Transform Your Space into a Coastal Haven with These Decorating Ideas

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Are you dreaming of a peaceful and relaxing home that transports you to the beach every time you enter a room? These coastal decorating ideas will instantly transform your space into a seaside haven, even if you don’t live near the beach. 

coastal decorating idea featuring a wood vase on a blue chest in front of a mirror with a twig framePin

Coastal decor is has become a mainstream design style and is used in homes across the country, not just near the beach.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom, these tips will bring the perfect coastal vibe in your home. From incorporating natural elements like driftwood and seashells to choosing a color palette that mimics the ocean’s hues, this post has you covered. 

So grab your sunscreen and get ready to dive in!

What Is Coastal Decorating Style?

The coastal decorating style is all about creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere that reminds you of the beach. Using some of these key elements of coastal decor will help you achieve this look in your own home.

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Natural Textures and Materials

Natural textures and materials are a crucial part of coastal decor. 

To get that beachy vibe, incorporate natural materials such as a sisal rug, wicker baskets and anything made with rattan. 

blue hydrangeas in a white vase in a wicker basket with coastal style accessoriesPin

Consider adding a coffee table, console table or dining table with a driftwood type finish. Of course you can never go wrong with wicker furniture either. 

driftwood finish bookcase filled with beach inspired accessories behind two gray arm chairsPin

When it comes to textiles, use natural fibers like linen or cottons for curtains, upholstery and bedding.

Use of these natural elements will help to bring the beach right to your front door!

Beach Inspired Accessories

An easy and inexpensive way to add a coastal vibe to your home is with the use of accessories. 

Small touches of seashells, coral, or starfish can make a big impact. Just be careful not to go overboard with it or your room might scream “the beach barfed in my living room”. 😆

bowls filled with seashells and starfishPin

You can also add beach-inspired art, such as paintings of the ocean or beach scenes. These accessories will help create a serene and calming environment.

A mirror with a frame made with driftwood or twigs fits right in with traditional or modern coastal decor. 

coastal decorating idea featuring a wood vase on a blue chest in front of a mirror with a twig framePin

Coastal Color Scheme

A coastal color palette is most often inspired by the colors found in the ocean and the sand. And those colors can vary greatly, depending upon the coastal area you want to emulate.

For a non-tropical palette you might choose soft colors such as neutral tones in muted shades of white, off white, beige and gray. Using these colors will help create a soothing and calming atmosphere.

coastal style living room with gray chairs, white tv console and beachy accessoriesPin

For a tropical palette, go with more vibrant colors such as bright, deep hues of blue, coral and green. You can also add pops of yellow or pink for a playful touch.

outdoor table set with blue and turquoise dishes and linensPin

Tips for Incorporating Coastal Decor in a Non-Coastal Area 

If you don’t live near the beach, you can still create a coastal vibe in your home. Here are some tips for incorporating this popular decor style in a non-coastal area:

Use Natural Materials

If you don’t actually live near the coast, you may want to be a little more subtle with your coastal home ideas. Incorporating natural materials, like those mentioned above, can help create a beachy vibe no matter where you live. 

My living room is nowhere near the beach, but the burlap lamp shade, wicker baskets and wood lantern all work together to give that at-the-beach feel.

gray end table with baskets on shelves that give off a coastal style vibePin

Even something as simple as a stack of dishes in multiple blue hues will exude the feeling of being near the water.

place setting with blue and white plates and bowls that looks coastalPin

Add Beach-Inspired Accessories

Adding beach-inspired accessories to your decor is an easy way to create a coastal vibe. Consider adding seashells, coral, or starfish to your decor. You can also add beach-inspired art, such as paintings of the ocean or beach scenes. These small touches can make a big impact.

glass vase on a bookcase filled with a variety of seashellsPin

Color Palettes for a Coastal Look 

Choosing the right color palette is essential for creating a coastal look in your home. Here are some color palettes to consider:

A Neutral Color Palette

Neutrals are a good backdrop for interiors when you want to keep your coastal design on the subtle side. The color scheme might look something like this…

coastal color palette with neutral colorsPin

The soft shade of green mimics the color of water, while the beiges and grays mimic the colors of sand and driftwood. Add in white for a fresh, clean, coastal-style look.

