My Christmas Kitchen Decor

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Find out just how easy it is to create a festive Christmas kitchen decor with a few simple touches.

My Christmas Kitchen Decor with an almost all white kitchen and holiday touches.Pin
The kitchen here at Worthing Court is a real workhorse during the holidays!  Everything from cooking a meal for twenty, to cooking a meal for two, to holiday baking, to holiday party prep, to holiday crafting – it all takes place in my farmhouse kitchen.

I want my kitchen to be festive and Christmas’y, but I also need room to spread out on my counters and do all that stuff!  So, I’ve kept the decor in here very simple – just enough to say Merry Christmas, but still leave me plenty of room to cook and bake.

There are holiday tea towels hanging on the kitchen island.Pin

My kitchen and breakfast area is one long room, so even though the decorations in the kitchen are simple, the decorations in the breakfast room spread festive Christmas cheer throughout the whole space.

One of my favorite areas to decorate is the island.  It’s right smack in the middle of the room, so it’s the hub of the kitchen.  I always make sure to place something really special that will catch your eye.

Two tiered wood tray filled with Christmas decorations on the kitchen island.Pin

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This year I chose to use this awesome two-tiered tray from Emory Valley Mercantile, which is an online shop specializing in farmhouse style decor and accessories.

There are two coffee cups on the counter and a plate filled with cookies.Pin

Most of the time, I see tiered trays used as part of a hot chocolate station or beverage bar setup.  But, I decided to think outside of the box and use mine to display some of my fun Christmas village pieces.  I chose only favorite pieces and then sprinkled some fake snow around after placing all of the pieces where I wanted them to be.  If I do need to move it out of the way for anything, it’s easy to just lift up from the bottom or carry by the handle.

A wooden tray has holiday decorations plus candy canes on it.Pin

Christmas snow village on a farmhouse wooden two tiered tray.Pin

A hot air balloon with people in it on the tray.Pin

Tiered trays are sooo super versatile!  I can imagine one in the kitchen used as a Christmas cookie baking station, a place for displaying candles and greenery, a place to display vintage silverware and serving pieces, a place to display all that Rae Dunn that you’ve been collecting – the list is endless!  Emory Valley Mercantile has several shapes and sizes of tiered trays to choose from – you can shop all their tiered trays by clicking HERE.  I’m thinking my next purchase will be for the three-tiered rectangular tray

There are lots of little ways to add Christmas decorations to a kitchen without filling it with too much stuff that will get in your way.  Take a look around at what you keep out on your counters year round and think about what you could add to it for Christmas.

Farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets decorated for Christmas.PinFor example these large glass canisters live in my kitchen, in the exact same spot all year long.  Also for Christmas, I tied a sprig of greenery and a cute cookie cutter to the top of each glass jar.  For an added touch, I replaced each scoop with a Christmas plaid mug.

Glass kitchen canisters with faux greenery and Christmas ribbon.Pin

The small tray, beside the cooktop, holds salt and pepper grinders and cellars all year, but for Christmas I added cute Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus salt and pepper shakers.  See?  Just little touches.

Simple Christmas kitchen touches such as red and white bows.Pin

The tray on the opposite side of the cooktop holds the same cooking utensils and dog treat jar all year too.  All I did was add a couple of colorful spatulas to the utensil holder and plop a little mini Christmas tree into the basket too.  Instant Christmas!

There is a red pot on the stove and a red tea towel.Pin

To finish off the holiday decorations in my kitchen, I added two Christmas plaid towels to the end of the island.  The towels are hanging from small suction cups, so no worries about damaging my cabinet.  And, shhhhh – don’t tell – these are actually square napkins instead of actual kitchen towels.

The white neutral kitchen with pops of red and green.Pin

Thank you for coming by to visit with me in my Christmas kitchen today. Merry Christmas y’all!

Merry Christmas Y'all kitchen towel on the sink.Pin



Christmas kitchen island vignette with snow village house in a glass jar #christmasdecorPin



Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen decorated for Christmas.Pin


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  1. Jan Fusco says:

    Love the touches of red and Christmas in your kitchen. I love tiered trays. I have several in my house. I checked out the Emory Valley Mercantile and there are so many things I’d love to have.

  2. Everything looks so festive, Suzy! I love the cookie jar cloche with the gingerbread house, and your plaid dinnerware. The tiered tray looks lovely. You get an A+!

  3. Karen Robbins says:

    I love the way you decorated your kitchen. Thanks for the ideas and a new place for me to shop.

  4. Nancy carroll says:

    I’ll be right over for some of those cookies!!! And that two tiers tray might be leaving with me LOL

  5. Love your kitchen every year! Using your Christmas mugs for scoops idea!

  6. All very festive! Love the mugs in the big jars and the bows and greenery are just the right touch. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Your kitchen is so inviting, Suzy

  8. Love the two tiered tray!! How you decorated it as a Christmas village is so cute!! Thanks for these great ideas!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I always love coming and checking our your decorations. Love that you use red & green

  10. Love that your kitchen is decorated with use in mind. Merry Christmas.

  11. Michelle Scott says:

    I love that all of these ideas are so simple yet add such a gorgeous festive vibe!

  12. I love how you used the tieredvtray to display pieces of your Christmas village. Your kitchen is very pretty and festive.

  13. Mary Stevens says:

    I love your kitchen!!

  14. How cute! I like all the little trees you have.

  15. Your kitchen is lovely, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  16. I love your creative mind! It inspires me. Your kitchen is so fun and festive. I need to work on mine now!

  17. Thanks for sharing. My kitchen is also very busy during the holidays, but want to spread a little Christmas decor too.

  18. Thanks for sharing. My kitchen is also so busy during the holidays, but want a little bit of Christmas decor.

  19. Love your Christmas Kitchen!