How To Decorate Your Home For Fall In A Tasteful Manner

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Want to know how to decorate your home for fall so that it’s done tastefully? These are just a few guidelines that you should follow that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the season while still keeping the look in your home refined.

various colored velvet pumpkins and fall leaves in an urn and on the table surfacePin

Let me just say upfront, that no matter what kind of tips for decorating your home that you might run across, THE most important thing of all is for you to do YOU!

Your home needs to be a reflection of you and your family’s likes and needs – not what some magazine, Instagrammer or even blogger says.  

BUT – I believe that one of the reasons that you visit me here is not only to be inspired, but also to get decorating advice. If you’ll look my archives, you’ll see that I have oodles and oodles of blog posts about the various aspects of decorating your home.

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Most of those how-to-decorate have to do with general everyday decorating, but today let’s get a little more specific. Let’s go over some tips and ideas that you can use to tastefully decorate your home for fall. 

In other words, let’s talk about how you can decorate your home so that your home doesn’t scream “it’s fall y’all!”, but is still a reflection of this beautiful, cozy season.

Tastefully decorating your home for fall means turning your living space into a warm, inviting, and seasonally-inspired haven without overwhelming it. It involves thoughtfully selecting decor elements that capture the essence of the season.


Using these fall decorating “do’s” will not only give you a home that’s tastefully decorated for fall, but will give you a home that is sophisticated, relaxed and cozy.

Celebrate the arrival of fall right on your front porch with a beautiful wreath on your front door. Fall wreaths don’t have to be filled with fall elements such as acorns, pinecone or pumpkins.

diy fall grapevine wreath with traditional fall colored picksPin

Instead, fill your wreath with foliage in seasonal colors. You can get as elaborate as you want at your entryway, but honestly, a simple wreath is very tasteful, will take center stage and sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Do exercise restraint. Seasonal decor items don’t have to be fall-specific. Tasteful decorating for fall is all about strategically using accents. For example: 

  • Keep the same decorative bowl and planter on your coffee table, but fill it with a fabulous mum instead of the greenery that was in place during the summer.
  • Side tables make a good spot to replace summer greenery or florals in a vase with fall foliage.
  • Display decorative plates that are a seasonal color in a bookcase.
  • Add natural elements  to a bowl or tray in your living room.
  • Just about any type of dried stems are also good for adding seasonal touches to a room.
partial view of a coffee table and an end table with a blue and white lamp at the end of a beige couch with fall decorationsPin

Choose a color palette of warm tones that are found in nature. A warm palette doesn’t have to include orange either. Look for fall florals that are in more muted, warm hues of green, cream, gold and brown. Click HERE for 12 different color palette ideas that are perfect for fall.

blue dried hydrangeas in a white urn on a gray chest in front of a mirror with a lamp and small white pumpkinPin
white wall with fall decorations hanging from hooksPin

Layering decor is everything. Layering throw pillows, throw blankets and decor items is a decorating secret that interior designers use, no matter the season.

If you’re unsure, start with a base of neutral pillows, then add pillows or throw blankets in fall colors to the mix. Get my tips for how to layer decor by clicking HERE.

family room with neutral furniture decorated for fallPin

Pattern always plays an important role in home decor. Add a few pillows with a small pattern instead of only using solid colored pillows.

Plaids, stripes and small prints are all good. The pattern can also come from the weave of the fabric, such as the cable-knit sweater look that’s woven into the fabric. 

decorative wall screen hanging above a beige couch with fall throw pillows and a brown wood coffee table with fall decorationsPin

Remember to incorporate plenty of texture to add tactile interest and to exude a feeling of coziness. Think baskets, snuggly knit throw blankets, soft furs and velvets.

fall vignette in a basket tray with wood accents, terra cotta pot, candle and dried stemsPin

A fall centerpiece, containing seasonal flowers, placed on a dining room table would be a beautiful focal point. In the spirit of decorating tastefully, it’s likely to be the only seasonal touch that you’ll need in that entire room. 

diy fall centerpiece with dried hydrangeas in a brown cachepotPin


There are lots of “do’s” when it comes to seasonal decorating, but there are also some things that you should avoid. Styles change over the years and many of the things that gave a cozy vibe a few years ago just don’t work well today.

Don’t get carried away with a fall theme, such as owls, too many pumpkins, fall signs, etc. Decorating for a season with a theme can take it from charming to kitschy if you aren’t careful.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any of these items – rather that you should use them sparingly. The below mantel that I decorated several years ago is a prime example of a fall mantel gone bad. I loved it at the time, but not so much today.

white fireplace overflowing with an abundance of fall decorationsPin

As tempting as it may be to purchase that adorable owl with a cute little hat holding a welcome fall sign, you need to practice restraint and avoid what I call cutesy decor.

Don’t fill shelves or surfaces with lots of small items such as figurines, a plethora of pumpkins, or signs with quotes. Too much of a good thing just looks like clutter instead of beautiful decor and will not look sophisticated.

Welcoming Fall Foyer Decor #fall #autumn #foyerPin

By all means, use a fall color palette that appeals to you, but avoid super bright colors. For example, most pumpkins are orange, but if you’ll think about it, it’s a saturated orange, not a bright neon orange.

TIP: Bright orange pumpkins can be toned down by applying dark wax to them.

Avoid mulitple throw pillows that have specific fall images on them, such as pumpkins, pickup trucks filled with pumpkins, etc. Just one is enough. ☺️

family room with neutral furniture decorated for fallPin

No matter what you choose to decorate your home with, remember that indulging in subtle expressions of fall will give the maximum, tastefully decorated effect!

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  1. I agree!! Well written!

  2. You are spot on Suzy. The older I get…the more restraint I use. Less to dust and store, too! Enjoy your day! 😉

  3. I totally agree! We moved into a small ranch home for our retirement several years ago. I downsized my accessories then. Since then, I will not add any accessories to the home that “screams” specific holiday or season. I really enjoy having a home that truly reflects me, is not cluttered, and I don’t have to labor over switching out my decor to follow the crowd. As a wise friend once told, what goes up, must come down! Thanks for your great blog and wonderful advice!

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      Great topic for all of us who have way to much seasonal decor packed away in large plastic bins. As I get older and my energy levels drop I start to resent all the work those bins represent. Fall is .my favorite season but I need a simpler way to welcome it. I have given away my Halloween items and this year will donate alot of my fall themed decor no matter how pretty. I told myself I would do this when seasonal change over was not fun anymore but a chore. I have two grown daughters and many grandchildren one who is getting married this year. I,am sure they would welcome a few pumpkins or a wreath for their homes. My home will be a more enjoyable welcome to fall.

  4. Suzy,
    Love what all you have shown us for fall. I love the mantel with the basket on the wood piece. We have a very similiar white wood piece that you have and we also have the high ceiling. I hate to have Roy take it down for every season; when you get a certain age, you can’t climb as well with bad knees!!!! I may try and find something like you did and add to it. I your emails so much and look forward to them weekly.
    Happy Fall

  5. Several years ago, I looked at my house after decorating for fall. I thought my house looks like a craft shop…like someone could do some serious shopping there. I realized too that it also felt heavy on me. Now, just a few pieces and im done.