Wondering When To Decorate For Fall? A Free Printable Timeline For You!

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Are you wondering when to decorate for fall? Is it okay to put out your fall decorations yet?  It’s really a personal choice.  This handy timeline can be started anytime you want and will ease you into the process and make it much more enjoyable!

If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve probably already been hearing chatter about when it’s okay to decorate for fall.  In case you haven’t noticed, there are some very strong personal opinions out there!

Fall centerpiece with wood beads and faux greenery in white pitcher. There is a small pumpkin placed on a stack of plates.Pin

There’s a part of me that wants to jump in and say, “settle down people!”.  You can decorate for fall anytime you want to.

When to put out your seasonal fall decor is strictly a matter of personal choice.  There are those of us that decorate early and those of us who prefer to wait until fall officially arrives in September.  Neither opinion is right or wrong – do whatever makes YOU happy.

BUT – you probably know as well as I do, that if you’re wanting to update your fall decor at all, the early bird literally gets the worm – especially these days. It seems that if you don’t purchase items when you see them, they’re gone when you go back later. I can’t tell you how many very frustrating times this has happened to me!

So – I’ve learned my lesson in that department and now start planning and preparing for my fall decorating early.

Fall Room Decor

As I said, I’m in the camp of starting the fall decorating process early.  In fact, I started gathering supplies several weeks ago when I ran across some pillows that have become the inspiration for my entire fall color theme this year.  I’ll be spending this upcoming weekend striping my house of all of its summer decorations so that I have a blank slate to start from.

White ceramic urn filled with green and gold eucalyptus. There is a white pumpkin beside it and a smaller brushed copper one all on the mantel.Pin

I’m changing things up a bit with my fall decorations this year.  I’ve been adding more blue and white around my home over the past few weeks, so I plan to give more of a subtle nod to the season by using organic muted tones of fall colors.  I’m also backing away from how many fall decorations I put out by strategically placing just a few prominent fall touches throughout my home.  This creates a very cozy fall atmosphere!

If you’re like me, this is the time of year when things seem to pick up and our time becomes more limited, so it can be a real struggle to find time to do any decorating. Down below, I’ve included a breakdown of tasks that I like to accomplish each week, but you may find it helpful to print my decorating timeline to keep on hand.

Fall Decorating Timeline

Since I know that switching your decor from season to season can seem daunting, I’ve put together a super helpful fall decorating timeline that you can print for free!

The great thing about this timeline is that it’s designed to start whenever you like. It’s broken into 4 weeks of weekly doable assignments that will help you ease into the fall season. When you reach the end, all your decorations will be in place and you won’t feel stressed out!


Printable graphicPinWEEK 1:


  • Now is the time to put away all things summer – pillows, florals, summer centerpieces, throws and any other summer tchotchkes.
  • Create a blank slate so that you can create ideas on how you’d like to decorate for fall this year.
  • Review what you already have in your fall stash.
  • Shop for any decor items you may need to bring your DIY fall decor to life.
Blue hydrangeas in a white vase along with a small white pumpkin in between the flowers and a small lamp.Pin


  • Start easing into the season by displaying seasonal fruit or veggies.
  • Go ahead and add seasonal accent pillows.
  • Add cozy linens to your bedroom.
  • Prep your fireplace in anticipation of those inviting cozy fall nights.
  • Take a nature walk to collect natural elements like pine cones and acorns.
  • Make a new DIY fall wreath or other fall homemade craft.
  • Mood starter – burn your favorite scented fall candles.
Variety of pumpkin colors displayed together on a small chest, with a fall wreath hanging on a mirror above the chest.Pin


  • Purchase real pumpkins and gourds.
  • Seek out pretty chrysanthemums and other gorgeous seasonal plants.
  • Decorate your front entry with fall decor.
  • Create a fall vignette for your fireplace mantel.
  • Switch out your dishware and table linens.
  • Mood starters – visit the farmer’s market, make a pot of homemade soup.
Hanging bucket filled with dried hydrangeas, wood beads and a pumpkin.Pin


  • Create a simple fall vignette for your coffee table and other occasional tables.
  • Add warm and cozy throws in autumn colors.
  • Create a foraged display using items you collected on your nature walk.
  • Put together an irresistible hot cocoa bar.
  • Mood starters – make baked apples (get my World’s Best Baked Honeybaked Apples recipe HERE), roast marshmallows.
  • Enjoy your stress-free fall decor!

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    Actually, up here in NH I use Labor Day as a starting point. By the end of August the annuals in my planters are looking a little ragged and by the start of September I start pulling out the ones past their prime. The weather starts to change to much cooler nights. The fall perennials (asters) and other fall plants come into bloom and I leave the perennials alone. I do clear out many day lilies.
    I buy my chrysanthemums usually during Labor Day weekend but no later than the following weekend. Things get into the fall season pretty early up here. I’ll be clearing my home of summer items about that time also.. A good cleaning of my home and I’ll be ready to start putting fall items out.. I have to wait another week before pumpkins show up at farmers’ markets but I have my inside ones I use..
    It’s my favorite time of year!

