A New Front Door And A Spring Farmhouse Front Entry

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Come see my front entry refresh with a new front door and a beautiful suburban farmhouse feel!

Suburban Farmhouse Spring Front Porch || Worthing CourtPin

Have you started your outdoor planters yet?  Here in central North Carolina, it’s a wee bit early to be doing any planting, but I’m certainly doing a lot of planning ahead!  I’ll be spending this upcoming weekend prepping the front porch for spring by tidying up the pine straw beds and giving my front porch and furniture a good cleaning.  Sadly, I’ll have to repeat much of the cleaning process once the pollen stops falling later in the spring.  🙁

For this week’s edition of The Best Of Worthing Court, let’s take a look back at my front entry from last year.  But first, here’s what the original front door on this house looked like when we bought it.  We had just started the house remodel and at this point, I had no idea that Pookie would be surprising me with a new door for my birthday the following year, so I snapped this photo just as I was getting ready to give the door a good and well needed cleaning.

Front door before shot.Pin

And here’s our new stylish front door, all decked out for spring.  Love!

The brand new front door installed.Pin

To me, farmhouse style doesn’t have to mean fussy or complicated or having a space filled to the brim with chotchkies.  When it comes to outdoor spaces and landscaping, I much prefer tailored, clean, groomed lines.  Thus, my choice of just a few planters flanking my front door.  

Farmhouse style front porch and easy containers with a welcome mat.Pin

Matching shaped boxwoods in black urns with green and white ivy and polka dot plants are a classic.  As summer progresses the lovely ivy will trail down the sides and the polka dot plants will fill out and create an eye catching spot of brightness on our shady front porch.

A container full of purple and white flowers on the porch.Pin

I found the smaller gray pots at a great price at a local big box home improvement store.  What attracted me to these pots the most was their textured surface.  I want them to quickly fill out and get nice and lush, so I filled them with four impatiens plants instead of just one – three fuchsia and one white with a fuchsia center.

Simple container plantings for a spring farmhouse style front entry.Pin

Especially for spring, a diy seed packet wreath graces the front door.  Wow – it was so fun and easy to make and most of the supplies came from the dollar store!  Click HERE for the step by step tutorial.

DIY wreath made with seed packets and a bow.Pin

The last finishing touch that I added is an adorable customized wood plaque that I ordered from Sara Vrooman Designs on Etsy.  I had Sara make it using the letters HOH in place of our last name since Handgraaf is so long.  HOH stands for House Of Handgraaf and 2005 is the year that Pookie and I were married.

Handmade plaque from Sara Vrooman Designs on Etsy.Pin
Handmade wood plaque from Sara Vrooman Designs on Etsy with HOH on it.Pin

Thank you for stopping by my front porch today!  I think I’ll just sit in one of the rockers with a glass of ice cold sweet tea and enjoy the view.

The front porch with planters and rocking chairs plus an American flag.Pin

We have HUGE changes in store for the exterior of our home this spring and summer!  By this time next year, I’m expecting things to look totally different.  Of course, you know I’ll keep you in the loop…wink wink.

Want to see more of my porch?  Click on the title directly above the photo to take the full tour of my porch all decked out for fall and Christmas.


Suburban Farmhouse Fall Front Porch || Worthing CourtPin


Suburban Farmhouse Front Porch Decorated For Christmas || Worthing CourtPin



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  1. Very excited to see what’s changes are in store for the exterior of your home. I have some ideas and if it’s what I’m thinking I can’t wait! I have some dreams for my own home in 2017.

  2. It’s amazing to me how changing one item can make a dramatic difference to the look. The old front door reminds me when we follow trends how it can quickly date them since styles often change pretty fast. I’m sure when the house was built that door was all the rage. Your choice was wise to keep it rather traditional. Even changing a color can make a difference we’re looking for.

  3. Your porch is amazing, Suzy! Love your front door and the planters.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Amazing and inviting entry – well done!

  5. Nicolle Dempster says:

    Loving your posts and this one hit the mark, I’m currently painting the front of our recently purchased 1870s australian colonial cottage….horrible federation green is giving way to gloss black verandah posts, window trims and front door. It’s amazing how a small input can give such a huge lift. Just wish we had the seasonal changes you do so I can dress the door ….but I’m reduced to living that dream through your blog. We get hot or hotter here! Love your house and style, even from so far away.

  6. Looks great, as usual!!!!!

  7. Karen Vargo says:

    Your new door looks terrific!

  8. Pat Champagne says:

    Suzy, I am so happy I found your blog, I just love your style. Your change to Farmhouse Décor is inspiring. Pat.

  9. Beautiful! Love the new front door! Spring decorating is so much fun! New life… so exciting!

  10. Your front porch looks great. Unfortunately no planting in our Midwest area yet, but I have been enjoying the flowers and azelias of the south. I can’t wait to get to my front porch at home.

  11. I love front porch inspirations! I may be able to sneak some plants into the planters on either side of my front door in about a month (they are protected by the porch roof, but we typically can’t put plants in the ground here in western Pennsylvania until Memorial Day as there is a danger of frost up until then. I envy those in the south who can start their gardens a little earlier!

  12. Love your front porch! It is so welcoming. I do have a question…are the boxwoods real?

    1. Hi Dianna. Yes, they’re real. There were already trimmed to that shape when I bought them at the nursery.

  13. Curious to see your ideas for changes. But…your porch looks lovely! It’s way to early to plant here in Wisconsin…but I did buy some new big pots the other day. Gotta start planning you know! 😉

  14. Ruth Mulhall says:

    Simply beautiful!

  15. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your new front door!!! I want one!!! Everything looks so fresh and welcoming.

  16. Love your porch and your front door is gorgeous!..and your flower pots, well, everything and seeing the US flag posted made me smile. I’m excited to see your upcoming outdoor projects. I always look forward to your posts and thought it was about time to send a belated thank you the sharing.
    : )

  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wreath! Even better is how simple it will be to make. Keep publishing your great ideas. I love your style.

  18. Love your new front door! It fits the style of your front porch beautifully! Thanks for sharing and God bless.


    I’m so glad I came across your blog. Love the front door- I am very jealous of the size of your front porch.