How To Make A Fabulous Fall Centerpiece

These five easy tips will show you how to make a stunning fall centerpiece for your table.  Enjoy the beautiful colors of fall in your own home!

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Trust me – I totally get how intimating it can be to pull off a centerpiece that looks exactly like you want it to!  With that in mind, let me share my best tips with you for how to make a fabulous fall centerpiece.

I love, love, love to create eye catching centerpieces!  My kitchen and dining tables feel bare if I don’t have some sort of centerpiece adorning them year round.  Sometimes, I’m in a hurry or I’m in the mood for something simple, like my 5 Minute Late Summer Centerpiece (click HERE to take a look), but most of the time I prefer a centerpiece that is overflowing with lots of elements of whatever theme or season I’m decorating for.



Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of fall decor.  I bet you have too. {winkwink}  I have decorations and bits and pieces in every sort of fall color you can think of – bright pumpkin oranges, neutrals, burnished colors, etc.  For the past couple of years though, I’ve been crushing on the more traditional burnished colors of fall.  So, as I’m going through my fall stash, I will pull out anything with those colors.  At this point, I’m not making final decisions on what will actually wind up in the centerpiece.  It helps me to bring all of these items to the location where the centerpiece will actually be.  That way I can easily add or takeaway as I go.


Decide on a color theme first when deciding how to make your fall centerpiece. #fall #falldecor #fallcenterpiece || Worthing CourtPin



By this I mean, do you want to display your centerpiece in a tray or a container of some kind?  Do you want it on a runner?  Or do you just want it to reside directly on the table?  I often like to contain my centerpieces in a tray.  Trays usually have sides, so when it comes to how to make the centerpiece, I know that I’ll need to either use tall items or elevate the smaller ones so that they can be seen.  Knowing how I’m going to display the centerpiece will make a difference in which items I choose to be a part of it.


When determining how to make a centerpiece, remember that if you are going display your centerpiece in a tray with sides, you'll need to use tall items or else elevate the smaller ones. #falldecor #howto #tips || Worthing CourtPin



I like to use one larger or taller element in my centerpieces that will really catch your eye.  Often times, I place the statement piece in an unexpected location within the centerpiece – such as close to one end instead of in the middle.  You should also consider the angle that your centerpiece will be viewed from.  My kitchen table sits longways in my breakfast area, so I usually place my statement piece at the far end of the centerpiece.  That helps to draw a person’s eye down the length of the table.


When figuring out how to make a centerpiece, consider adding a statement piece an unexpected place. #falldecor #tips #centerpiece #howto || Worthing CourtPin



My favorite centerpieces are ones that either have unexpected elements in them or common centerpiece elements that are displayed in a different way.  In other words, don’t just look in your fall boxes.  Look around your house for items that you could include that would still tie in to the centerpiece.


Consider using unexpected pieces when determining how to make your fall centerpiece. #fall #centerpiece #howtoPin



This might just be the most important tip of all!  Don’t think that just because you don’t get it right on the very try that you can’t do it.  Start out with what you think you want.  If that isn’t just right, tweak, rearrange, add/remove items or maybe just start all over.  Walk away for a while if you find yourself becoming frustrated – whether it’s for a few minutes or even for a whole day.


5 tips for how to make a fabulous fall centerpiece. #howto #tips #fall || Worthing CourtPin

The bottom line – some people are a natural at knowing how to make a fabulous centerpieces with little or no effort.  I’m not one of those people!  It usually takes me a few hours to a few days to get a centerpiece to look exactly like I want it to.  So if you’re like me and struggle with the whole centerpiece thing, be kind to yourself and enjoy the process! 



My 5 best tips for how to make a fabulous fall centerpiece. #howto #tips #fallcenterpiece || Worthing CourtPin



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  1. Even though it is still hot in Sunny Florida, I too have been thinking about fall. In fact , I’ve been trying to restrain myself for the last few weeks from lighting my favorite candle, Autumn Leaves! Your post today, Suzy has changed all that. I’m going to light that candle and pull out all my fall decor and get decorating! Thanks, for all the tips on making a centerpiece. This seems to me, the most challenging of all. Hope you will have a fall tour of your gorgeous home! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank s Suzy for the wonderful inspiration! You did a beautiful job on your centerpiece! Still too hot here in Texas , but come September 22 the fall decor comes out regardless of temperatures

  3. Terrific tips on creating a centerpiece! I love everything about this beautiful fall centerpiece – the colours, the elements and the way you put it all in a tray. And your photography captures it wonderfully! Next weekend, I’ll be putting out the pumpkins…can’t believe it’s that time already!

  4. Beautiful I love the use of traditional fall colors 🙂 Our days are cooler here so I’m looking forward to a little fall decor popping up in my place soon.

    1. beverly springsteen says:

      fall colors are my favorite. thanks for all of your good ideas! happy fall!!

  5. Mary Michelle says:

    Fall is my favorite season because it is so mellow. Your centerpiece has captured the season beautifully. Your tpisd were great.

  6. Love to decorate for fall, but living in Florida it’s a little more difficult. Thank you for the ideas.

  7. Kathleen HEMBERG says:

    Wonderful decor ideas, so tasteful and classic.WC has quickly become an addiction of mine!

  8. Sarah Dunning says:

    Your centerpiece is divine! Even if you do struggle at times the end result certainly doesn’t show that. I’ve never been great at coming up with a creative design but your tips are encouraging me to give it another go this fall!

  9. Gina Kinard says:

    That is gorgeous! It’s so hot here it’s hard for me to think of fall decorating. I’m wishing for cool, crisp fall weather to make an appearance soon!

  10. Lisa Kissner Cooper says:

    Beautiful! I will be pulling out my fall decor soon. Just wanting a break in this heat to inspire me!

  11. Kathy Milkiken says:

    I can’t wait to decorate for fall. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and instructions!

  12. This is my new favorite blog Cannot wait until fall to make this dough bowl center piece. Beautiful ? Then to see what The Christmas season will bring. ?

  13. Irene Kimball says:

    Love your table centerpiece. I love decorating for fall and some times my husband thinks I go a little overboard. Now that I have seen how you embrace the season, I know I’m just expressing my enthusiasm for all things fall.

  14. I started my fall decorating today and made a centerpiece for my table. I am just waiting for some real pumpkins. Your centerpiece is beautiful.

  15. Love, love, love your decorating style!!! Using several of your posts for inspiration in my home!!

  16. Love the look of your tablescape! I like to incorporate natural elements in all my decorating.

  17. Martha Miller says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas! you have inspired me to create some lovely Fall Decor!

  18. Great post thanks for all the great tips!

  19. Alvena Meyer says:

    I like to chose items to carry me through the entire fall season including Thanksgiving. I love the centerpiece you created on the tray.

  20. Pat Kinon says:

    Beautiful fall centerpieces! One of my favorite times of the year