A Fall Mood Board, Trends And My Decorating Plans

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A fall mood board and my decorating plan to help inspire you to include the rich, deep seasonal colors that are on-trend, when decorating your home this season.

If you were to ask me what my favorite season of the year is, I’d say summer. But when it comes to clothes and home decor, fall is definitely my jam!

overhead view of amber jars, yellow napkins, fall foliage and yellow dishes laying on a hardwood floorPin

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I love to use rich, saturated colors of fall in my home this time of year to help me create a warm, cozy and welcoming vibe.

As with any decorating, whether it’s for a season, holiday, or for an everyday look, I need something to inspire me! This year, my inspiration is coming from a pair of fabulous crewelwork pillows that I ran across in HomeGoods one day.

pair of pillows embroidered with yellow, green and deep orange on a cream backgroundPin

I fell hard for them and have been gathering a few goodies to go along with some of the fall decor that I already have in my stash.

Here’s the mood board, but keep scrolling down to see how it all looks together in real life. I’ve linked either the exact item or something similar below my mood board. To see even more of what I’m loving for fall, check out my Amazon storefront HERE.

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Embroidered pillow cover || Amber Colored Bottle || Green Containers || Candle Ring || Green Velvet Pillow Covers || Oak Leaf Pillow Cover || Brown/Rust Pillow Covers ||  Dried Stems || Mustard Colored Napkins || Dark Yellow Pitcher || Yellow Soup Crocks

I’m trying to take a more minimal approach to fall this year by sprinkling seasonal touches throughout my house instead of decorating every possible nook, cranny and surface so that my house won’t scream “fall” at you when you walk in. The added benefit of going more minimal is that it takes a lot less time!

The very best way that I know of to keep myself on target and in check is to create a mood board that I can refer to over and over again. Mood boards are easy and fun to create and anyone can do it. Check out my step-by-step tutorial HERE.

overhead view of pair of green urns, fall foliage, striped throw and yellow pillow covers on a hardwood floorPin

Now, I don’t consider myself a person who likes to keep up with all of the latest trends when I decorate, but I do like to keep my eye on the decorating “pulse” if you know what I mean.

In my research, I found there is quite a variety of fall decorating trends for 2021. Keep in mind, that if you like to keep up with trends too, the idea is not to follow every single one of them. I mainly keep an eye on them to make sure that what I’m doing fits in somewhere and isn’t way out in left field somewhere.

embroidered pillow with yellow, green and deep orange on a cream backgroundPin

This is what I found during my research, in no particular order:

  • velvet
  • layers
  • caning
  • tarnished or brushed brass or gold
  • candles
  • chunky knits
  • lanterns
  • organic and natural
  • leather
  • plaids and checks
  • rich, saturated color combinations of burgundy and chocolate, dark pumpkin and brown, blush, terra cotta

Here’s how all of the items that I’ve gathered look together. I don’t know why the stripes in the throw are showing up as gray because they’re definitely olive green.

overhead view of fall decorations on a hardwood floor including pillows, foliage, dishes, pillow covers and a throwPin

If you examine this list closely, you’ll see that much of what’s on it has to do with texture, not just fall colors. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you already know how I feel how the importance of including texture when you decorate your home!

While my decorating plans don’t hit every single trend (and they shouldn’t!), I do believe that I’m on trend with several of them.

  • I’m including texture in the knit of the fabulous olive green/cream-colored striped throw and the crewelwork pillows that inspired my whole color scheme this year.
  • I’m using rich saturated colors of mustard, rust, brown and olive green.
  • I’m including natural elements in the form of dried florals and wood elements.
  • I’ll add layers with throws, pillows and by how I arrange different decor elements.

Do you like to plan your seasonal decorating ahead?

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  1. Suzy,
    I love the fall board you created. It fits my taste as well. I love fall and the cooler temps that hopefully we will start having soon. The temperatures haven’t been too, too high, the HUMIDITY is what gets people down; it will take your breathe away somedays. You know how “the south” is for humidity!!! Suzy, you really pulled together such a cohesive look from the one crewel embroidered pillow. It all works so good together. I can hardly wait to see how everything will look. Thanks for sharing and talk soon.

  2. I love the items you’ve chosen! Can’t wait to see the finished look.