How To Make Baked Apples – The Most Delicious Apple Recipe Ever!


An easy, no-fail recipe for baked apples that uses honeycrisp apples and is the most delicious recipe you’ll ever try!

Are you an expert or do you already know how to make baked apples?  Even if you’ve made them many times, you may not have found a recipe for baked apples as tasty as this one!  I’ve tried numerous apple recipes over the years and they all failed for one reason or another, but this one – this one is THE best baked apple recipe ever.  Pinky promise. 🙂

Delicious recipe for baked honeycrisp apples with the baked apples on a wooden platter.

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Besides pumpkins and beautiful fall foliage, raise your hand if you can tell me what is synonymous with fall.  I’m talking apples, y’all.  I love ’em and now’s the best time of year to enjoy them!

I’ve been making this recipe for several years now and it’s still the absolute best that I’ve ever had.

Baked Cinnamon Apples

Here in North Carolina, we’ve entered the wonderful apple harvest season, which runs from September through November.  Farm-fresh apples can certainly be found at local farmer’s markets, but my favorite place to purchase apples is at a roadside stand along a winding road in the mountains.  For me, buying apples is a great excuse for taking a road trip to enjoy some beautiful nautural scenery and fall weather.

But, even though it isn’t officially fall quite yet, it soon will be!  So to celebrate the arrival of autumn and the start of apple season,  I’m sharing the hands down best recipe for baked apples that I’ve ever eaten.

And on a side note, if you’ve never tried Honeycrisp apples, you are definitely missing out.  They’re a bit more expensive that other apple varieties, but oh let me tell you – they are so, so worth it.  They’re everything that their name implies – honey sweet and crisp, all in an apple!

The baked stuffed apples with cinnamon sticks.


In addition to the recipe in this post, you’ll also find:

  • tips for selecting the best fresh apples
  • why baking times may vary
  • how long you can store baked apples
  • how to store the baked apples when you make them ahead
  • how to reheat the entire dish or individual apples
  • the best temperature for baking apples.

This recipe for baked apples is perfect for a snack, a side dish or including with any fall meal.  Plus it is an amazing welcome addition to a Thanksgiving feast!  I can just imagine these apples served as a fall dessert after a savory meal of chili and my famous cornbread recipe.  Yum!

Up close picture of the baked apples with the cinnamon sticks.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I am NOT an pie maker!  When any of my meals call for a pie for dessert, you’ll find me in the freezer section of my grocery store. 😀  I no longer purchase frozen apple pies though, because this recipe for baked apples is so much easier than making an actual pie!

The apples are delicious on their own, but why not make them even more scrumptious by topping them with creamy vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or your favorite slice of cheese (I don’t understand putting cheese on apple pie, but I know many people love it!).


No matter where you purchase your apples, here are some tips for how to select the best ones:

  • Check the apple’s firmness.  It should be firm to the touch.  Avoid apples that are noticeably soft or indent easily when you press on them.
  • Visually check the apple. Completely turn it in your hand to make sure there are no obvious bruises or holes in the skin.
  • Take a sniff of the apple.  A fresh, high-quality apple should have a pleasant aroma.

Unbaked apples on the counter.

For years, I wondered how to make baked apples, but for some strange reason I always shied away from giving them a try.  I can only guess that they sounded too complicated to mess with.  Well, they aren’t – at least this recipe isn’t!  I’m just sorry that I waited so long to give them a try. 🙁


Baked Honeycrisp Apples {Best Ever!}

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Course Dessert, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Cook Time 50 minutes
An easy to prepare and delicious recipe for baked Honeycrisp apples. The best you'll ever eat!


  • 4 - Honeycrisp apples
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • 4 tblsp butter
  • creamy caramel sauce optional
  • vanilla ice cream optional


  • Preheat oven to 350° fahrenheit.
  • Slice approximately 1/3 off of the top of the apples and scoop out the core, leaving a well in the center.
  • In a bowl, mix brown sugar, cinnamon, cranberries and walnuts (using a spoon or fork) until blended.
  • Stuff each apple with 1/4 of brown sugar mixture.
  • Place apples in a deep baking dish, topping each apple with 1 tblsp butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Pour about 1/2" of water into the baking pan, around the apples, and bake for 50 - 60 minutes, until apples are tender.
  • Serve warm, topped with caramel sauce drizzled on top of each apple, if desired.
  • Also excellent served with vanilla or butter pecan ice cream.


