A Vibrant Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

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Disclosure: I was provided with a rug and rug pad from Rug Expedition in exchange for this product review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  This post contains affiliate links, at no additional cost to you.  See my full disclosure HERE.

Fun And Vibrant Teenage Girl's Bedroom || Worthing Court

If you love color, especially in a young person’s room, you’re going to love this!  My granddaughter, Miss M, is thirteen and has a bedroom that totally reflects her personality.  Her bedroom is fun and vibrant – just like her!

Colorful teenage girl's bedroom || Worthing Court

Miss M’s room isn’t a very large room at all, but it’s packed full of everything you might expect to see in a teenage girl’s bedroom.  Miss M loves bright colors and little bit of sparkle!  There’s gold foil paper in the tissue paper garland above the headboard, gold metallic dots on the throw pillow and gold foil writing on some of the art in her gallery wall.

Pink upholstered headboard and a colorful tissue paper garland || Worthing Court

The heart of a thirteen year old girl is priceless to me.  I remember being that age when friends were everything – Miss M is no different!  She’s slowly been adding to the gallery wall beside her bed, with the most recent additions being handcrafted birthday presents from some of her friends.

Gallery wall in a teenage girl's bedroom || Worthing Court

The real star of the room though, is this fabulous indoor-outdoor rug!  I’ve never seen one quite like it.  The rug is from Rug Expedition and is the hand-braided Loloi rug in Aqua.

Teenage girl's bedroom || Worthing Court

It’s thick, soft and cushy underfoot – not anything at all the indoor-outdoor rugs that I’m accustomed to, which are usually hard and rough on the feet and knees.

Turquoise and white indoor outdoor rug

Miss M’s mom (my daughter) has been on the lookout for an area rug for a long time.  She was after an 8′ x 10′ rug that was A) easy to clean and care for, B) durable, C) affordable and D) reflective of the room.  When she asked for my opinion on what type of rug she should get, I immediately said an indoor/outdoor one.  She was concerned about the comfort factor of an indoor-outdoor rug, but I encouraged her to give this one a try and it did not disappoint!  I very impressed with the quality – it is well woven, the corners are sharp and the pattern meets up perfectly.

Turquoise and white striped indoor-outdoor rug || Worthing Court


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  1. Thank you for making me aware of Rug Expedition! I was unaware of this site, but I now will stalk it! The rugs look beautiful and the prices are wonderful. I am on the lookout for a new 5×8 rug for my kitchen dining area. I will definitely be checking out Rug Expedition!

  2. Great girl teen room. Makes me want to snuggle down of the bed. Look the white/turquoise rug from Rug Expedition.

  3. The rug quality surprised me. I’ve got an indoor-outdoor runner in my laundry room and you can defintately tell it’s for outdoors… I wish we could see the othere sides of the room, but what we see is adorable.

  4. Love the room!!! Really love the rug!!! I have been looking for a rug for my Den that is indoor/outdoor but has style and looks like it will hold up. I have a dog that like to roll on the rug a lot. I am definitely going to check their site out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this rug site. My home has all hardwood floors and because I have two pups, I do not have rugs. As well trained as they are, accidents still happen on occasion. I never thought about it before, but an indoor/outdoor rug which can be cleaned easily is just the ticket for me. I am already dreading the cold floors this winter. Can’t wait to search this site and find a few rugs to fit my bedroom and family room.

  6. What a beautiful room for your sweet girl! I love the color contrasted with the clean white! So pretty and it will transition well when her tastes change in the later teen years too!
    I’m on the hunt for a durable rug for under our kitchen table – since we homeschool there, it gets a lot of wear and tear and our current rug has all but fallen apart! I had not heard of Rug Expedition so I will certainly check them out!

  7. What a great teen room! Good motivation to brighten things up a bit!!
    A new rug would be a great starting point to pull everything together!

  8. Darling room…….I have three girls of my own and know how hard it can be to find a great rug. Would love to win the rug!!!!!!

  9. Perfect girl’s room! I know she is enjoying designing her gallery wall. She is following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

  10. That’s a beautiful room for a 13 year old teenager and SO clean!! I love that woven rug! The colors are really pretty.

