15 Affordable Accent Chests And Tables For Small Entryways And Tight Spaces


A great assortment of affordable, small accent chests and tables in multiple styles and colors.  You just might find the very thing you need for your small entryway or any tight space in your home.

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Did you happen to catch my entryway makeover reveal last week?  It’s a tight and awkwardly shaped space, so one of my challenges was finding interesting  furniture that would fit.  And I was pretty picky not only on size, but also on style.  I love to have a welcoming lamp that stays on 24/7 and a pretty mirror in my entryway, but I only had one wall where I could place a piece of furniture.  Take a look at this bird’s-eye view and you’ll see what I mean about being limited on space.

Entryway makeover reveal birds eye view #foyer #entryway #entrywayideas #foyerideas #makeover #beforeandafterPin

I know that some of you struggle with the same issues too, so I’ve put together a great roundup of different styles and colors of accent tables and chests that would work well in a small entryway or any tight spot in your home.


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Did you find something that would work in your home?


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  1. Beautiful entryway and very timely post! I’ve been in search of a small bench also! However, I’d love to find one that’s like the plaid bench as you entry the door! Please advise! Thank you!

  2. I love what you did with your entryway. Thanks for all these great chest/table ideas. It’s like having my own personal shopper!

  3. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hmm. I clicked on several of the images, and only once did it take me to information about the item. The rest of the time, it took me to Pinterest–which was NOT what I wanted. Thought you might want to fix this.

    1. Hi Marilyn. Thank you so much for notifying me of that problem! I’ve corrected the issue now, in case you want to try again.