Now that summer is quickly coming to an end, my thoughts are turning toward fall.  I’ve already started pulling out a few fall decorations from my stash, but I’m just not quite ready to completely let go of summer.  Not yet.  Instead, I think I’m ready to just sort of e-a-s-e into fall.  

With that in mind, I changed up what I have displayed on the open rustic farmhouse shelves that are in my kitchen breakfast area. True confession – I haven’t refreshed my shelves since last spring.  Oops.  You can check out their spring display HERE in case you missed it.

 Open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves decorated for late summer

I tried to hint at the approach of fall by using wood, lanterns, lots of texture and by scattering green apples here and there. I love, love, love the combination of apple green, wood and black and white!

A faux pig head, surrounded by a preserved boxwood wreath, hangs above open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves


Mug tree holding black and white mugs from the dollar store

I like to make it easy on myself, so when I decorate, I try to use classic backdrops and accessories so that all I have to do is rearrange and add to what’s already there.  It saves me an enormous about of time, plus it helps to keep a continuous flow through my home.  So, I kept the black and white accessories, dishes, bowls and mugs that were already on the shelves and simply changed what is displayed with them.  This little lamp lives on my sideboard and stays lit 24/7.  It just adds a bit of coziness to the corner and acts as a nightlight of sorts.

Breakfast area vignette


Salt and pepper shakers from Pottery Barn

For example, I kept the stacked plates, bowls and mug tree, but changed the look a bit by displaying a few of the plates in a long narrow basket.

Early fall rustic farmhouse open shelves

Mr. Herbert, my faithful pig companion, still keeps watch over the goings on in the breakfast area, but he’s ready for early fall with a dough bowl filled with green apples.

Faux pig head wall hanging above open rustic farmhouse shelves

I kept the vintage toolbox, but put a galvanized metal tray behind it, in place of the tobacco basket that was here before.  Then I simply removed the spring decor from the toolbox and filled it with some of the white pitchers and black and white pieces that were already on the shelves.

Open rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves decorated for late summer

See?  So much easier that starting all over from scratch!  And in case you’re wondering, using a dresser as a sideboard in my kitchen is one of the best things ever!  I have it filled with all kinds of kitchen and dining linens.  You can read all about exactly what I have stored in each drawer HERE.  Plus, you’ll get a peek at what the wall above the dresser looked like before I added the open shelves.

Tell me.  Are you ready to let go of summer yet?  Or are you like me and are holding on for a long as you can?  Cause you know what comes after fall – WINTER!  Boo.


Late Summer or Early Fall Rustic Farmhouse Open Shelves

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