Master Bedroom Makeover Progress Report

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neutral master bedroom bedding and furniturePin

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Completing the update of our master bedroom has almost been like awaiting the arrival a baby! Almost. That’s because it’s been 8, yes 8, loooong months since I’ve touched it.

That’s right – I haven’t updated a single thing in our bedroom, since I last gave you a progress report in June 2019. What started out with big plans and a great design board, quickly fell to the bottom of the to-do priority list as I became distracted with all the other life happenings during the summer. Then came fall and then Christmas and well, now, here we are. Sheesh.

I’m happy to report though, that the makeover is back in full swing and is the first of our planned 2020 projects that we hope to complete this year!  See below for paint colors and the resource list.

Here’s where I last left you. We had added a new bed, new bedding, a new bench and a much needed new dresser and chest of drawers.


The mirror that I was planning to use was leaning against the wall with wallpaper samples taped around it while I considered whether or not to wallpaper that one wall.


Shortly after that update, I removed all of the hardware from the nightstands in preparation for paint, but didn’t actually get around to painting them until last month. During the last 8 months, I think my husband asked me how much longer we were going to have to live with no knobs on the drawers about 7924 times. Poor guy – my bad.

Even though there weren’t any actual updates happening in the bedroom, there was a lot going on inside my head for all those months.  I was constantly thinking about what color to paint the nightstands and whether or not to hang the wallpaper.

Thank goodness, I finally stopped being wishy-washy about the color because I think the color that I finally settled on is perfect!

gray nightstand with white table lampPin

I’m still not 100% that this is the right hardware, but I’m going to live with it a while (translation: I’ll probably never change it) BUT – I’m 1000% over the moon about the gorgeous new lamps and they were such a good deal!

old nightstand updated with gray paint and new hardwarePin

The dresser looks so much better now that the mirror has actually been hung and I added sconces to the wall on each side of it.

dresser with round mirror above flanked with brass sconcesPin

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I made the decision not to do an accent wall with wallpaper. I still adore the wallpaper though, so I have a plan for where I can use a little of it somewhere in the room.  Stay tuned!

round mirror above dresser flanked by brass sconcesPin

There’s more to do, but this side of the room is looking so much better!


Wall color: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Trim color: Sherwin Williams Extra White

Nightstand paint: Sherwin Williams Network Gray, Duration formula in the semi-gloss finish.

RESOURCES (click on the item name for more information):

Upholstered Bed

Extra Wide King Size White Coverlet

Comforter (at the foot of the bed) and King Shams


Brass Container On Dresser

Mirror Above Dresser

Sconces, Including Shades

White Table Lamps, Including Lamp Shades

Topiary On Nightstand

Here’s my to-do list, with a couple of things added:

  • Purchase new dresser and chest of drawers and change hardware.
  • Purchase new chairs.
  • Purchase new bed and bedding.
  • Purchase new bench for foot of the bed.
  • Hang wallpaper. Use wallpaper somewhere other than on a wall.
  • Replace and hang mirror above dresser.
  • Paint nightstands and change hardware.
  • Makeover or replace lamps on nightstands.
  • Add artwork above bed and above chest of drawers.
  • Add window treatments in bay window.
  • Replace ceiling fan.
  • Replace lamp in bay window area.
  • Purchase accent pillows.
  • Add sconces to either side of mirror above dresser.
  • Make roman shades for windows beside bed.
  • Address problem with extension cords and other wires

The next area that we’ll be tackling are the windows in this sitting area.  I don’t mind saying that I don’t look forward to it, but I think the addition of window treatments is going to be quite a dramatic change!


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  1. Looking great! Are those new chairs in the sitting area of your room?

    1. Thank you! Yes, we found them at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago. 😀

  2. Love that bed! Which color bed did you choose, the whiter talc color or the linen?

    1. I chose the talc color. 😀

  3. Hi Suzy, Your master bedroom looks just beautiful! Since you don’t seem to be completely satisfied with the nightstand hardware maybe you could dry brush a little back onto them to to mimic the lamp bases more closely. Just a thought. Looking forward to following your projects this year!

    1. I think that’s a great idea, Jean. I may eventually try adding some Rub N Buff to them to darken them up a little.

  4. Great start ! I love the bed, nightstands, bench, basket& lamps. I think it might look warmer with simple long panels on the windows so the pictures could move. Maybe a more homey/relaxed table between the chairs.
    Just a thought of what I might do.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Laura. The window treatments will be long, simple drapery panels hanging in between each window. I’m not sure what pictures you’re referring to???

  5. Hey Suzy~
    I LOVE the new look! Understated elegance, for sure! Can’t wait to see where you will put the wallpaper! In the bay window area?? It is so pretty and will go with your new linens perfectly. The new space is going to fantastic when you are done, I am sure. Keep up the great work!
    Constance Leach 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Constance!

  6. Love the new look! I loved it so much that I just painted my spare bedroom the same color. 🙂

    1. I LOVE Accessible Beige! It’s such a versatile color.

  7. I love the makeover. I think the night stands are my favorite, and the hardware is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you! Glad to know you like the nightstands and hardware!

      1. Love your master bedroom make over.
        Have you made over your office space?
        Home projects are fun.
        Do you have a bathrm suite in your bedroom. If so, you might use the wallpaper in that rm.

  8. It is looking great! I love the bedding you chose.

  9. Very pretty! It manages to be both soothing and sophisticated. I was wondering if you could tell me what paint you used to for the hardware?

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry, but I no longer have the can of paint, but I know it was one of the golds in the Rustoleum Metallic formula.

  10. I love the look. Can you tell me where you bought the throw pillow that you have on the chair near the window?

  11. I just found your blog today from the home flow tours. Your home is beautiful & I will enjoy coming back. You mentioned cords & wires in your to do list,I hope I don’t miss your ideas on that on how to hide those.

    1. Hi Linda. I think that I do have a solution for hiding the cords, or at least minimizing how many are visible, but I haven’t shared it yet. I may include it in a future blog post, but the best place to keep up with what I’m doing behind the scenes is by watching my Instagram stories. If you don’t already, you can follow me at this link:

  12. Love the comforter-the link for steinmart is empty-any other name to research?

    1. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. 🙁