Gardening Theme Front Door Wreath Tutorial Using Dollar Store Supplies

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Step by step directions for making a gardening theme front door wreath using supplies from the dollar store.

I get tired of using the same front door wreath season after season and love to come up with something different.  I rarely purchase a ready made wreath, but much prefer to create something on my own.  What could be more perfect for spring and summer than a gardening themed wreath?

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Since this is the time of year when many of us are getting our flowers started and vegetable seeds planted, a seed packet wreath seemed like a natural fit.  We’ll be enjoying all that fresh produce straight out of our gardens in no time at all.  My mouth waters just thinking of ripe, juicy tomatoes and watermelons!

Even though I prefer to make my own front door wreath, as opposed to buying a new one, I still want it to be a quick, easy and inexpensive process.  This entire wreath took me about fifteen minutes to create.  I’m totally smitten with how it looks on my door!

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It would be a great gift too for birthdays, Mother’s Day, house warming or just because.  Let me show you how easy it is to make.

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18″ Grapevine Wreath

Green Spanish Moss

20 Flower and/or Vegetable Seed Packets – mine came from the dollar store for only 50¢ each

1 Pair Gardening Gloves – mine came from the dollar store

Burlap Fabric cut into 1″ wide strips or 1″ wide Burlap Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks



Attach the Spanish moss to the wreath with hot glue, by randomly placing gobs of glue on the wreath and pressing the moss into it.  Be careful not to press your fingers into the hot glue!

attaching spanish moss to a wreathPin

This is what the wreath should look like once all of the moss has been attached.  You may have little bits fall off, but that’s okay.

grapevine wreath covered with spanish mossPin


Hot glue the individual seed packets to the top of the moss.  Press into place.  Arrange the seed packets at different angles for interest.  If you have duplicates, be sure to spread them out.

wreath with seed packets attachedPin


Attach the gloves to the wreath using hot glue.  I folded one glove in half and turned the other glove around so that you could see the palm side of it.  Before attaching the gloves to the wreath, I attached them to each other with a blob of hot glue.  I attached the seed packets before the gloves so that I could get a better visual idea of where the gloves would look the best.

garden theme wreath with seed packets attachedPin


Make a burlap bow using strips of fabric or burlap ribbon.  Hot glue the ribbon toward the top of where the gloves are attached.  Directions for making an easy bow are below.

DIY wreath made with seed packetsPin

Here’s an easy, easy method for making your own bows.

How to make a bow from strips of fabric or ribbon.Pin

Hang your front door wreath and enjoy!  Think I’ll fool my guests into believing that I’m a master gardener with a green thumb?  I sort of doubt it.

Farmhouse style front porch and easy containersPin

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directions for making a wreath with seed packetsPin


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  1. What a cute gift for a gardener! I love it!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  2. Such a simple and sweet wreath! I’d love to find some vintage seed packets to use for this project.

  3. What a cute gift idea for someone who loves to garden!

  4. Since I am a gardener, I LOVE this wreath!!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Just love this wreath idea. My 2 sisters love to garden and I’m sure they would love it also. Will be making them each one. Thank you again for the idea!

  6. Carol B Jones says:


  7. Just made this wreath, with the able assistance of my sister-in-law who is an amazing crafter. I had NEVER even used a glue gun before.

    It turned out great. AS CUTE AS CAN BE hanging on my door!

    Love i! Thanks for the grade idea and tutorial!!!!!

  8. Colette Singla says:

    What a great idea !!! My daughter just bought a house and was talking about gardening… I think this is a perfect little gift next time i go to visit .. Thank you for all your post. You are very inspiring…
    and Hello for the Raleigh area…

  9. Love this easy & affordable idea for a spring wreath!!

  10. I have always loved colorful seed packets. This wreath is so cute!!!

  11. This wreath is too cute!!!

  12. So so cute and fun to make!

  13. Cindy Murphy says:

    Looks easy and colorful for spring!

  14. Julie cole says:

    What a cute and inexpensive Spring addition to the front door!

  15. My Dollar Tree carries all of these supplies! I plan to make a wreath for our silent auction (and one for me)!

  16. Barbara Warner says:

    You’ll be happy to know that I made a wreath almost identical to yours last year. It is hanging on my back porch. I laminated the seed packets so they’d be “weatherproof” and they look great. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. hello! Happy summer! I love your wreath, just my skill set. I don’t think I realized that you are in NC. I am a NC girl as well. Currently living outside of Black Mtn. in WNC.

    1. Hi there! I lived in Asheville for a few years as a kid. Such a beautiful area!

      1. I am a native of Asheville and grew up there. Whre did you attend school?

        1. I went to Haw Creek through 8th grade and then to Reynolds high school. We lived there for 5 years before my dad got transferred back to Greensboro. 😀

  18. Very Cute project so easy and inexpensive
    Thank you for posting it

    1. Thank you for letting me know that you like it! 😀 Hope you gave it a try!