6 Thanksgiving Stuffing {Or Dressing} Recipes – Including Gluten Free!


Some people say potato and some people say potaahto.  Some people call it stuffing and other people call it dressing.  No matter what name you use, here are 6 yummy stuffing {or dressing} recipes to go with your Thanksgiving meal – including a gluten free version!

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Happy {almost!} Thanksgiving, my friends!  Are you scurrying around making all your Thanksgiving preparations?  I am and I’m going through my annual ritual of trying to figure out which stuffing recipe to fix!

I’ve been searching and searching for years in an effort to replace the bagged stuffing mix.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it – I love it!  I just want to up my stuffing game a bit.  😀  In my search, I came up with six delicious recipes.  Now, I just have to decide which delicious recipe to try!


Recipe for Wild Rice Stuffing with Cranberries.

Get the recipe HERE.


Recipe for oyster stuffing.

Get the recipe HERE.


Recipe for Sourdough and Mushroom stuffing.

Get the recipe HERE.


Recipe for sausage balls.

Get the recipe HERE.


Recipe for sausage and apple stuffing (includes a gluten free option).Get the recipe HERE.


Gluten free thanksgiving stuffing recipe.

Get the recipe HERE.

How about you – do you have a fave stuffing recipe?  Share in the comments below!

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I hope you enjoy one of these amazing stuffing recipes!

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  1. They all look amazing!!

  2. Angela Hendricks says:

    Looks delicious! Growing up my dad used to always make a batch of oyster dressing. After seeing your post I’m going to try this recipe!

  3. They all look so delicious, except for the Oyster Stuffing. I love seafood, but not oysters. However, my mother makes the most divine Cornbread Dressing! It is so yummy!!! It has cornbread, Tennessee Pride sausage (that is a must), celery, chicken stock, and pecans in it! Nothing can compare to her “:dressing!” She’s from Georgia so southern food runs deep within us! Thanks for the ideas though! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I think I might try the Stuffing Balls. Our 18 month old grandson is here with us the Thanksgiving & I think they would be fun new recipe to add this year. I like to try at least 1 new recipe every holiday. I think these will be the one.

  5. I never knew there were so many different ways to make stuffing!

  6. Norma Rolader says:

    Yum! Yum! What some delicious dressing ideas… Thank you and may you and your family have a blessed Happy Thanksgiving

  7. You could always make all of them for next year….and let your family decide! I make a traditional stuffing…that is this family’s Favorite …I think it’s all in the bread, and the spices you add! 😉

  8. Dressing starts with a pan of cornbread for my family. I love my mother-in-law’s the best. She makes it in the crock pot! And it is so moist. Mmmmmmm.

  9. Lisa Brown says:

    This year it would be great to try the Sourdough and Mushroom Stuffing,, looks fantastic.

  10. I adore stuffing and wow I love the recipe for stuffing balls. I typically put so much bread in my meatballs, that I don’t give them to anyone else. These stuffing balls are perfect for me!!!

  11. Mary Johnston says:

    Hi Suzy,
    my family foots are deep in south Alabama and Georgia and we make cornbread dressing! My SIL was gluten free last year and I make gluten free cornbread dressing for him, which he said was delicious and reminded him of his grandmother dressing!
    the recipe with the cranberries sounded good to me , but I would be the only one eating it. Thanksgiving in our family is not the time to experiment with new recipes, it is always the old family recipes we use with keeps everyone happy!

    1. My roots are in Georgia, so I’m right there with you! I’m allowed to introduce new recipes at Thanksgiving, but I’m NOT allowed to take any of the traditional dishes away! 😀

  12. I grew up in Connecticut where we called it stuffing. I was just telling a friend that stuffing is the “weakest link” in my Thanksgiving feast. Looking forward to trying your recipes!

  13. In my family here in the south we always do traditional cornbread dressing. I just lost my mother this year so I will be doing the dressing this year and I hope I do my mither’s Recipe justice. She never had measurements it was always a little of this and pinch of that! We will see this thanksgiving.