The Scoop Link Party #264

 Hello friends!   Before we get this week’s party started, tomorrow (Feb. 28th) is the last day to enter this month’s Reader Appreciation Giveaway for a $100 gift card to Magnolia Market.  Entry is so easy – simply leave a comment on... read more

How To Decorate Your Home When You Can’t Agree

I have a pretty strong suspicion that this topic is one that many, many couples struggle with!  Once upon a time, I, myself, was once a victim of “WeCan’tAgreeSoWeDon’tDoAnything-itis”.   😀 I’m certainly no expert in human... read more

Farmhouse Style Makeover Plans For My Suburban Foyer

Wouldn’t you think that if you were remodeling and redecorating every single room in your house, that you’d start with the room that every single person sees when they first enter your home?  Yeah, I would – but, as I’ve mentioned... read more

The Scoop Link Party #263

Welcome to The Scoop!   We are: Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court   Your host this week is Suzy from Worthing Court.   Hello, everyone!  With temps in the... read more

6 Quick And Simple Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

I always have a little extra spring my step and a little more pep in my attitude this time of year.  The looong gray days of winter are coming to an end and spring is on the horizon!  Just like many of you, I yearn for spring and that means one thing... read more

Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

  Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to freshen up our homes!  My house always looks and feels a little weary after the long gray months of winter, does yours? I’ve put together a great roundup of farmhouse style accessories that... read more

Welcoming Spring With Farmhouse Florals

Oh, winter – when will you ever end???  There are things that I like about winter, such as a cozy home or enjoying an intimate meal for two by the fire, but I am always, always ready for it to be over!  Enough about that – let’s talk... read more

The Scoop Link Party #262

Hard to believe, but another week has flown by and it’s time for The Scoop! We had a very special event at my house this past weekend!  Click HERE to get a little peek into my life and to read all about it!   Now, let’s party! We are Anita from... read more

A Very Special Weekend At Worthing Court!

We had a very special weekend here at Worthing Court!  My latest diy project, isn’t really a project at all.  Well…at least it isn’t a project of mine.  😀 We celebrated the marriage of my daughter here at my house on Saturday and this... read more

How To Be Content Through These Last Long Weeks Of Winter

This is the time of year that I begin to wonder if winter will ever end and if spring will ever arrive!  In my neck of the woods, we usually get a few warmer sunny days mixed in with gray days of freezing cold in February.  It’s those warmer days... read more

The Scoop Link Party #261

Welcome, welcome, everyone, to The Scoop! We are  Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court   Our host this week is Yvonne @ StoneGable   YVONNE HAS SOME HUGE NEWS THIS... read more
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