5 On Friday: Affordable Decorating With Faux Bois

Here are beautiful examples of how to decorate with affordable faux bois.

Do you know what faux bois is?  I’ll admit, that I had no clue until not too long ago. Whenever someone talked about it, I just thought, “faux what?”.  Like a silly person, I was too embarrassed to ask.  In a nutshell, it means fake wood look, but here’s the official version according to Wikipedia:

Faux bois (from the French for false wood) refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media.

Faux bois has been a pretty hot commodity in home decor in recent times.  I was resistant to the French trend at first because many of the early versions of it used on home accessories looked kind of tacky to me.   But it has come a long way baby.  Here are 5 examples of faux bois that might just win you over too.

This bathroom wouldn’t be nearly as stylish with without its faux bois wallpaper.  If you don’t want the expense or hassle of wallpaper, you can get the same look with a wall stencil.

Faux bois wallpaper in the bathroom with an ornate gold mirror.Pin

Benjamin Dhong Interiors via Houzz

This bathroom has some nice decor features, but what my eye immediately goes to is the faux bois ceramic tile flooring – made even more striking by laying it in a herringbone pattern.

Faux bois ceramic tile floor with wooden mirrors in the bathroom.Pin

Southeastern Custom Homes via Houzz

If you don’t need a whole floor, how about a cozy faux bois patterned area rug?

Faux bois area rug with a neutral armchair and throw pillow on it.Pin


Everyone needs a faux bois tree trunk in their family room.  Great for using as a side table or as a stool for extra seating.

Faux bois tree trunk stool, garden stool, or side table.Pin


I love faux bois mirrors and this is just one example of the many gorgeous versions that I’ve seen around.

White Faux Bois Mirror above a dresser in the bedroom.Pin


Did I make a believer out of you?

5 Affordable Ways to Decorate With Faux Bois.Pin

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Here’s more!

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  1. I absolutely love faux bois, and I came from the age where it was horribly overused in the old days. These are beautiful, I love the round up, very classy!