Fall Shelf Decor In My Breakfast Room + An Easy Centerpiece

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Beautiful, yet simple shelf decor to inspire you as you decorate your own home for fall.

fall decorations on shelves and a fall centerpiecePin

Do you have any shelves, bookcases or other display places in your home?  By all means, add some fall shelf decor to them!  Whether you put together a full display or simply add a few seasonal touches, I hope the decor on my own shelves will give you some ideas to use in your home.

If you’ve been around for a while, you already know that the decorative wall shelves in my breakfast room get re-decorated every single season.  They’re actually one of the focal points in my home as they are visible as soon as you enter our family room from the foyer.

With each new season, I try to come up with something a little different.  My theme for this year’s fall shelf decor was twofold – simplicity along with using toned down fall colors.  No bright orange allowed!

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Before we go any further though – I know that decorating shelves is one of the things that many, many of us struggle with!  If you could use some help in that area, you’ll want to be sure to check out my step-by-step shelf decorating tutorial where I walk you through all of my tips and secrets.

But, back to the wall shelf decorating ideas that I used for fall this year.

For the fall decorations throughout my entire home, I chose a color palette of sagey eucalyptus green and rich rustic burnt orange mixed with touches of warm mustard golds.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it has all come together and with the warm and cozy fall vibes that fill my home this year!

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trio of faux pumpkins on a shelf in muted fall colorsPin
fall vignette with a faux pumpkin nestled in a ring of greeneryPin

I kept the amount of decor on the shelves simple and sprinkled a mix of real greenery along with multiple types of artificial greenery throughout the display to add that all important texture.

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I carried the same colors, that I used on my shelves, over to the centerpiece on the dining table, where I used a pretty runner running down the center of the table to act as a base to ground the arrangement.

fall centerpiece with chunky candles, a faux pumpkin and muted fall colorsPin

The centerpiece was super easy to put together and consists of two chunky candlesticks and a decorative riser holding a creamy faux pumpkin, sitting atop a fall candle ring.  To finish the centerpiece off, I simply tucked a few sprigs of the same eucalyptus, that I used on the arrangement in the vase on top of the shelves, into the empty spots below the riser.

fall centerpiece with chunky wood candlesticks and faux eucalyptus in fall colorsPin

Viewing this whole area, when I come into my family room from my foyer, gives me all the cozy fall feels without having gone overboard with bright oranges and without using too much stuff.

fall decorations on shelves and a fall centerpiecePin
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fall shelf decor and a fall centerpiece in muted fall colorsPin

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  1. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Suzy, this is really pretty! The simplicity and softness reflects such calmness to me. Now I want to redo my fall decor and I may just do that. Thanks for sharing your splendid ideas.

  2. Beautiful. You always do a great job!

  3. Thanks for your great tips. Beautiful as always.

  4. Connie Middaugh says:

    I love love love the less is more theme of the shelves. Also in love with your chunky candlesticks on the breakfast table. I am ready to do my fall decorating now!


  5. This is very pretty! I love the soft muted fall colors that you used, and the floral arrangements that you created on your shelves and table are beautiful. But I loved your decorations when the shelves were full too! Trends come and go and we all tend to like what is currently popular and criticize the one we just left. However I still like to look back at your decorations from a few years ago for inspiration.

  6. Julie Briones says:

    Love all the yellows, oranges and greens! So pretty, and simple! Love it, Suzy!

  7. Simply gorgeous! Sorry if I missed this, but where do you buy the beautiful green and fall color eucalyptus in the white pitcher and on your table?

    1. I’m sorry if you’re getting my reply twice. Something didn’t look quite right and I wanted to make sure that my reply was sent to you. 😀 Thank you, Sharon! I buy all of my faux eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby. Sometimes I buy individual stems and other times I buy a bush and cut it apart.

  8. robyn m Boydston says:

    5 stars
    I enjoy the beautiful scenes you create. Could you post about how you organize and store all your lovely decor items? How do you manage it all?
    Thank you

    1. I’m sorry for taking so long to reply – I just found out that there was a technical issue on the backend of my blog that was preventing me from seeing comments. Funny you should say that – I have a blog post coming on Monday all about how I’ve stored everything!