My Farmhouse Winter Fireplace Decor

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I decorated my fireplace in a winter farmhouse theme as the snow is still falling outside!

As I sit at my desk, writing to all of you, I’m looking out at a cold winter’s scene where the snow has been falling all day.  I know that many of you don’t like the snow, but this southern girl loves it!  The outdoors is so beautiful with its fluffy blanket of white and I don’t think there’s a more peaceful sound than being outside while the snow is falling.  It’s as if the world is standing still.

Judging by the amount of freshly fallen snow on my deck railing, I estimate that there’s roughly 6″ so far and the snow is still falling hard.  What appropriate weather for sharing my winter fireplace with you today!

You’ll find a full resource list at the bottom of the page.

Winter fireplace decor, white painted brick fireplace, farmhouse decor.Pin

If you read my post last week about my Winter Decorating Recipe, then you can see that I used several of the “ingredients” in that recipe on my fireplace.

Painted brick fireplace, winter decorations, winter mantel and a small village on the mantel.Pin

There are galvanized metal containers, evergreens, wood tones, white candles and bare branches.

Metal containers with greenery and candles in them.Pin

Pattern, candlesticks, lanterns and fuzzy throws come into play in Pookie’s cozy corner right beside the fireplace.

Farmhouse winter decor, leather recliner, winter decorations.Pin

Did you take the tour of my family decorated for Christmas last month?  If you did, you may remember that I originally had this galvanized house village set up on the sofa table behind my couch.  As I was packing the decorations away, it occurred to me that they would look great on my mantel for the winter!

Winter fireplace decor, tin houses, farmhouse style.Pin


Galvanized metal houses, winter fireplace decorations, farmhouse stylePin

To continue the theme, I found an inexpensive metal container to hang above the village and filled it with faux evergreen branches.

galvanized metal container, olive bucket, winter decor on the fireplace mantel.Pin

I kept all of the winter decor simple, including what I placed down on the hearth.  The gray shutters, that normally live up on the mantel, were moved to the hearth to flank the firebox and I simply added a pretty lantern and a basket filled with more faux evergreens and a few branches that were cut from the woods around my house.

Farmhouse winter decorations, winter fireplace decor in a neutral living room.Pin

And did you notice?  There is a fire in the fireplace in just the first two pictures.  Yup – right smack in the middle of taking these pics, my gas logs seem to have died.  It’s always something – right?  😀

Winter fireplace decor, white painted brick fireplace, farmhouse decor,Pin


My Farmhouse Winter Fireplace graphic.Pin


Where possible, I’ve linked to the exact product in my home.  If that product is no longer available, then I’ve linked to a similar item.  Click on the item name to follow the link.  Some affiliate links have been used.  See my full disclosure HERE.

Wall Color – Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Trim and Fireplace Brick Color – Sherwin Williams Extra White

Wood and Metal Plaque Above Fireplace – Kirkland’s

Galvanized Village Houses – Pottery Barn (similar)

Hanging Galvanized Olive Bucket Basket – Hobby Lobby

Wicker Basket – Wayfair (similar)

Gray Metal Lantern – Wayfair (similar)

Faux Evergreen Branches – Amazon (similar)

Leather Wing Back Recliner – Wayfair

Floor Lamp – Kirkland’s (similar), my exact one is temporarily sold out online

Table Lamp – Kirkland’s (similar)

Blanket Throw with Fur Poms – Pottery Barn (similar)

20″ Square Plaid Throw Pillows – Wayfair (similar)

Gray Side Table, Blue Side Table, Shutters, candlestick, small wicker basket, yarn balls, small metal bucket – local shops or diy projects



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  1. Looks great! Love those galvanized houses. Tried to get some before Christmas but they were out of stock.

  2. Your place always looks absolutely beautiful. I love your fireplace mantle it’s clean and so inviting. And your ideas are so creative.

    Enjoy your snow! I live in Southern California and mornings and nights gets in the 30s and 40s but days lately it’s been in the 70s. I would trade you a few days of your snow or cold weather. 🙂

    And thank you for all the resources. I look forward to your blog so keep them coming.

    Have a blessed day. Good luck with your fireplace. You are so right it’s always something.

  3. Hi Suzy! love your winter look! I especially love the olive bucket and all your pretty greenery! I’m not a fan of snow! At first it’s beautiful, but then if it stays awhile it gets so dirty and bleh! I guess that is why I’m in South Florida! It’s COLD here today though. LOL! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

    1. YOU always do a good job. Enjoy your snow. Those of us in the north are happy to share.

  4. Your fireplace looks great! I love the houses on the mantel!

  5. Love the galvanized houses.

    1. Houses are adorable. Hope to get them soon.

  6. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful as always !!! Oh so cozy !!! Thank you

  7. Looks great! I love snow. What’s the point of a brown ugly winter when you can have a beautiful white one?

  8. Your fireplace looks great. I especially love the new shutter placement…it grounds the fireplace better I think. Enjoy your snow! 😉

  9. Looks wonderful! I’m always stuck for after Christmas decorating and look forward to seeing and using your ideas and suggestions. Enjoy your snow!

  10. Love those 3 bigger aluminum houses!! The whole mantel is so cute!!

  11. Sharon Robbins says:

    We could be besties .
    I am a snow lover and always have been a snow person.
    I too live in NC and received
    about 8”.I was watching my
    birds all day.
    Your den room is beautiful.
    You can do no wrong in your decorating style. Love everything you do .
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a great idea to reuse your galvanized village! They look perfect on the mantel.

  13. Beautiful….and appreciate the links!

  14. Love your winter fireplace decor and more! I love that you moved the galvanized village to the mantel from your Christmas display on the sofa table. I like moving things around and displaying them in different places in our home, too. Blog posts like yours, help remind me to think outside of the box when it comes to seasonal decor. Many things can span several seasons. I have fireplace decor envy. Yours is always so beautiful and is so substantial. Ours is smaller and the mantel is very narrow, so I’m always fussing with it. Thanks for sharing and for your inspiration!

      1. Thanks for the link. I measured my fireplace shelf and at first I thought we had the exact same narrow mantel! Then, on further inspection, our 7 1/2″ mantel actually wraps around the fireplace wall as it juts out from the wall, leaving me with about 4″ of display shelf. Ugh!!!. But, I am not giving up. I could expand it by 3″ to get a full 7″ and it would help. I appreciate your suggestion and have pinned it to show to my husband. Love that you are solution oriented!

  15. The fireplace (actually entire room) is perfect. Love the galvanized metal pieces. Thanks for the links too. Stay warm!

  16. Happy Saturday, love your mantle everything looks so crisp and clean, your style always inspires me. We are in USNY this weekend visiting family. The snow is always beautiful up here even though I prefer the warmer climate back home in Delaware.

  17. Christine says:

    Love your post-holiday, winter mantle! I used the galvanized houses in my Christmas mantle display this year and just love the look! After seeing your mantle, I unpacked of my little houses and added it under a glass clioche to my coffee table! Your ideas are always so inspiring! Thanks for the time and energy you put into this blog!

  18. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Suzy! I LOVE those little galvanized houses on your mantel. Unfortunately, they’re all sold out at Pottery Barn. If you happen to find them anywhere else, I’d love to know! Have a great February!

    1. Hi Ashleigh. Someone told me they found the Pottery Barn ones on Ebay and I’ve seen them on Etsy by doing a search for ‘tin house’.

      1. Ashleigh Hall says:

        Thanks so much for the super quick reply! Heading to Ebay and Etsy now!