For my final Christmas post this year, I thought it would only be fitting to share my Christmas tree and Christmas mantel with you.  In reality, this is my way of saying, “I wanted to share them with you three weeks ago, but I’m soooo behind!”.  I’m hoping that many of you can relate.  😀

I was certain that my tree this year would be filled with nothing but chalkboards and rustic and handmade ornaments with no glitter allowed.  I even purchased the most amazing chalkboard ribbon in the history of ribbon just to use on my tree.  Here’s what I wound up with.

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree And Mantel

See any chalkboard ribbon?  Me neither.  In my defense, I was totally swayed by my wreath.  It is my knockoff version of a wreath that I stumbled across in a catalog that I fell in love with and knew that I could recreate.  And then to top it off, I was further swayed by the most amazing foil print that Minted sent to me, that I used in my Christmas foyer.

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Rustic Luxe Christmas Mantel

Plus, I’ll admit that even though I just knew that I wanted chalkboard ribbon and all of those other goodies, I had trouble getting a real vision in my head.  But, this tree seemed to come naturally once I made the wreath.

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree And Mantel

My tree topper came together easily by using the tips from my post, Step-By-Step Christmas Tree Decorating Directions From The Pros.  It started with the Which Direction Weathervane from Painted Fox Treasures.  {They’re not paying me to say this – I just love their stuff!}  I took the deer out of its stand and stuck it down into the front of my tree, close to the top, along with some branches from a couple of different sprays and some feathers.  I just love that you get a peek of the ends of the weathervane.

Christmas tree topper using a galvanized deer and arrow weathervane, feathers and stems from a variety of sprays

I used four different ribbons on my tree.  A 12″ wide burlap’ish one, a fabulous Burberry inspired one, a black and white checked one and one that reminds me of glitter tape.  They are criss-crossing and trailing and going every which-way.

Rustic luxe Christmas tree with a variety of ribbons

The base of the tree is surrounded by gifts wrapped in a variety of gift wraps – brown wrapping paper, silver stripped brown wrapping paper, black chalkboard paper and more.  All of the gifts are dressed up with simple ribbons and a few have the cutest ever Christmas tree clothespins holding the name tag.  I made all of the name tags myself by using a tag shaped paper punch and some card stock.  Some of them are displayed on a vintage sled {that I picked up for $10 at a junk sale!}, in an olive bucket stuffed with a natural colored garland {to tie in with the mantel} and on a little chair named Joan, that has been in my family for almost 100 years.  Lots of little hineys have sat it that special chair over the years!

Christmas gifts wrapped with brown wrapping paper, silver stripped brown wrapping paper, black and white and chalkboard paper. All tied with a variety of ribbons and embellished with simple items.  

More favorites from the tree…

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree Ornaments

Okay, back to the mantel and hearth.  I mentioned earlier that my tree and mantel were totally influenced by a wreath that I diy’d after being inspired by one that I saw in a catalog.  I stole the twig wreath from my screened in porch and gave it a very light coat of white spray paint for a snowy effect.  Then I dolled it up by adding some burlap’ish mesh, a few sprigs, some pine cones and a glittery deer.  Once everything was in place, I gave it spritz of spray adhesive and sprinkled it with a little glitter.

DIY Rustic & Luxe Christmas Wreath

From there, I draped a natural colored garland across the mantel with the same black and white ribbon that is on the tree woven into it.  Then added a couple of old brown deer that I spray painted and glittered, some burnished gold trees and the candle sticks that I used on my fall mantel and hearth.  I also tucked in a few frosted pine cones and sprigs from the same type of sprays that were used to make the wreath. Rustic Luxe Mantel And Hearth

For even more texture and interest, I repurposed two of the shutters, that used to be part of a backdrop on a wall in the basement at our former home and gave them a light coat of gray spray paint.  As an added level of detail, the candles were wrapped with the same ribbon used on some of the gifts.  

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree And Mantel

Another basket on the opposite side of the hearth holds a few more gifts.  I’m so proud of myself – this year I wrapped actual presents instead of empty boxes just for looks.

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree And Mantel

And here’s how the whole thing looks.  Hopefully, you can tell that the tree ties in with the mantel a bit and gives me my excuse for no chalkboard ribbon on the tree.

Rustic & Luxe Christmas Tree And Mantel

Guess I’ll save that amazing chalkboard ribbon for next year.  

Before I sign off, let me tell you how truly thankful I am for each one of you.  You make my day in every way with your sweet comments and visits.  I wish the most blessed Christmas for you, your family and your friends as we celebrate the greatest gift of all – our Saviour’s birth!  



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