Keep an eye on the water level when baking. Add more water, if needed, to prevent the apples from drying out.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Nutritionist. I rely on information from third parties to provide all nutritional information, which can vary depending upon brands of products used.
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Here’s a few additional tips for you to use when making this best baked apple recipe:

  • You can use an apple corer to remove the seeds or simply scoop out the middle with a spoon.
  • Baking time will vary, depending upon size, ripeness and variety of apple.  Use a fork, in the thickest part of the apple, to test for doneness.
  • In general, baked apples can be prepared ahead.  After baking, cover and refrigerate them for up to 4 days, then reheat to warm at 325° before serving.
  • Individual apples may be reheated in a microwave at 50% power.
  • Don’t be tempted to increase the baking temperature.  The higher the temperature, the more likely the skin on apples will split or the apple will collapse.

Have I convinced you to give this simple apple recipe a try yet???  Oh my goodness, YUM!

A baked apple with a dollop of ice cream on top.


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  1. Bless you, Marisa. I hope you do give them a try. Let me know how you like them. I gave up making submissions to Foodgawker – it was too frustrating for me!

  2. Hi Helen. That’s a good way for me to think about it – they look ooey-gooey! And you’re right, the skin does look like puff pastry. I’m convinced that the perfectly baked apples that you see pictures of are taken out of the oven before they’re completely done. I hated that mine lost their pretty red color once they were completely baked.

  3. OH my! It is almost 11 PM and reading this makes me want to run to the grocery store RIGHT NOW to get the ingredients! I am so making this — thank you for sharing! Pinning and sharing on fb. 🙂

  4. Oh my…this looks like the perfect treat for today’s weather. Thank you for linking up to the Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesday, don’t forget to party with us next week.

  5. Those looks delicious – especially the one with the scoop of ice cream. This is a different recipe and sounds really yummy. I’m pinning it.

  6. My parents always made baked apples in the fall – one of the many traditions I miss! I never thought to learn how to make them, but then again, I never thought I’d loose my parents as a young adult either… Thank you for sharing the baked apple recipe, you brought up a wonderful memory and motivation to bake some this fall!

  7. Oh my gosh! I happen to have some Honeycrisp apples in the fridge and I will be having those baked apples tomorrow! There is NOTHING like that smell in your house in the Fall! Thanks so much….

  8. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I wonder if you could use the apple that you scooped out in the stuffing mixture?

      1. Using small pieces of chopped apple in the brown sugar mix is exactly what the picture looks like…unless those are light raisins? I don’t know…but the picture certainly shows something else besides what is called for in the recipe.

  9. I both pinned this and printed the recipe out. It looks adorable and hopefully will taste just as good. I’ll probably sub raisins for the cranberries (have raisins on hand). If this turns out as well as I hope, I’ve got a new dessert for company.

  10. Oh these look wonderful! I am going apple picking with my aunt tomorrow and plan to make these when I come home. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  11. Oh, love baked apples, and HoneyCrisp even more! They are SO expensive here in Dallas right now, but I’ll have to splurge to try this recipe! I had thought about using the cut off top diced into the mix, OR a little snack for the baker, maybe?!
    Thanks, Suzy ~ this looks so very yummy! And it would be a beautiful dessert for company, esp. with ice cream & a little drizzle of caramel!!!

  12. Hi Suzy,
    I’m at a bit late at this recipe but I can’t wait to make them this week for my family. Definitely adding the ice cream! Chris

  13. Oh goshhh! It looks so yummy. I’m a big fan of apple and I can’t wait to make this dish tomorrow. I bet it will be the best apple recipe I’ve ever made! Thanks for your recipe.

  14. I did it successfully last dinner. However, the apples I chose are not very good, so I will try again later this week. My little daughter likes dried cranberries, so I’ll give more. Hope it will be delicious.

    1. I think the secret (at least for me) is making sure to use Honeycrisp apples. I bet dried cranberries will be a delicious addition!

    1. I’m sorry for taking so long to reply – I just found that there was a technical issue on the backend of my blog that was preventing me from seeing comments. These are seriously the best baked apples I’ve ever had!

  15. 3 stars
    I just made these as we got a peck bag amount of honey crisp apples from a school drive.
    The apples were great, the rest was fine. Would not have been without the ice cream.
    Tips to improve:
    1cup water to start in the pan(had to add during cooking
    Cut in butter into the filling
    Maybe a little melted butter on the top of the apple to seal them a bit
    Little more sugar, more cranberries than walnuts.
    It’s fine as it, but a little tweaking and it would be awesome.