Laundry Room Reveal – Before And After

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I am excited to finally share my laundry room reveal with you!

After many months and several starts and stops, my laundry room reveal is finally ready to share with you.  Come on in – ya know, because who doesn’t like to hang out in a laundry room – right? LOL

Chalkboard sign for the laundry room door.Pin

Before we go any further, let me show you what we started out with.  This is what the sad room looked like the day that we looked at the house.  Sure the room was a hot mess, but it was huge for a laundry room.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Laundry room BEFORE with previous owner's belongings.Pin

Here’s how it looked like the last time that I shared it with you.  We stayed stuck at this stage for a while.  We had a little trouble getting the cabinets and countertop for the sink just right and with so many other projects to distract us, it just sat this way.  At this point we had removed wallpaper, replaced the flooring, moved plumbing around and had mounted some of the cabinets that came out of the original kitchen.  We placed the former owner’s fridge in here too.  It is a very nice one and sure does come in handy, especially around the holidays.


Laundry room during renovation.Pin

And here she is today!  Come on in and look around.  So much brighter and more organized that the old layout.  I didn’t use my wide angle lens for the after shots, so we’ll have to look around in snippets.

Remodeled Laundry Room Tour with white washer and dryer and a clock on the wall.Pin

The laundry room has quite a few diy projects.  One of them is a rustic’ish open shelf I made to conceal the roughly 12″ gap behind the machines that was created by the location of the dryer vent in the wall.  Another project is the solution that I came up with to conceal the faucet connections in the wall.  Those things are always such an eyesore.  See that white box at the end of the washer?  That’s it – read about what I did HERE.

DIY shelf behind washer and dryer to hold laundry supplies.Pin


The small wire basket on the shelf is perfect for holding my dryer sheets and keeps me from having to stand on my toes to reach across the dryer and up into the cabinet to get them. All of my detergents and other cleaning supplies are located in these cabinets, but for some reason it isn’t as much of a struggle for me to get to those items.

There is a wire basket on the washing machine.Pin


The laundry room sink is located opposite from the washer and dryer.  In case you’re wondering, the gray round thing to the left of the cabinets is a retractable clothesline.  I run it across the room and attach it to a sturdy hook in the wall whenever I need to use it. Works great for drying a lot of clothes at one time.

 Laundry room sink and dog washing area.Pin

This is where I give my dogs a bath so their shampoos and brushes are in the fabric bin located beside the sink.  A glass canister tucked into the bin keeps all of their squeaky toys within easy reach for me.  My dogs are kind of like kids in that they get tired of playing with the same toys all of the time, so I frequently switch them out.

 A small Laundry room sink area.Pin


The faucet in the laundry room.Pin

You might be wondering what that thing is hanging on the wall to the right of the sink.  It’s the oversize bulletin board that I originally made for my old kitchen to hide the ugly exposed side of my refrigerator.  Click HERE to see what it looked like and how I made it.  It served me well in our former home, but I spiffed it up a little by adding some twine and tiny clothespins and really love it in my laundry new room.

 DIY faux grain sack bulletin board.Pin

All I did was to remove the bulletin board from the frame and staple twine, running from side to side, on the back and then reinsert the bulletin board back into the frame.  Cute clothespins were added to hold special cards and cute pictures.

Run twine across a bulletin board and use cute clothespins to display small cards and pictures.Pin

 And lastly, my ironing board hangs on the wall directly opposite from the sink.  I made an easy-peasy holder for it and replaced the old cover with a pretty black and white one.  There are so many cute covers out there, why not update your old one!

DIY ironing board hanger for the laundry room.Pin

The holder is just a piece of stained wood that has had two hooks added to the front.  It you make one of these for yourself, make sure the opening on the hooks that you use will accommodate the legs of your ironing board.

DIY wooden ironing board hanger || Worthing CourtPin

Thank you for stopping by.  Come on over anytime and we’ll fold some towels together.  Ha!

Want to see the rest of the rooms that we’ve totally remodeled in our home?  Click HERE!

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  1. What an adorable transformation! Found you through the #HomeMattersParty and I just love what you did with your laundry room. The little touches and decor give it so much character.

  2. Suzy, it looks fantastic!!!! I’m sharing on Facebook!


  3. I absolutely love how your laundry room came out!! The shelf above the washer and dryer is perfect, and I love those printables over the sink! Featuring your makeover at Motivational Monday tonight!

  4. What a lovely laundry room! Every time I watch House Hunters or any of the renovation shows on HGTV I always say that every single laundry room should have a sink and plenty of storage! Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup 7/19/15

  5. Wow! This turned out so nice. I think I could actually enjoy doing laundry in a room like that.

  6. Missie Davidson says:

    Love your laundry room! What color paint did you use on the walls?

    1. Thank you, MIssie! The wall color is Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

  7. Very pretty! Love the clothesline!

  8. Heather Anne says:

    Very pretty – what is you paint color in this room?

    1. Thank you, Heather! The paint color is Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

  9. I love this laundry room transformation! I tried to get the printout and found no link. Can you tell me how to get it? I love your style and can’t wait to see more!

  10. Like the new laundry room ideas. Everything looks so put together and everything has its place. Would love to have that size laundry room!

  11. Wow Suzy…this is quite the laundry room! So big….and very multipurpose! You did a great job…I could easily fold towels in there! 😉

  12. I love your laundry room ~ I have something like this with the shelf above the washer & dryer.
    It adds so much to the room
    I do not have a sink in my laundry room or a window. I love both ~

    But I do have a craft space ~ which we made out of a closet.

    I hope you like them as much as I like yours.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Wish my laundry room was that big. Love the storage, signs and style.

  14. Linda Manuel says:

    Love the ironing board hanger you made! Am going to do that for sure. Never heard of your retractable laundry line – am going to be hunting one of those. Thanks for all your good ideas.

    Your laundry room is to die for!!

  15. Nice! That’s a good sized laundry room. I like what you did with it!

  16. Pam Cates says:

    What a fabulous laundry room! Almost makes laundry FUN? Darling decor as well.

  17. Very pretty Suzy! I love all the details and what a nice space for laundry. Your whole house is gorgeous! I love all the peeks on IG and FB! So pretty!

  18. Love what you did in the laundry room!! Love everything that you’ve done in your whole house!! So happy I found you!! Love all your fall designs! ? You have inspired me to do some redo’ s in my house!! Can’t wait to receive your next email!! ?? Hope you have a Blessed day!! ?

  19. Debbie Richards says:

    Your previous home owners are going to be gasping about why they ever moved! Your home is spectacular.

  20. Hello! I love all of this!! Where did you find the curtain/tension rods that you used? I LOVE them and can’t find something similar… THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Lisa. The black curtain rod and rings with clips came from Target. Hope this helps! 😀