How To Decorate A Christmas Garland – Directions From A Pro

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Create a beautiful festive Christmas garland with directions from a pro!

So far the pros at Total Bliss have shown us step-by-step directions and secrets for Decorating A Christmas Tree and Decorating A Christmas Wreath.  We’re going back today so that the owner, Nancy, can show us how to decorate a gorgeous Christmas garland.

This is the stunning finished Christmas garland placed on the faux fireplace in the shop.  It has been further embellished with gorgeous silver trees and light catching crystal beads.


How To Decorate A Christmas Garland - Directions From A Pro with a fireplace mantel all decorated.Pin


But it didn’t always look like this.  Just like a faux Christmas tree, a holiday garland needs to be fluffed before getting started.  If your garland has lights, be sure to test those before decorating too.


Branches of an evergreen tree laid out.Pin


Nancy recommends decorating one half of the garland at a time, beginning in the middle and working your way toward the end.  That way you get a better idea of how it’s going to look before you spend time decorating the whole thing.

Step 1 – Gather Supplies and Decorations

Depending on what you’re going to decorate your Christmas garland with, supplies you may need are cable ties, green floral wire, pipe cleaners, wire snips, scissors and a hot glue gun and glue sticks.  But believe it or not, you won’t need any of these unless the decorations you’re using are heavy or might possibly fall off and break.

Nancy recommends color coordinating the garland with the other Christmas decor that is in the same area.

Step 2 – Find the Center

Find the center of the garland and mark with a piece of ribbon or something else.

Step 3 – Add Dimension

It’s best to add dimension to a garland with the addition of stems and picks.  Start with something leafy or twiggy before adding large flowers.  You can cut them apart to make them go farther.


Cutting the branches apart, trimming the greens.Pin

Fluff them, bend them, shape them.  Make them look natural.  And then tuck them into the garland.  No need to use anything to hold them in place, unless they’re heavy.


Fluffing the greens and arranging it on a table.Pin


You don’t need to use all the same type of stems.  Add a lot of variety by using one or more types.


Adding a variety of branches to create texture in the garland.Pin


Taper off the amount of stems and other decorations the closer that you get to the tip of the garland.

Step 4 – Add Larger Elements

Now is the time to work in larger elements, such as pretty flowers.

Adding in some florals.Pin


Just like with the stems – add a variety.  The Christmas flowers don’t all have to be the same.


Putting in different types of flowers into the garland.Pin


Wiring multiple floral picks together will make more of a statement.  Below, Nancy has grouped together a large poinsettia, a leafy pick and berry pick.


Adding some red berries to the garland.Pin


Continue tucking the larger elements into the garland, remembering to taper them off toward the ends.


A woman is tucking in all the flowers into the garland.Pin


Step 5 – Add Finishing Touches

The garland really started coming to life with the addition of large red berries.  They started out as one large bunch, but Nancy cut them apart before tucking them into the garland.


A green garland with pops of red flowers and berries.Pin


Step 6 – Highlight the Center

Sometimes, you see a bow placed in the center of a garland.  But Nancy used a grouping of large poinsettias, fern leaves and berries as the focal point for this garland.


Putting more red flowers into the middle of the garland.Pin


Beautiful, Nancy!  And so is the garland!


A woman holding the pretty garland.Pin


Step 7 – Repeat

Repeat the decorations on the other end of the garland and you’re done!


The garland on the fireplace mantel trailing down the sides.Pin


Decorative Christmas trees on the mantel plus red flowers and berries.Pin


The garland trailing down the side of the mantel.Pin


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  1. wow.. thats beautiful..

    thanks for sharing that with us Suzy. I learned a lot about what to do Next year… I spend this coming year looking for the different elements I’ll need.

    Holiday Blessings

    1. Hi Sonny. Glad you were able to get some tips. And you know that next year will be here in a flash! :/

  2. that whole set up is just beautiful – the wreath is gorgeous, but the silver christmas trees and ornaments just enhance the whole thing – it’s easy to see that you have an excellent eye for home decor!

  3. Kristie Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing so many decorating and designer tips. Everything in Total Bliss is absolutely gorgeous, and this year’s Open House had me wondering about decorating garland! Now I have a step by step! I can’t wait to see your decorations this year!

  4. How do you successfully attach a garland to the top and sides of a mantle?

    1. Hi Virginia. Most of the time, my garland is just lying across the top of the mantel, without anything holding it place. However, if I want to hang something from the front of the mantel, I’ll use Command Strips, if it’s lightweight enough. For heavier garlands I’ve used either tacks or small nails to hold the garland and then come back later to patch and paint (or touch up with stain).