How To Have A Cozy Decorations For Winter

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A guide packed with ideas for winter decorations that will help you create a cozy, inviting atmosphere during the colder months.

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Brrr, it’s chilly out there! As we wrap ourselves in scarves and sip on hot chocolate, it’s the perfect time to think about cozying up our homes.

Winter’s chill brings the opportunity to transform our living spaces with decorations for winter, creating a haven of warmth and comfort.

Growing up, I remember how my mother used to welcome the season. I could always count on steaming cups of hot cocoa anytime I came in from playing in the snow or just from being outside on a frigid winter’s day.

She would have transformed our home into a cozy winter haven complete with fluffy blankets on every chair, a crackling fire in the fireplace, and delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. It was like walking into a hug every time I stepped through the door!

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These memories always inspire me to bring the same coziness into my own home. Because who doesn’t adore coming back to a warm and inviting home when it’s all frosty outside?

Let’s jump right into some heartwarming January decor ideas that’ll make your home as cozy as can be – think of it as wrapping your living space in a big, fluffy blanket!

January Decor, Simplified

After the holiday buzz, January decor ideas often lean towards the calming and serene. Post-Christmas is the perfect time to simplify your decor, letting your home breathe and your eyes rest.

large white pedestal bowl on a dining table decorated for winter with pinecones and flanked by glass hurricanesPin

Embrace a more minimalized decor approach to enjoy the calm after the storm, so to speak.

I’m not talking about stripping down your decor to the bare minimum. Rather, being intentional with the things that you do decorate with.

Yes – you can have a cozy home without filling it full of “stuff” that just takes up space. Use items that add real warmth and personality to your space. Think about it: A couple of fuzzy blankets casually thrown over the arm of a chair? Instant coziness.

Add a few well-chosen pillows with winter-themed colors or patterns, maybe some with a bit of sparkle. Pillows that won’t be just for looks, but pillows that will be your ticket to snuggling up in style!

Incorporate Seasonal Decorations

There’s something truly special about adding seasonal decorations to our homes that connect it with nature. It isn’t just about winter aesthetics; it’s about creating a cozy atmosphere that reflects the soul of the season.

white bowl filled with faux greens, pinecones and faux antlers for winter decorPin

Incorporating winter-themed decorations, from the whimsy of snowflakes to the rustic charm of pinecones brings a sense of warmth and comfort during the colder months.


Pinecones are one the easiest and most versatile natural elements to use in winter decorating. They bring an earthy, organic look to your decor.

winter vignette in a wicker tray usingh greena nd white, candles and pineconesPin

Use them in bowls or as part of vignettes for a natural touch. Get an especially wintry look by using “snow” tipped ones.

wooden bowl filled with faux evergreens and pinecones for winter decorPin

And if you really want to breathe life into your home, find a spot for a live plant or two.

More Natural Winter Elements

Pinecones and evergreens aren’t the only types of natural elements to be found outdoors during the winter.

Add leafless branches to vases filled with faux evergreen stems to your mantel.

mantel with abstract art above and blue and white vases filled with stems on each end for winter decorPin

Fill a bowl with magnolia leaves.

Add an arrangement of white flowers to the center of your table or on the sideboard.

Add a few logs to a bin on your fireplace hearth.

Create A Winter Vignette

Let’s talk about one of my favorite parts of winter decorating – creating a winter vignette.

Think of it as a mini winter scene that is a snapshot of a winter wonderland on a table or shelf.

winter vignette on an upholstered coffee table with wood candlesticks and white candlesPin

Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, putting together a vignette is not only super fun but is also a fantastic way to express your creativity.

A vignette can be a great conversation starter. Think outside of the box by filling a terrarium or large lantern with a variety of items.

In addition to winter greens and pinecones, this display includes a fun pair of miniature snow boots that are actually meant to be a Christmas ornament.

terrarium on a chest filled with small winter accessories and candlesPin

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A winter vignette can be something as simple as faux branches and pinecones in a basket.

A round wicker tray is a perfect way to corral all of the items in a vignette.

