Let’s Do A Mid-Summer Refresh In My Living Room!

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Are things looking a little tired around your home right about now? Here are easy ideas for giving your living room a mid-summer refresh.

console table with plants and accessoriesPin

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This is my console table that I stripped several months ago in my Instagram stories and never did share here after it was finished. I had intended to paint or re-stain it, but I loved how it looked once the ugly yellow finish was removed so I left it just like this.

Since my hydrangeas are no longer blooming and I can no longer keep the display on my coffee table fresh, I decided it was time to just do a little mid-summer refresh to the whole room. Notice how the glow of the summer sun gives some of my walls a golden hue!

coffee table in front on console tablePin

There’s nothing too complicated or fussy here – summer’s heat is heavy enough on its own without making things feel heavy indoors too. Don’t you agree?

I tried my best to bring the lush green of the outdoors to the inside by adding lots of green and white to my room by filling the room with real and faux plants, green pillows and lots of white. Oh, and baskets – gotta have baskets for summer texture.

white brick fireplace with art, plants and baskets flanked by two reclinersPin

white brick fireplace with art, plants and basketsPin
That’s what I love about using neutral colors on walls and large pieces of furniture – it enables you to decorate with whatever other colors you want!

Speaking of using neutral colors, do you notice anything different about my windows? I deciding that it was time to retire the blue and white striped curtains and replaced them with curtains that I removed from my home office since I’ll be putting up new ones as part of the office makeover that I’m working on.

My fireplace and the end tables on either side is where I have a really good mix of real and faux plants. I think that faux plants look so much more realistic when mixed with the real thing!

white brick fireplace with art, plants and basketsPin

See my two shadows lying on the floor? They follow me evvvvvery where I go and love to photobomb my pictures!

Any time that I show my gallery wall, I get so many questions about where the watercolor artwork is from. The prints come in multiple sizes and you can find them HERE.

My couch sits under an overhang from the upstairs hall, so my diy sofa table pushes it out into the room just enough and the sconces above the prints add some much need dimension to this wall.

gray sofa with gallery wall above and upholstered coffee tablePin

tufted coffee table with summer accessoriesPin

Now that I’ve gotten rid of the blue and white striped curtains in here, I think I’ll paint the little blue end table on the other side of the room that same color as this one.

gray end table with baskets and summer accessoriesPin

I didn’t change anything at all on my entertainment center shelves, since everything that I decorated it with after its makeover pretty much works with every season.

upholstered coffee table and white entertainment center with accessoriesPin

Will you be giving any of your rooms a little mid-summer refresh?

living room with white painted entertainment center and accessoriesPin

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  1. Looks great. Love the curtains! I agree, baskets add so much texture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty! Your mid-summer refresh is so…refreshing! All the green additions really stand out against the white and I’m always so inspired when I see your entertainment center. Maybe someday I’ll get the motivation to paint mine white as well! Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Thank you so much, Shelley!

  3. The room really looks refreshed. I love all the pops of green in the plants.
    What kind of paint will you be using if you paint the blue table?

    1. Thank you! I’ll be using Rustoleum Anodized Bronze spray paint.

  4. Kathy Menold says:

    I know what you mean about needing a midsummer refresh. Just this morning I was moving things around in our family room. My Asiatic then Oriental lilies were my focal point in a large arrangements on my hearth. Now they are gone so I too moved,my houseplants around and added some faux split philodendron leaves in an old white jug to the room. Just a few changes make me happy. Now if I could just change out the heat!!!!

    1. I’m right there with you – the heat and humidity have been AWFUL the last few weeks!

      Gotta love free decorating right???

  5. Barbara B says:

    5 stars
    Everything is so beautiful!!!! I love your Blog! Thanks, Suzy😊

  6. 5 stars
    Your home is beautiful! I love the art above the fireplace, do you have a source for it? Also curious about the three stacked square neutral frames to left of the entertainment center, I can’t tell what is in them, but I love the look.

    1. Thank you, Vicki! The art above the fireplace is from At Home, so I can’t give you a link for it. The other three prints to the left of the entertainment center are from Target a few years ago. I don’t think they carry them anymore. Sorry I couldn’t help you!

  7. 5 stars
    I love your living room refresh! Please do a post on the console table!

    1. Thank you! What kind of a post about the table are you wanting to see?

      1. If you refinished the console table, how did you do that? Thanks!

        1. All I did was use Citristrip to get rid of the clear finish that was originally on the table. I thought that I would be either restaining or painting the table, but once I got it stripped I loved the raw wood just the way it was! So basically, the only thing that I did was to strip it. 🙂

          1. I actually love the little blue side table as a pop of color. Love all the plants, baskets, and overall summer feel!

  8. I love your console table and the change of curtains. I am in the middle of refreshing my living room since replacing my sofa with a sectional and replacing the the tables as well.. When changing styles it is amazing how much has to be replaced because it no longer works with the new decor. Next up, new curtains!

  9. Sonya Peel says:

    Love the summery look you have given the room. What is the color paint on the walls? I like the way it changes tones based on available light.

    1. Thank you! The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

      1. HI!
        Love your refresh in your LR/FR.
        Fortunately I don’t drapery on my windows. No need to switch them out
        because we have custom wide wood blinds throughout our home.
        I did set up a pretty nautical vignette on a wood tray and placed that on our upholstered ottoman in our front L/R..
        The F/R naturally changes with each season with view thru our large French doors. ENJOY the summer even with heat. There are plenty of old days during the winter.

  10. Bernadette Anderson says:

    Pretty pillow choices. Thanks for the much needed refresh inspiration.

  11. Lynne Taylor says:

    I love all the greenery and pillows too! Looks like a great mid summer refresh to me!

  12. Peggy Forney says:

    I have been following you blog for quiet awhile. You said you want to paint your blue end table, but I always love the pop of color it adds to the room, of course I don’t see it every day. Anxious to see what it looks like if painted to match other stand.

  13. Love the “pared down” look in all your spaces. The new curtains make so much more sense and although I LOVE the color of your end table, the new color will be gorgeous! Bringing in the green accents is fresh and beautiful in this space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Marian Zimmerman says:

    Thank -you for hanging ART in your rooms
    Love your style