My Rustic Glam Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room

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Rustic Glam Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room|| Worthing CourtPin

Hello everyone and welcome to my rustic glam farmhouse Christmas dining room!  This is the first Christmas since I completed the dining room makeover and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room || Worthing CourtPin

This was the first room in the house that I decorated for Christmas this year and it came together very easily.  You might recognize many of the decorations that I used in here from last year’s Christmas mantel and the Christmas shelves in my breakfast area.  

Sideboard and mirror rustic glam Christmas decorations || Worthing CourtPin

This wreath is actually the one that I made to use over my mantel last year.  I was inspired by one I had seen in a catalog. 

Rustic farmhouse glam Christmas dining room sideboard and mirror || Worthing CourtPin

I made sure to find a spot for my NOEL Christmas pillow.  It’s one of my faves!  If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter so that you can get the link to where you can purchase one for yourself.  You can sign up for the newsletter in the gray box that pops up, in the lower right hand corner of the page.

NOEL Christmas Pillow || Worthing CourtPin

My motto this year was “no glitter allowed”, but in the dining room, that rule kind of fell by the wayside as soon as I decided to use this wreath on the mirror above the sideboard.  It set the tone for the whole room.  But that’s okay since I always try to dress the dining room up a bit.  I’m in love with the glittered reindeer and frosted branches!

glittered reindeer and frosted natural colored faux pine branches on a diy Christmas wreath || Worthing CourtPin

Across the room, the sideboard and vintage mantel shimmer with burnished gold trees, branches, a wreath and a few glittery houses.  

Christmas farmhouse sideboard and vintage shelf || Worthing CourtPin

Vintage shelf display for Christmas || Worthing CourtPin


Vintage shelf display for Christmas || Worthing CourtPin


Christmas cloche display on a cake pedestal || Worthing CourtPin

The candles in my diy hanging lanterns are simply dressed with a strip of ribbon around them and the baskets below contain some of my Christmas dishes.

DIY Fixer Upper style hanging lantern display decorated for Christmas || Worthing CourtPin

My tree is filled with all sorts of vintage ornaments, plus a few that I purchased last year.  Lighted branches fill the top and trailing glitter tape falls naturally down the length of the tree.

Farmhouse Christmas dining room || Worthing CourtPin

The ornaments may be shimmery and glittery, but many of them are nature inspired.

nature inspired Christmas tree ornaments || Worthing CourtPin

The centerpiece for the table is about as easy as you can get and will be easy to set a table around for dining.  I simply folded a frosted pine garland in half and wrapped some of the branches around each other to hold it together.  Then I tucked in natural colored faux pine pieces (from picks that I cut apart) and added a few of my vintage silver candle holders.  I didn’t bother to polish the tarnish that’s on them as I think it adds to vintage vibe.

Simple Christmas table centerpiece || Worthing CourtPin

Christmas dinner is going to feel so special in my dining room this year!

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room || Worthing CourtPin

This is about the last of the glitter that you’ll see in my house this Christmas.  The rest of the house looks totally different.  I’ll be sharing more soon!  When do you start your Christmas decorating?

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  1. The sideboard and mantle are lovely! But I’m swooning over the simplicity of your centerpiece! Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

  2. LOVE the colors so warm and inviting! Nothing beats those classic little houses too, they remind me of when I was young, so nice to see them making a come back!

  3. Just beautiful! Love the neutral tones!.. AND the glitter!

  4. Your dining room is beautiful! How did you hang your plates on the shutters?

    1. Hi Dawn. I used regular clamp type plate hangers (the kind that have a hook shape for the bottom and top of the plate with springs running in between) and then ran floral wire through one of the slats of the shutters to attach them. Hope this makes sense!

  5. I love your style. It really does look like Christmas but everything looks like it belongs there…..not like how some people do it and it looks like the seasonal department of a store exploded in their house. 🙂

  6. I love the decorating that you’ve done in your dining room. I haven’t started decorating my house for Christmas yet but I hope to begin soon. My 4 children are all grown and last year my son and his wife hosted our family Christmas for the fist time. That was very nice because there was more room for the family because I have a small home. But I still want to decorate my home so that I can enjoy the spirit of “Christmas”.

  7. Simply stunning! Love it.

  8. So beautiful Suzy! You did such an amazing job, it just looks so stunning!

  9. Do like the Noel/bird pillow.

  10. I am in love, in particular with the domed presentation of the Santy Clause and deer. Thank you for the great ideas.

  11. Wow! Truly stunning. Love the sideboard especially and that “Noel” pillow. Adore the colors and the nature-theme

  12. Suzy, gorgeous as always and I am loving the cloches with the santa. Don’t you love candlelight especially during Christmas?


  13. Thank you for giving all of us decorating-impaired beautiful ideas!

  14. Linda Manuel says:

    Oh my! That wreath and that pillow! Just yummy!!

  15. Suzy! I simply love the burnished gold! That and the wheat-colored faux branch tips on the white painted vine wreath are quite appealing to me as a fan of neutrals!
    I must ask if the glittery “Putz” houses are vintage, or if you found them recently, perhaps? I would so appreciate knowing ~ I have a small collection of vintage (& other) houses, but none that size …
    Thanks for even more lovely inspiration!!!

    1. Hi Kathleen. One of the things that I love about these little houses is that they do look vintage, but they aren’t. I’ve picked them up over the last couple of years at places like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.

  16. Teresa Crabtree says:

    You so inspire me! Everything is so beautiful!

  17. Anne Porter says:

    Love the no glitter rule; mine this year is no plaid…even though Christmas without plaid seems “vacant”. Just want to see if I can do this!
    Will probably double up on them next year.! Merry CHRIST mas to ALL!?

  18. Hi Suzy, I would love to know where to buy the grey and white fabric used on the dining room chairs. Everything you share online is just beautiful!


    1. Hi Lynda. The fabric came from a local fabric store (Greensboro, NC) called Printer’s Alley. If you don’t live nearby, I think they’ll take orders over the phone and ship to you.

  19. Carol Jones says:

    Your dinning room is so tastefully done…Wish I had your touch for decorating…