The Scoop Link Party #289

 Well – it has begun.  Yep, it looks like the fall bomb has exploded in my house!  I started out trying to sort the huge mountain of fall foliage that I’ve accumulated and it kind of progressed from there.  😀  Did you happen to... read more

How To Create A Beautiful Family Room

Want a beautiful multi function family room? Using these 6 tips will help you to add style to a space where you spend a large part of your time! If you’re like most people, you want to have a beautiful family room, but that can be tough in a room that probably... read more

The Scoop Link Party #288

Welcome!  We’ve come to party, how about you?   We are: Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court   Your host this week is Suzy from Worthing... read more

$100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway + July Recap

Welcome to August, my friends!  I feel like summer is definitely on the downhill slide.  🙁  This summer has just flown by for me – I’ve said many times lately that this has been one of the busiest times ever for us and July was no exception.... read more

Late Summer Farmhouse Open Kitchen Shelves

Late summer is when my thoughts start turning toward fall!  I’m not quite ready to completely let go of summer – not yet.  Instead, I’ll just pull out my faux green apples and a few wood elements to combine together to give me the feel of... read more

The Scoop Link Party #287

Welcome, welcome Scoop friends!  Can someone please, oh please tell me where July went?!?!    Let’s get this party started!   We are  Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and... read more

How To Get A Cohesive Look When You Decorate

Use these easy tips for creating a cohesive look when you decorate any room in your home.  Your friends and family will think you’ve hired a designer! Say you’re all ready to decorate a room in your home?  Use these tips for creating a cohesive... read more

The Scoop Link Party #286

Hello, everyone!  I just returned from my annual trip to the Haven bloggers conference and I had such a blast!  I don’t remember when I’ve ever laughed so much! I discovered the world of Boomerang videos over the weekend and had way too much fun... read more

How To Bring Out The Best Of Your Home

No matter how dated or un-decorated, every home that I’ve ever been in is, I can always find a few features that are awesome and others that are well…not so much.  The idea is to minimize the features that don’t make your home shine in the best... read more

5 No Fail Ways To Change The Look Of A Room

Have you ever had the urge to give any of the rooms in your home a whole new look, but don’t want to go to the trouble or expense of a whole remodel?  I’m right there with ya!  I love the idea of being able to make small changes in a room, but... read more

Have You Ever Wanted To Purchase A Fixer-Upper?

This post was sponsored and paid for by SunTrust Mortgage.  All opinions are my own. When we purchased our current home (almost three years ago!), it was the fulfillment of a long standing dream of mine.  We knew that we wanted a fixer-upper and that’s... read more

The Scoop Link Party #284

Welcome to The Scoop! We are: Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court   Your host this week is Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse.   Hey there friends. You may know me from... read more

How To Almost Effortlessly Decorate For Summer

Picture this – summer has arrived, you’re busy, busy, busy vacationing, playing and enjoying the season, but the interior of your home still looks like it’s the middle of January.  Oops!  Is that you?  It’s okay – I can... read more

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