How To Create A Stunning Fall Centerpiece With This One Unique Element

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A plaid pumpkin and beautiful fall leaves take center stage in this easy to put together fall centerpiece.  Check out how fast and easy it can be to give your dining table a fall makeover!

When creating a fall centerpiece, add one unique element for an eye catching display. #fall #fallcenterpiece || Worthing CourtPin
When it comes to decorating my home for fall this year, I’m all about keeping it quick, easy and trying to use what I already have in my decor stash.  Oh, and plaid – I’m all about plaid too.  🙂

And I’m all about the traditional nature inspired colors of fall.  I love the absolutely gorgeous neutral and non-traditional fall colors that many people use for seasonal decorating in their homes right now, but when it comes to fall – I have to admit that just isn’t me.  I love, love, love the warm, rich varying shades of golds, oranges, reds and browns for fall!  This time of year those colors simply make my heart go pitter-patter.

As you can tell, there’s nothing complicated about this simple fall centerpiece at all.  Remember my KISS decorating method?  I used the same breadboard that was the base for my summer centerpiece, pulled a few white serving pieces and plates from my cabinet and filled in with all things fall.  You might recognize those plates from my Thanksgiving table last year.

I did want to make it eye catching though and I think that I accomplished that by using a stack of plates to feature this fabulous pumpkin covered in plaid flannel and tied with rope instead of just a plain ole orange one.  It’s a unique decor piece and pulls all of those warm cozy fall colors together.

A plaid pumpkin, candles and a white pitcher filled with fall leaves.Pin

The white pieces serve to brighten the whole centerpiece up.  They aren’t just randomly placed there though – you’ll see that I also added a few white pieces to the open shelves in this room when I share them with you in a few days.  I feel that it amplifies the whole look!

Traditional fall colors centerpiece with the plaid pumpkins on a stack of plates.Pin

And texture – it must have texture!  The branches with leaves and pinecones, the weathered rope around the pumpkin and the oversized wicker acorn all bring much needed texture to the centerpiece.  And see what I mean about plaid?  Here’s a little sneaky peek of the shelves with plaid plates in the background.

Wicker, plaid, pumpkins and fall leaves make up this fall centerpiece.Pin

Tell me – are you a traditional fall colors kind of person or do you prefer something all together different?


When creating a fall centerpiece, add one unique element for an eye catching display. #fall #fallcenterpiece || Worthing CourtPin

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful setting!!!

  2. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you for this beautiful but simply an amazing tablescape! The colors the textures and your shelving with the plates awesome Have a blessed weekend and God bless

  3. Linda Leone says:

    I love the plaid pumpkin. I have noticed a lot of plaid being used for interior design in general. Is this a trend?

  4. I’m inspired, going to go home and go through my stash!

  5. Loving the center piece ideas…I’ve been needing something for my table. Loving the plaid plates!!! Thank you!

  6. Love the plaid and YES, you have inspired me. I ordered my new fall pillow covers last weekend!

  7. I too love plaid. You certainly inspire me to try new things. Have a fabulous Friday!!

  8. mattsgramma says:

    Love the plaid pumpkin and your plaid plates as well.

    1. mattsgramma says:

      I never tire of looking at your gorgeous home and the decorating touches you make in it.

  9. Plaid decor makes me think of comfort food!! Hard to explain; it just feels good.

  10. I’m with you, I love traditional fall colors. You always do such a wonderful job

  11. Super inspired… going to get my fall decor out this evening, can hardly wait!!

  12. Looking forward to fall decorating this weekend your blog inspires me so much!

  13. Creative!! I am pulling out fall decor this weekend and this gave me some ideas. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful fall centerpiece.

  15. Linda Charlton says:

    Love the plaid pumpkin and the dishes on the shelves.

  16. Love how you were able to repeat the plaid plates with the plaid pumpkin.

  17. I love the plaid plates! I Need them for my table!!
    Beautiful for sure!!!

  18. nancy dempsey says:

    So pretty! I never think to use plates to elevate in my displays, I tend to use old books. I need to keep the plates in mind, especially in the kitchen. Thanks.

  19. Traditional colors all the way! Looks so warm and inviting. I am loving the plaid.