What Does It Means To Have A Key To An Actual Home?

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Have you ever thought about the significance of the sound of the keys to your own home jingling in your pocket has?  What about what that sound can mean to someone who doesn’t currently have a home?

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My friends, this may not be a decorating post per se, but I challenge you to take just a couple of minutes to read about this important annual Home Is Key campaign brought to you by Habitat for Humanity.  If you believe in this cause like I do, be sure to read to the end where I’ll be sharing how you too can support this very worthy cause.

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I’m honored to partner with Habitat for Humanity once again in support of their Home Is Key Campaign for 2019.

What must life be like for a family who doesn’t have a home?  I imagine life being filled with uncertainty, fear and stress.

It’s very eye-opening when you learn of the additional impact that not having a home can have:

  • 1 in 6 families in the USA (that’s nearly 19 million Americans!) spend half or more of their income for housing, which means they often have to choose between paying rent or a mortgage, nutritious food, transportation or even life saving medicine.
  • There is virtually no place in the USA where an individual earning a full-time, minimum wage income can afford even a one bedroom apartment.  Even two such jobs won’t get you a two bedroom apartment in 34 states and the District of Columbia.
  • When affordable housing is present, children of homeowners make fewer visits to emergency rooms for routine (non-emergency) health problems and are more likely to succeed in school.
  • Affordable housing can make monumental changes in people’s lives.  It frees up income that can result in having resources available to use for nutritious food and health care.
  • Habitat is one of the largest affordable housing providers, building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
  • Habitat’s Home is the Key campaign aims to demonstrate how a decent, affordable home creates a better life for families and individuals.

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  • Visit Habitat.org/homeisthekey to make a monetary donation directly to Habitat For Humanity.
  • Make a donation at a Habitat For Humanity ReStore at the register.
  • At Home stores will make a donation for every coaster set sold during the month of April.
  • Chico’s FAS, White House Black Market and Soma will make a donation for every $25 (or more) gift card purchased during April and May.
  • Nissan will make a donation for every social share using the tag, #HomeIsKey during April.
  • Nest is partnering with Habitat by providing enegry-saving technology for homeowners.
  • O-Cedar will make a donation for every ProMist Max spray mop sold until June 15th.
  • Chico’s will make a donation for every signature Slub Tee Shirt sold through the end of May.



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  1. Thank you for the information Suzy. I personally donate to the Habitat for Humanity store locally which helps funds its causes.

    1. That’s wonderful, Shirley!

  2. Suzy, thank you so much for this post. It’s important for those of us who are blessed with wonderful homes to stop and think about how lack of a home would affect us. I am so grateful for Habitat for Humanity’s work; now I’m off to think more about how I can support them in that work!

    1. Hi Richella. You are so right! Thank you so much for seeking out a way to support Habitat For Humanity! Hope you’re doing well!