stuff. Your pillow and stockings are adorable as well.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. You’ve got all the decorating skills!

  8. Merry Christmas Suzy! I mean, how do you not feal Merry with that fun and festive tree and mantel. I’ve been struggling with the ribbon on my tree, but looking at yours helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.

    Thanks for the inspiration.



  9. What a beautiful room to decorate, Suzy! Love the sunlight streaming in. I really like the combo of the ticking with the buffalo check. You balanced everything perfectly!

  10. Suzy those bows on the tree are a lot harder then they look. You make it looks so effortless. Love the tree and the pretty colors.

  11. Sandra white says:

    This is just the most beautiful tree and mantel. I love the use of eucalyptus. Are these eucalyptus picks? Or real eucalyptus. They look very real. If picks, so you mind sharing your source.
    Beautiful, beaytuful!

    1. Hi Sandra. All of the eucalyptus is fake! I buy it from Hobby Lobby in both long stems and bushes, which I often cut apart.

  12. I love your traditional with a twist Christmas decor, Suzy. You are the master at vignettes and ribbon in trees. I cannot wait to see this in person. (Like how I just invited myself over?)

  13. I love your Christmas decor Suzy! I totally agree with your family, Christmas decorations need some red!

  14. The living was so beautiful, red color was amazing Suzy and specially your fireplace was breathtaking, so stylish. I truly loved it! Thank you for this interesting post and amazing pics.

  15. I love your red & white ribbon!!! I nave it all over my house for Christmas this year. Your tree is a knock out! And together with the mantel it is perfecto! Pinning!!

  16. Love how full your mantel is… those stockings are so cute & love the big lanterns!

  17. Margaret Mills says:

    Where did you purchase your eucalyptus picks? The only ones I’ve seen were skimpy and very artificial looking. Thanks.

    1. Hi Margaret. I purchase all of my eucalyptus at Hobby Lobby. Some in long stems and some in bushes, which I often cut apart.

  18. I adore your addition of red and black and white buffalo-check, it’s perfection! I especially love the red pompoms on the black and white stockings, I think that I will have to add fabulous red pompoms to my buffalo-check gift wrap!

  19. Suzy, the red with the buffalo check is gorgeous! I love all of your wonderful touches like the gift wrap and the red pompoms! I always look forward to your beautiful holiday displays! So excited to be hopping with you today!

  20. Nancy Carroll says:

    Everything is just gorgeous!! The eucalyptus in your tree is just stunning, but it just didn’t work on my big open tree with large spaces ? boohoo. Love all the trees in the LR too, especially the little one in the big white bowl!! ❤️??? It would make a great centerpiece too! And of course I just LOVE all the buffalo check ribbon trimmed in red!! ❤️❤️❤️. I’m with Amy…I need to come for a mini tour ?