DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

I put together a mini indoor herb garden for my kitchen!

Have you ever put together an indoor herb garden?  What could be more convenient than snipping herbs right in your very own kitchen?!?

I made a mini version of one for the kitchen of our former home.  I even made plant cages with weeping willow twigs and clay plant tag markers.  It was so, so cute and I had lots of fun making the markers!  Click HERE for all the details.

Mini indoor herb garden with diy plant cages and diy clay markers.Pin

The light in my former kitchen wasn’t bright enough to sustain the herbs, so they didn’t last very long.  Boo.  But, the breakfast area in the kitchen of our current home is filled with large windows that allow the morning sun to come pouring in, so I think I might try growing my own herbs once again.  With that in mind, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite diy indoor herb gardens.

Old gutters attached to the wall would make great planters.  Paint a patch of chalkboard to write the names of the fragrant herbs on.

Silver troughs on a wall growing herbs.Pin

Chiffons 84

Make a countertop herb garden by planting herbs in recycled cans.  Place the herbs on a tray to make them easy to rotate to catch the sun.

Tin cans with herbs growing in the center of the table.Pin


No floor or counter space?  Plant herbs in small buckets attached to pieces of wood hung on the wall.  Instant art too!

Wooden pallets on a wall with silver galvanized buckets growing herbs.Pin

Decorating Your Small Space 

This is a really cute idea for those of us who like to repurpose vintage containers.  Plant your herbs in old pots and tea kettles.

Plant herbs in old pots and kettles for an eye-catching display. A great way to use those old pots and containers that are laying around and gathering dust.Pin

Funky Junk Interiors

Another repurposing idea – plant herbs in cleaned tin cans wrapped with jute ribbon.  Love the farmhouse look of this one!

Plant herbs in cleaned tin cans wrapped with jute ribbonPin

Celebrate Mag

Let’s not forget about using good ole glass mason jars for a herb planter.

Plant herbs in mason jars and group together in a trayPin

A Touch Of That

Mason jar herb gardenPin

Not Just A Housewife

I have an old stepladder and I have floor space in front of window, so this idea might work well for me.

Use a stepladder as a stand for indoor herbs and plantsPin Surrey Painting Group

Kill two birds with one stone by grouping pots of fresh herbs together for a table centerpiece.

Kill two birds with one stone by grouping pots of herbs together to create a pretty table centerpiece.Pin

Wedding Dish

Of course, the ultimate is to have an entire room devoted to growing as many herbs as you could ever want!

Favorite DIY Indoor Herb Garden IdeasPin

HGTV/Fixer Upper

What could be more convenient than being able to clip herbs to cook with right in your own kitchen? Check out these inspiring DIY indoor herb garden ideas that would be so easy to diy yourself!Pin


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  1. Of all the indoor herb gardens, your idea works best for me. My herb garden died while I was gone; but as uncreative as I am, I just stuck the ugly black planters the herbs came in from the store, plopped them in dipping dishes to prevent a mess, and called it good. You inspire me!

  2. I pinned a mason jar herb garden the other day and wondered what Suzy would do to make it better. These are great ideas. Do you just keep pruning back to make sure they don’t get too big? Also, do you pick from the bottom or top?

    1. Hi Laura. Yes, for indoor herbs, I do prune them occasionally to control the height and also to keep the plants from getting spindly. I usually pick from the top since the newest growth is the most tender. 😀