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I was on the hunt for a dough bowl for a long, long time.  Sure, they’re easy to find, but finding one at a price that I was willing to pay was a whole ‘nother story.  In addition to being budget friendly, I was on the lookout for one that was large, but not humongous and had a level bottom so that it wouldn’t tilt.

I had all sorts of visions of what I would fill it with.  But when it came time to actually fill it, fear stepped in and froze me right up.  I couldn’t think of much else to do with it other than to fill it with twig and faux greenery orbs.  I moved it from place to place in my house, with those same ole greenery and twig orbs in it.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  Speaking of fear – why do we do that?  Why do we get so scared that we freeze up and wind up doing nothing?  If you have a cure for that, please share!

When I was putting the finishing touches on my dining room makeover, I decided to chase fear away and just go for it.  And you know what?  It wasn’t so hard and scary after all.


How to fill a dough bowl with layers of seasonal items

I needed a centerpiece that would carry me through the rest of the summer, so keeping that in mind, I looked through my stash to see what I could find.  I turned all of this stuff…..

You probably have enough items in your own stash to create a pleasing dough bowl arrangement.

…..into this!  I played and messed around until I came up with a layered and texture filled arrangement that I loved.

Place dried hydrangeas in a dough bowl

Summer dough bowl arrangement with lots of color and texture

Fill a dough bowl with summer goodies

All it took was a little time and patience on my part.  And being in the right frame of mind helped too.  This graphic will show you exactly how I put all of layers together and hopefully help you.

How To Fill A Large Dough Bowl - Step By Step

The “ingredients” in your dough bowl can easily be adjusted for the holiday or season.  Lesson Learned: Don’t let fear and indecision freeze you!  

Summer dough bowl arrangement


How to fill a large dough bowl with something besides candles or orbs. Step by step directions for how to fill it with layers and texture.

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