  2. Since we have moved to th desert of arizona this has been a hard one
    It just doesn’t start to cool off till November. September we still have 100 degree temps so it’s super hard to get in the mood. It’s a struggle

    1. Oh boy – I can certainly understand that! Here in NC, we still have hot weather into October, but nothing like I’m sure you deal with. Perhaps trying a couple of the mood-starters I suggested would help you get in the mood, even though it’s still scorching outside. 😀

  3. Roxann in Texas says:

    It’s August – much to early to be reassigning summer into fall decorating. 🙂 When the temperature is still registering over 100º each and every day I’ll pass on bringing out the orange but. . I can fantasize and ooh and aah over those who are already cooling down.

    1. Kathy's Heart Creations says:

      I’m in Florida … I have stopped waiting on the temps leading me into Fall … it stays warm here until December … so I decorate the inside of my home whenever I want! Usually some time in August … here we don’t spend alot of time outside this time of year except to do yard work … I will start in the master bedroom and work my way out … I decorate every room … probably this week (August 1, 2022) … Florida is not pretty this time of year … its just mostly, green, green and more green … so I am so ready for all of the homey cozy colors of orange, brown, gold, red and a touch of peacock blue … Since my married granddaughter now hosts Thanksgiving dinner … I decorate for Fall from August-September-October … and now decorate for Christmas and winter in November-December-January/Feb. … As we get older change happens and so it’s ok to do what you enjoy on your own schedule … nobody sees it but me and my family. I don’t decorate for Fall outside until September … after Labor Day … so I still fit into the norm for society …

  4. Hi Ms. Suzy,

    Just dropping a message to tell you that I love your house and decorating style! Very inspiring. Unfortunately my house still has “Hello Spring” decor up right now. Yikes! Giving myself a break since I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. Totally going to dive into fall decor early too and take down the spring stuff haha! Love your break down of easing into it and doing little by little.

    <3 Marissa

  5. It’s 105-106 here in my area of California. A bit of a heat wave! Lol. Clearing out all summer and having a blank slate until temperatures feel like fall will be a good idea. Thank you for the timeline!

  6. I am not a fan of fall colors in my home. However, I do love to decorate for all seasons. I try to keep my fall decorations neutral with a little hint of pink and of course green and the light mauves, lavenders, blues, and browns. I use white pumpkins, and other natural accessories that are common to fall. I love changing out my outside planters and hanging baskets to reflect the beauty of the fall foliage and flowers.

    1. Joanna Bruns says:

      I agree, I have grown tired of the yellow, burnt orange and gold tones for fall. This year I purchased creams and subtle tones with wooden beads and wooden bowls. Fox tails seem to be strong . I steer away from a lot of dried flowers because after a couple of years they are ragged.

  7. 5 stars
    I am the type of person that decorates for every season. I’m lucky enough to have 1100 sq feet of storage in my house for all of my decorating treasures. I must admit that with one trip to the garden store seeing the mums today it has wondering if I should start to flip my house for fall or if it’s too soon🤔

    1. Hi LIzzie. I think you should decorate when it makes YOU happy! I tend to decorate for the seasons early because of blogging, but because of that I’ve learned how much I actually enjoy having my decor up earlier, which means we get to enjoy it longer! 🙂

  8. Oh, I do so like your responsiveness to the coming Fall. With it being 109 degrees in Calif. today, I can’t think of anything else but Hot! Hot! Hot! It will get down to 91 tonight. I’m still trying to find the weather to enjoy my new outside Boho “Oasis.” I think I’ll wait a few more weeks to change gears. I really like your subtle color pallet. Thank you for always encouraging us to get a move on.

    1. Hi Marian. I totally agree that it’s really hard to think about fall when it’s so hot outside! The hottest it usually gets here is the mid to upper 90’s with high humidity. I decorated my porch for fall last weekend, and I was super grateful that we just happened to have a break in the weather for a couple of days!

  9. OMG…a timeline. Really? Why make this so complicated? There is so much pain and heartbreak in the world. If decorating for fall makes one happy, go for it whenever you want. If it doesn’t feel like the right time, then don’t. Simple. As. That.

    1. There’s always gotta be a wet blanket in the crowd. If you want to use the timeline use it, if you don’t don’t. Why ya gotta look down your nose at people just having a nice conversation and looking forward to a beautiful season?

      1. Miss Sharon says:

        ☺️ thank you.

  10. Planning always makes life simpler allowing you to tackle the heavy things in life. Being surrounded by beautiful ambience keeps me in a positive mood. Thank you for this.

  11. Shaunalea says:

    I’m in Arizona, and I believe in the do whatever makes you happy idea. I change my decor a lot, so in August, I have started with replacing summer with apples for back to school. Whenever I want a change, I begin adding harvest things like sunflowers and autumn leaves and finally include scarecrows and pumpkins. Thank you for your decorating ideas!

  12. Ida Eaddy says:

    Thank you for this. Very informative.

  13. Great post. I am like you “the early bird”. Your free printable schedule and explanation is “PERFECT” thanks for a great post.

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful. Thank you for letting me know!