A Cozy And Soothing Fall Color Palette For My Family Room This Year

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Simple, cozy seasonal decor inspiration for your living room or family room using a soothing fall color palette.

My beautiful family room decor this season is all about using a soothing fall color palette, but is still keeping with the gorgeous colors that abound this time of year.

White brick fireplace decorated with traditional fall colors.Pin

I can’t do neutrals for fall.  I love it and I’ve tried, but it just isn’t me.  Soooo, I decided to stick with what I love and brought fall colors in, but I kept the tones on the subtle muted side.

This week, I’m teaming up with several of my blogging buds to bring you all sorts of fall inspiration for your home.  My friend, Leen at Sand Dollar Lane is graciously hosting this event for us, so be sure to head over to her blog to check out her beautiful coastal inspired home.  If you’re coming here from We’re The Jones, welcome!

For me, seasonal decorating always starts with decor inspiration of some sort.  It could be anything – a photo, something I see in a store, fabric, nature – literally anything.  This year, I was inspired by a striped pillow that I purchased that contained rich mustard yellow, rusty orange, dark green and sagey eucalyptus green.

It’s kind of funny, because even though I was inspired by that pillow, it doesn’t make an appearance in this room.  You can see it on my fall front porch next week though.

Neutral living room and white painted brick fireplace with fall decor.Pin

Naturally, the fireplace is the very first spot that gets redecorated each season, but, I don’t change everything out.  When I gave my family room a refresh a few months ago, I purposely hung a piece of lovely art above the mantel that I could always decorate around, no matter the time of year. A very versatile decor piece!

Brick fireplace painted white with fall decor such as small pumpkins in front of the lit fireplace.Pin

Oh, and did you notice the fire in the fireplace?  I’m pretending that it’s a chilly fall day outside, even though the temps here in central North Carolina are in the 90’s.  Where in the world is fall???

The sagey color of the eucalyptus is what inspired me the most and then I was further inspired when I stumbled across some faux eucalyptus stems in rich, warm fall colors.  The two look great mixed together!

Faux fall eucalyptus stems in a white vase on a fireplace mantel.Pin

The other side of the fireplace mantel holds my very favorite ever wooden candlesticks that I purchased during my trip to the silos last year.

Natural wood candlesticks and trailing greenery on a mantel.Pin

I love using my indoor plants year round, so I placed a peace lily on a decorative riser and added a few faux pumpkins on the hearth.

Fireplace hearth decorated for fall with faux pumpkins and an indoor plant.Pin

I’m a budget decorator, so I don’t purchase special seasonal signs or other seasonal artwork or switch the artwork for several layered mirrors.  Although I love those looks, I much prefer using my K-I-S-S method of decorating, which saves me so much time and money!

I scattered a few pumpkins around the room, but they’re kept to a minimum.  Nothing like previous years when I used so much stuff, it looked like my room threw up fall! 😀

I mixed in a variety of pillows in that same fall color palette.  The mustard colored ones are new, but the rest came from my pillow stash (which is way out of control, btw!)

Neutral sofa filled with fall colored throw pillowsPin

As part of my fall family room decor, I didn’t add anything fall specific to the console table, but I did throw in a few accessories that remind me of the fall season.

Neutral sofa with fall pillows and a console table with fall decorPin

My coffee table decor is simple too.  A round tray holds a favorite ceramic pumpkin box and a few faux fall berry sprigs in a white vase.  I didn’t even bother to place a candle on the candlestick, but I kind of like it that way in this instance.

round wicker tray holding fall decorationsPin

I hope my family room gave you some fall decor inspiration for your own home!

neutral living room and white painted brick fireplace with fall decorPin

Next up on the tour is my friend Kelly, from The Tattered Pew.  We actually met in person a few months ago, and she is so talented and simply the sweetest.  I just know you’ll enjoy touring her home!


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  1. As always, your home is so perfectly gorgeous! I love the soft colors you added for fall and now I think I need to add some eucalyptus to my decor!
    Thanks for joining in on the tour! So glad to have you be part of it!

  2. Suzy I love how you mixed in the greens and the soft tones of the fall colors. Very well done and something I have also incorporated into my own decor. I am learning lots from you.

  3. Suzy I love how you incorporated fall with the greens and yellows and how it works with your existing decor. Your home looks super cozy and all ready for the fall season.

  4. As always, I love your decor and style, Suzy! The touches of fall are perfect! I’m so blessed and honored to be part of this blog hop! So much fun!

  5. Suzy, you’re color palette is pretty much mine this year so I love what you have created! I especially love the artwork you have above your mantel and have admired it in many times in your past blog posts. Do you know if it’s still available for purchase? If so, would you mind linking to the store you purchased yours? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy. I purchased the artwork from At Home. Unfortunately, they don’t have links for purchasing products online. 😀 I did find quite a few attractive birch tree canvas art pieces on Wayfair though. This link should take you to the page and you can look through what they have: https://rstyle.me/+UWoFgDlEDdz4S96GR017wQ

  6. I too wonder where is fall? Here in Greensboro N.C. it is supposed to be 93* .? Hard even for me who love fall decorating to get into it. Love your colors this year. Everything looks great. Doing things very gradually this Sept.Can’t wait to add in some more color with my pumpkins and gourds. Haven’t even opened that bin yet!!

  7. Donna Bannister says:

    Hi Suzy, your home is beautiful. I always enjoy your tours. This time I have a question. I have been searching for a floor lamp and the ones you have flanking your fireplace are striking. Would you share where you found them? Thanks so much and please keep sharing your beautiful ideas.

  8. I love your addition of color to your fireplace! Those oranges just pop! And I, too, am in love with your Silo candlesticks! So honored to be a part of this fall tour with you, my friend!

  9. I kinda decorate like you do for Fall. It’s the only time of year I use orange in my décor but I love it! Colors of nature are never wrong! Can you share about the art work behind your sofa in the Living Room? Watercolors it looks like. Thanks,

  10. Suzy your home is always so beautiful! I love the green and orange color palette for fall.

  11. Suzy I love your Fall decor! Your color palette is so soothing! You have such great style and I am so thankful to be on this hop with you!

  12. Enjoy Canvas says:

    Hello Suzy,

    You have a very nice home! The colors are comfy and is ready to rock this fall season. Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. Suzy, Your colors are so warm and cozy. Perfect for fall. Your home looks beautiful as always! And I’m like you, I’ve tried neutrals but really need color in our house.

  14. Suzy I love that you are using some color!!!! While I love a neutral color pallet I get tired of seeing the same white, on white, on white everywhere. It’s so refreshing to see the beautiful hues of fall in your home. It looks lovely!!! I too am on the less is more bandwagon. Keeping it simple keeps you sane, right? LOL. I love your fall home, it’s beautiful!