Welcoming Spring With Farmhouse Florals

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Once winter is over there is nothing better than welcoming in spring with some pretty farmhouse florals!
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Oh, winter – when will you ever end???  There are things that I like about winter, such as a cozy home or enjoying an intimate meal for two by the fire, but I am always, always ready for it to be over!  Enough about that – let’s talk about spring!   😀

For this week’s edition of The Best Of Worthing Court, I’m taking a look back at the simple ways that I brought spring to Worthing Court last year by sprinkling pretty farmhouse style florals and faux greenery throughout my home.  So easy to do and I hope you will be inspired!

No matter what the weather may be throwing at us, I am d-o-n-e with winter.  I’m ignoring the cold, gloomy, gray and dreary days outdoors and am gettin’ my spring on!  I starting out in my farmhouse breakfast area, where the sun finally came out today and was pouring into the room.  Such a treat after all of the gloom and rain.

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I didn’t want to go overboard with adding flowers, so I just put a few small touches here and there – just enough to say ‘Welcome Spring!’.  I’m notorious for not keeping up with the water for fresh flowers, so faux flowers it is for me.

My kitchen table centerpiece has only one small grouping of purple flowers in it, but there are plenty of other elements that speak to spring too.  If you follow me on Instagram (I’d love to have you join me – you can do that HERE), you already gotten a peek of it.

Farmhouse kitchen table spring centerpiece with pinky purple flowers and greenery.Pin

Simple sprigs of dollar store flowers fill three glass jars.  The grouping is made a little more noticeable by tying the bottles together with a bit of colored twine.  That little white bird looks like he photo bombed my picture!

Farmhouse kitchen table spring centerpiece with the flowers in a clear glass vase.Pin

I picked up several of these cute little wooden birdhouses at Michael’s the other day for only $1.  I left them unpainted because I really like the natural color of the wood.

A little wooden birdhouse beside a blue vase filled with greenery.Pin

The other end of the centerpiece is filled out with another Michael’s purchase – a terrarium filled with faux grass and some eggs.  After all, Easter is just around the corner, ya know.

A wooden lamp with a nest of eggs in it.Pin

I know that putting together a centerpiece can seem intimidating sometimes.  My best suggestion is to wait until you’re in the right frame of mind, pull out all of your stuff, dive right in and play away!  I wound up using only a small fraction of the stuff that I actually pulled out of my stash.

All the spring items on a wicker tray in the middle of the table.Pin

Over on the open shelves, I only switched out a few of the items to give them some spring fling.

Rustic farmhouse open shelves decorated for spring.Pin

I took it easy on the florals on the shelves too, so as not to overdo a good thing.  A couple of bunches of sweet daffodils from the dollar store fill a little country pitcher.  The stacked black and white plates and bowls (from the dollar store) remained.  An added easel chalkboard with a clip-on flower completes this spot.

A mini chalkboard on the shelves that say spring!Pin

The other end of the sideboard/dresser/linen storage is still sporting my little lamp that stays on 24/7. But, I added cute letter blocks (another Michael’s purchase) to spell out BLOOM, and a bowl of faux grass sporting more wooden eggs.  One more of the little birdhouses made its way to the shelves too.

Wooden blocks that spell out bloom.Pin

I kept the reproduction toolbox in its spot, but I switched out a few of the plates, added a few blue touches and a mason jar filled with, you guessed it, more dollar store faux flowers.

Open shelves decorated with spring items.Pin


A wooden box with plates and spring items.Pin

Thank you for stopping by my farmhouse kitchen today!  Have you started decorating for spring?



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  1. It’s still dark and dreary here in Michigan. I would love to get my Spring décor out and play but feel like it’s a bit early here to do that. It’s still snowy and cold here. So I’ll just enjoy yours until the time is right here – I hope it hurries! I want Spring!

  2. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your spring decor! And I love the centerpiece on your table!

  3. Love all your spring inspiration

  4. I can hardly wait for Spring either! Thanks for the charming ideas.

  5. Shelley Anderson says:

    Spring…My favorite time of the year! I will be incorporating spring colors into my décor starting Saturday. Yours is looking great!

  6. Kelly Smith says:

    Can’t wait for fresh flowers from the yard to bring inside! Thank you for the lovely post, so encouraging!

  7. I’m with you, bring on spring. This will be our 3rd sunny day, and I’m enjoying it. But then I see rain in the forecast for he next week.

  8. Pam Ballard says:

    Oh my love the toolbox idea. I have one and think I will add it to my table. I am hosting a party Friday night which always gives me the incentive to change things up. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great day.

  9. A trip to Michaels got me started on my spring decorating, especially with 50% off faux greenery and flowers. I loved your bloom blocks – and found some blank ones at Michaels and made myself a set, wonderful idea!

  10. I am working on changing my decor to spring today! We are supposed to have record warm temps here in Wisconsin this weekend and I am so ready for spring to come. It is really nice that you have so many affordable decor ideas for those of us with not a lot of money to spend. Thanks!

  11. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Your shelves and table centerpiece are Inspirational!!!
    So ready for Spring :+)

  12. Hi Suzy. I really like the little wood bird houses. I’ll have to take a trip to michaels! Did you make your toolbox? Just wondering if you had a tutorial? Thanks for all your great ideas!

    1. Hi Janet. No, I didn’t make my toolbox. I think that I found it at HomeGoods a while back. 😀

  13. I never noticed your thermostat in your pics until today! Too funny… you do a really good job of making it *not* noticeable. 🙂 Love all the ideas. I need to change up my shelves, too. May need to make a visit to the Dollar Store soon!

  14. Sue A Stevens says:

    So ready for Spring!! However, we seem to be having a little early spring weather around here. To be 75 degrees on Sunday!! Great inspiration!!

  15. I am ready for Spring!

  16. Martha Miller says:

    Love your Spring Floral ideas!

  17. mattsgramma says:

    Love how you’ve changed things up to welcome Spring. Where did you find the scrabble piece “BLOOM”? So cute!

    1. I found those lettered blocks at Michael’s and just chose what I needed to spell BLOOM. You can purchase plain wood blocks and some stick on letters, if you’d like to make a set for yourself. 😀

  18. Leslie Watkins says:

    I’m doing the very same thing! I’m counting down the days until March 1st when I feel I can legally add the spring flowers to the mix…the forsythia, tulips and daffodils with bunnies and more nests! Already gathering things! Thank you for your wonderful groupings. Always inspires!

  19. Pam Cates says:

    So longing for Spring in Oklahoma! Wonderful centerpeiece! I’m going to get started on Spring now and to heck with the calendar!