Step By Step Directions For Putting Together A Doughbowl Arrangement

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Do you have a wooden dough bowl and are struggling with how to fill it?  These step by step directions will take you from an empty bowl to one overflowing with spring and summer goodness!

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I love my dough bowl today as much as the day that it arrived in the mail and I still get excited with all of the possibilities when I’m ready to fill it!

I was on the hunt for a large dough bowl for a long, long time.  Sure, they’re easy to find, but finding one at a price that I was willing to pay was a whole ‘nother story.  In addition to being budget friendly, I was on the lookout for one that was large, but not humongous and had a level bottom so that it wouldn’t tilt or fall over.

Also I had all sorts of visions of what I could do with it, but when it came time to actually fill it, fear stepped in and froze me right up.  I couldn’t think of much else to do with it other than to fill it with twig and faux greenery orbs.  I moved it from place to place in my house, with those same ole greenery and twig orbs in it.  B-O-R-I-N-G!

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Speaking of fear – why do we do that?  Why do we get so scared that we freeze up and wind up doing nothing?  If you have a cure for that, please share!  When I was putting the finishing touches on my dining room makeover, I decided to chase fear away and just go for it.  And you know what?  It wasn’t so hard and scary after all.

Wooden dough bowl centerpiece filled with spring decor.Pin

But back to the dough bowl – I needed a pretty spring centerpiece and I wanted one that would carry me right on through the summer, so keeping that in mind, I looked through my decor stash to see what I could find.  I turned all of this stuff…..

Decorative items needed to create a spring dough bowl display.Pin

…..into this!  I played and messed around until I came up with a layered and texture filled dough bowl decor arrangement that I loved.

Large wooden dough bowl centerpiece filled with spring decor on the dining room table.Pin

Summer dough bowl arrangement with dried hydrangeas.Pin

Wood dough bowl filled with spring decor such a small birds nest with faux eggs.Pin

All it took was a little time and patience on my part.  And being in the right frame of mind helped too.  This graphic will show you exactly how I put all of layers together and hopefully help you.

Step by step photos of how to create a dough bowl display.Pin

The “ingredients” in your dough bowl can easily be adjusted for the holiday or season.  LESSON LEARNED: Don’t let fear and indecision freeze you!

Wooden dough bowl filled with spring decor in the dining room.Pin

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Step by step photos of how to create a seasonal dough bowl display.Pin

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  1. michelle davis says:

    I love this centerpiece and the ease at which it came together. We have a lot cabin, and this would bd perfect for my kitchen table! On the lookout for my bread bowl. I’ve always wanted one, but not til now could I really use it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Linda Manuel says:

    Hadn’t found your site when this particular post was put on, but I’ve been searching for an affordable dough bowl for some months now! I loved your arrangement and thought: well, a THEME is an excellent way to fill one! Love this. Someday….hopefully, I’ll find one to my liking that I can afford!

  3. Hi Suzy! Just saw this on Pinterest! Do you have a source list anywhere for the items you used?

    1. Hi Shirlee. I know that the spikey orb came from West Elm, the twig wreath, greenery, boxwood orb and bird’s nests came from Hobby Lobby. The little white concrete bird was a yardsale find and the hydrangeas came from a local barn sale. Hope this helps!

  4. Linda Manuel says:

    Still hunting for THE dough bowl for me! Love your arrangement tips.

  5. Love the layering in the dough bowl!

  6. This is such a great post and the very first Pinterest pin I came across when doing some research. Thank you for giving me permission to use a pic of your dough bowl. You can read all about how I made a knock off dough bowl on my blog. 🙂

  7. Melinda Waguespack says:

    Love the wreath/nest idea in the bowl… this idea could definitely be year round, just change out the florals to whatever is in season!

  8. Carla M King says:

    Hi, I live on NC. I have been searching for a dough biwl but unddure of what sized should purchase. Could you tell me how long and wise yours is? Thanks.

  9. Carla M King says:

    Hi, I live on NC. I have been searching for a dough biwl but unsure of what size I should purchase. Could you tell me how long and wide yours is? Thanks.

  10. Love this! Can you tell me how big the bowl is and how big the wreath is? Just to get a perspective on size?

  11. Good Morning Suzy,
    I’m one of your new subscribers & I am so enjoying reading your posts! I love your style. I’ve been wanting to buy a dough bowl for a long time but haven’t because I didn’t know how I could make it look good. You have inspired me though, & I’m going to find a dough bowl & put together an absolutely amazing arrangement! Thanks you!

  12. Thanks for the inspiration! This is exactly what I was looking for! 🙂

  13. Hi Suzy!
    I absolutely LOVE your dough bowl decor! I have a large 6’ round dining table and have been looking for something substantial as a centerpiece. I think this is it!
    Like many of the other people commenting, I have been looking for the perfect sized dough bowl.
    Is there a specific size that you would recommend for my large table?

    1. Hi Kim. It;s hard for me to say exactly, but my first instinct is to use one that is at least 18″ long. My suggestion is to cut out a piece of paper or cardboard to simulate the size to see how you like it on your table.

      1. Great idea! Thank you for getting back to me!

  14. love this. I do find it weirdly difficult filling my dough dough bowl. are the hydrangeas dried or faux?

    1. They are dried hydrangeas that I cut from my yard, but there’s no reason why you can’t use faux ones. 😀