Fabulous Hand Painted Furniture And Recycled Furniture Ideas


I am hoping to inspire you to DIY with my fabulous hand painted furniture and recycled furniture ideas!

How many times have you heard that the transformative power of paint is truly amazing? It’s true! Whether it’s painting walls, furniture, light fixtures or decorative accessories, it’s an easy, budget friendly way to transform your home!

A neutral living room with a small wicker tray and a white vase filled with pine cones on the tray.Pin

As I makeover and update the rooms in my home, I’m always trying to reuse as much of what I already own as I can, so hand painting furniture is a natural fit for me.

It was while I was hand painting the nightstands, for part of my master bedroom makeover, that I started taking a mental inventory of the many pieces of recycled furniture that I have throughout my home!  I want to share several examples with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired too!

Click on the link above the photos to be taken to the blog post to see befores and to learn more.


Making the choice to paint my dining room furniture was one of the scariest things that I’ve ever done!  What if I didn’t like it?  Oh – but what if I did?!?!

My dining room furniture is about 15 years old and was looking very dated to me.  I thought long and hard about it and ultimately realized that it was either replace it or paint it.

If I painted it, but didn’t like it, I could still replace it, which was one of the options I was considering anyway, so I decided to just go for it.  BEST DECISION EVER!  By the way, the link to get the formula for this soothing gray paint color (my very favorite gray!) in the blog post.

Dining room chairs painted with gray spray paint.Pin


Small gray chest flanked by two chairs in a checked white and gray pattern.Pin


Every time I post a picture of this little chest in my foyer, I get SO many compliments and questions about it!  Painting it with Sherwin Williams Network Gray and changing the hardware completely took transformed it from the cheery Queen Anne style chest that it used to be.

View looking from front door into foyer.Pin


I have four different pieces of hand painted furniture in my family room. Two side tables, my entertainment center and my old coffee table turned upholstered coffee table.

Painting the entertainment center was another scary decision for me, but now I wonder what took me so long???  It’s such a large piece that painting it immediately brightened up an modernized the whole room.

Entertainment center that has been painted white.Pin

Neutral family room sofa and upholstered coffee table.Pin


I adore the French country/shabby chic/farmhouse style paint treatment that I used to recycle the furniture in one of my bedrooms.  The technique that I used was so easy and so forgiving – anyone who can use a paint brush can do it!  There’s the link to a the complete step by step tutorial for getting this look in the reveal blog post.

Hand painted nightstand the has a white washed look.Pin

Traditional bedroom dresser painted with white paint and dry brushed with gray paint.Pin


It’s amazing to see how painting the lower portion of my existing desk brought out the stunning details.  I almost got rid of the desk when I decorated this room, but I’m so glad that I didn’t!

Home office with painted desk and bookcases.Pin

The transformation of the bookcases in my office is nothing short of amazing! Yes, it looks great with paint on it, but adding a sliding barn door was the ultimate in recycled furniture projects. Be sure to visit the blog post to see the before.

Recycled bookcase with a sliding door attached.Pin


This may look like just an ordinary chest that was painted gray, but you’ll never believe what it used to be.  Scroll on down to the next post to see!

Screen porch decor with hand painted furniture.Pin


This is the top half of the gray chest pictured above on my screen porch!  Yup – this little guy is the top half the buffet that my husband inherited from his mom.  It wasn’t an heirloom piece and I just know that Helen would be thrilled to see it now.  Click over to the blog post to see the before picture of the entire buffet.

Eecycled furniture drop zone made from the top half of a buffet.Pin


Lastly, my most recent project, and the one that prompted this post, is the painting of the faux cheery nightstands on either side of our bed.  Wow – what a difference they make in the room!

Old nightstand updated with gray paint and new hardware.Pin

If you’re a budget decorator like me, I highly recommend that you give recycling furniture with paint a try!

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  1. I love all of your painted pieces! Yes, they make such a beautiful change to the rooms. I love painted furniture and loved this post. Thank you!

  2. Trish Drey says:

    Would love to learn the 12 ways to update furniture with paint. Is there a link to how to do it?

  3. You do such a beautiful job when you repaint your furniture! The paint treatment that you used in one of your bedrooms is gorgeous!!! I hate painting but if I ever paint again without chalk paint I will have to consider what you did in there (or perhaps it IS chalk paint?). Here’s two questions. Have you thought about no draperies in your family room? It’s such a sun-filled, wonderful room it could stand alone. Also, the pictures on the sofa wall are so beautifully arranged, have you thought about not having the table under them? Maybe it’s just me, but that amazing grouping deserves ALL the attention!! ha ha
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home. You have inspired me to continue to declutter! And be willing to paint again. 🙂

    1. Hi Deb. I didn’t use chalk paint on the furniture in my bedroom, but you totally could! The finish won’t be protected though unless you seal it. BTW – I can’t stand painting either, which is why I paint everything I possibly can with spray paint. 😀

      I know that it’s a matter of personal preference, but windows that don’t have some kind of a window treatment look too bare to me and the room looks unfinished. I guess it’s like the jewelry of the room. And trust me, there is plenty of light that pours into this room because of the annoying triangular shaped windows that flank either side of my fireplace, near the ceiling. Also – I used to own and operate a custom drapery workroom, so not having window treatments goes against my nature. lol

      I understand what you’re saying about the table under my gallery wall, but in my case I think it’s a necessity. There’s an overhang above the couch from the hallway upstairs and the sofa really needs something to move it away from the wall a bit or else it looks like it’s just shoved up against the wall.