  11. Well, first off I absolutely LOVE turquoise!!!!!! This rug is great. It definitely pulls the spots of blue and turquoise and really pops the headboard in the room as well. Very well done.

  12. I am looking for a new rug to go under our dining room table. I thought indoor/outdoor rugs would be to rough on our feet, but I would love to be proven wrong!

  13. Love Miss M’s room – especially the little bit of sparkle. The pink lamp is perfect & the rug pulls the whole room together – perfect for a teenage girl.

  14. Oh I love colorful rooms! The rug really pulls everything together and I’m really digging that turquoiose guitar. I didn’t know she played…awesome! Miss J and Miss M are definitely chips of the old block…wink wink

  15. Such a perfect blend of a young girl’s desire for bright colors and the need to feel cozy and grounded. Glad you did a close up of the rug. It is versatile as well as pretty. It could easily grace a casual foyer, beach house, porch, nursery, playroom or gender neutral child’s room. I wish I had access to your blog when my daughter was that age.

  16. The rug in the teen’s bedroom is a real eye-opener! It not only ties the room together, it’s sharp corners are a perfect contrast to all the soft edges in the rest of the room!

  17. Love the room it is so beautiful and gives me a lot of inspiration for my daughters room!! The colors blend beautifully together in the room love the light sea foam green especially.

  18. I’d love to see their rugs in person – it’s great to have an indoor-outdoor rug that is actually soft!

  19. Thanks for the giveaway, a rug is a powerful addition to a room as a pop of color or as a focal point. My front porch is in dire need of a sturdy rug.

  20. Love the room and especially the rug! I would have loved to have that room when I was a teenager! Thanks for making me aware of Rug Expedition! They have a great selection of rugs!

  21. What a beautiful room and the lovely rug helps tie it all together. I appreciate your review as I would also be concerned about the comfort factor of an indoor/outdoor rug, but you have convinced me to consider something like this. I truly enjoy reading all of your blog posts….thanks for the great content.

  22. Awesome room. Any girl would love it! Our girls is lime green turquoise and grey. Thanks for the great blog

  23. Rugs make such a difference. I’m shopping right now for several rooms right now. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  24. Love her room! The rug looks so good. I’m on the look out for a new rug so I will definitely be looking at Rug Expedition to see what they have. Thanks!

  25. Indoor/ outdoor rugs are the bomb! I appreciate the easy to clean, and usually in attractive colors! Also durable for kitties that like to sharpen claws!
    Love the colors in this teens room!

  26. Love the colors in that rug! Indoor /outdoor rugs are so sturdy…having 2 cats that like to sharpen their claws on my rugs, I appreciate the durability!

  27. That is a beautiful rug. I visited their website and gosh that have a large assortment. I’m currently redoing my grandsons home away from home room and an looking for a nice rug.

  28. Aqua…my favorite color! I actually have a quilt pattern just like her rug! I’m remodeling so would love to win this gift!

  29. This colorful room is perfect for a young girl. I will share with my 13-year-old granddaughter as an inspiration room for an update to her room. Thanks for sharing!

  30. ? love the room! In the process of putting the room together for my daughter (on a budget) and this will be my inspo. Thanks!

  31. The rug looks smart , are practical and feel comfortable. i also understand that they are a great idea for decorating with pets in mind too. I am sold!!

  32. Darling room! Cool rug. Am going straight to Rug Expedition to see if I can find a similar rug in neutral tones -I’ve searched everywhere for a braided look – one that I can afford to no avail! Thanks for the new to me site so I can see if I’ve finally found the rug that’s in my head!!

  33. Rugs are hard to choose because they set the mood for a room, and if your choice is an expensive one, you live with it for a long time! This is a good idea: using an outdoor rug in a bedroom. I’m actually wanting a new runner for my hallway, and an outdoor rug would fit the bill!

  34. Love Love Love this rug you have put on display! I could use one terribly for my at home office. I love your site and look forward to your post everyday! Shelley

  35. For our daughters Christmas present and as a surprise, we are transforming her room from watermelon colors as a little girl to exactly what is above as a teenager! We have been undecided on colors until now after seeing this! Thank you!