Add Cozy Textiles

One of the simplest ways to add winter cozy to your home is with the addition of the right kind of textiles. You know, those soft, snuggly fabrics that make you want to curl up and forget about the chilly weather outside.

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You may view it as an exception to winter minimalism, but incorporating fluffy throws and plush pillows is a must-have for turning any room into a warm and inviting haven.

Whether draped over a couch or layered on a bed, these textiles are not just for comfort; they’re a style statement that says, ‘Welcome to my cozy winter retreat!’

Nothing invites snuggles and relaxation like a faux fur throw blanket tossed in a chair.

faux fur blanket thrown over the arm of a brown leather chair and a pair of slipperPin

Ready to snuggle on the couch with a good book or movie? Then fill it with cushy pillows made with soft, textural fabrics.

You can even get cozy outdoors with a cup of hot cocoa and a chunky blanket! We love to sit on our front porch at Christmas, snuggled up under a thick blanket, admiring the lights on our court.

white blanket draped over the arm of a wooden outdoor chairPin

Fur isn’t just for blankets. Use faux fur yardage to cut out placemats for a winter tablescape for a special meal.

table set for winter with teal, white and gray dishes and faux fur placematsPin

Create A Cozy Ambiance

Okay, let’s get into one of my absolute favorite topics when it comes to winter decor – creating that oh-so-cozy ambiance with candles.

There’s something truly magical about the soft, flickering light of a candle or the gentle glow from a lantern that just screams ‘cozy winter evening’.

flickering candle in a mercury glass holder amongst winter evergreensPin

It’s like each flame whispers a story and fills the room with a warm, inviting atmosphere. These little beacons of light are essential in crafting a snug and relaxing vibe in your home.

Enhance the coziness of a burning fireplace by placing lanterns filled with candles on the mantel and the hearth.

Include a candle in a mercury glass holder in a vignette. It will add just a touch of sparkle and when lit, the flicker of candlelight through the glass is just magical!

winter vignette with a white bowl, pinecones, candle and faux greenery in a vasePin

Combine white candles with natural wood candle holders for a warm, organic feel.

Add a handful of tapered candles to a crockery container in a winter vignette.

winter vignette in a wicker tray usingh greena nd white, candles and pineconesPin

Fill an entire tray with white candles, evergreens, and pinecones. Make sure not to leave any burning candles unattended!

Oversized glass hurricanes, holding chunky candles, look beautiful flanking a bowl filled with pinecones on a dining table.

large white pedestal bowl on a dining table decorated for winter with pinecones and flanked by glass hurricanesPin

Speaking of candles – add another layer to your cozy winter decor with scented candles. It’s a finishing touch that evokes warmth and coziness.

Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to create a mood, is with the use of aromas?

Scented candles are much like artwork: the beauty is in the eye, or the nose in this case, of the beholder.

My most favorite candle scent during the winter is of fresh pine. But not all pine-scented candles are created equal.

If you love the smell of fresh pine too, this is my most favorite one of all time. I burn from Christmas all the way through winter.

From the natural elegance of pinecones and greenery to the soft, inviting touch of cozy textiles, we’ve explored a variety of ways to create a welcoming winter atmosphere.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for bringing warmth and comfort to your home during these colder months.

The key to creating a great cozy home during the winter is making your home a place where you can unwind and feel at ease. Where you feel like that kid coming home to a welcoming cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day.

So, go ahead and give some of these ideas a try, and don’t hesitate to put your own spin on them. After all, the best part about decorating is making your space uniquely yours. Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of the season!

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  1. Love your take on January decor. Also your description of how you felt walking into your home on a cold afternoon was so vivid I felt like I was with you. I get tired of the word cozy but sometimes it is the perfect word to use.
    It is cold here in Greensboro but I like the variable weather we get here. Have to go out this morning but will be making a pot of herbal tea,grab a good book and cuddle up on our coach with a chunky throw my daughter gave me for Christmas. Heaven. Now if the elves would make a pot of beef stew and some crusty bread for dinner.