Moderate Coastal Colors

If you would like a little more color, but don’t want to go full-blown, consider the same range of colors that are more intensely saturated.

coastal color palette with shades of gray, blue and greenPin

This grouping includes a soft blue to give off even more water vibes than the neutral scheme above.

A Tropical Color Scheme

If you want an all out coastal decor scheme, use intensely vibrant colors. These colors really stand out so there will be no doubt about the message you’re trying to send.

coastal color palette with tropical colorsPin

This design style can be overwhelming though, so I recommend using these colors in small doses, such as pillows and accessories. 

Creating a Beachy Vibe with Accessories 

Layering accessory accents is the easiest way of all to add a beachy vibe to your home. They make it an affordable way to get the look without spending a ton of money. 

gray bookcase filled with coastal accessoriesPin

It’s also a great way to get that beach house look if you only want to go beachy during the summer vacation months.


Seashells are the classic beach-inspired accessory. They can be used as decor or as part of a DIY project. 

A single larger shell, or piece of coral, can be displayed alone.

book about seashells with coral colored faux starfish on topPin

A large bowl looks pretty filled with an assortment of various types and sizes of shells.

bowls filled with seashells and starfishPin

A variety of small shells looks pretty displayed in a bowl on a coffee table. It’s also the perfect way to bring back those shell collecting, walks on the beach type memories from your summer vacation.

bowl filled with multiple seashells viewed from overheadPin

Beach-Inspired Art

There are endless choices available when is comes to decorating your walls with coastal inspired artwork.

A painting of the ocean or a beach scene pretty much speaks for itself.

Seaside birds and critters are a popular choice too. This isn’t the greatest picture, but this pair of herons was a favorite of mine when they were above the couch in our last beach condo.

colorful coastal artwork above a gray couchPin

How cozy does this corner look with a stacked beach-inspired art display?

gray and white arm chair in a living room corner decorated with coastal accessoriesPin

Coastal-Inspired Furniture and Lighting 

When it comes to creating a coastal-living look, don’t forget about furniture and lighting.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture and rattan furniture are classics. Both types add texture and warmth to your space. And don’t feel like you have to have large pieces of this type of furniture.

Wicker head chairs at a  dining room table add a nice coastal accent.

gray dining room table and chairs with wicker head chairsPin

A wicker accented coffee table is usually in a very visible location and sends the right kind of message without being a large piece of furniture.

coastal artwork above a gray and white chair in a living room cornerPin

A rattan plant stand is easy to tuck in anywhere.

coastal style rattan plant stand between two wicker arm chairsPin

If you’re looking for case goods (upholstered furniture), driftwood colored wood is a good beach-vibe option.

driftwood finish bookcase filled with beach inspired accessories behind two gray arm chairsPin

Painted Furniture

One of the most popular types of coastal-inspired furniture is painted furniture. Consider painting end tables, chests or a console table with a color out of your overall color palette.

A fun color will serve as an eye-catching accent piece.

plate rack decorated for summer with blue and white plates and lemons in a bowlPin

Furniture painted in white or gray will blend in with the rest of surroundings more, but can still give off a coastal vibe.

night stand painted gray to give off coastal vibesPin


Choosing lighting for your coastal-inspired home is another area that I think you have to be careful with.

I recommend sticking with non-specific beach-inspired lighting, for the most part. For example: one small seahorse lamp might be a fun accent tucked in somewhere, but I don’t think you’d want much more than that.

small white lamp with a painted coastal design on the lampshadePin

For overhead lighting you can use a chandelier that gives off subdued beach vibes. The driftwood tone of the wood in the light fixture above the dining room table our beach condo fit right in.

orb shaped chandelier above a gray dining table with wicker head chairs in a beach condoPin

For ambient or general lighting, consider using floor and table lamps in solid colors that compliment the rest of the room.

Transforming your space into a coastal haven is easier than you may think.  By following these tips and incorporating natural textures and materials, beach-inspired accessories, and the right color palette, you can create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere right in your home. 


FAQs coastal decorating:

Nautical decor is inspired by all things sailing and includes heavy use of navy blue and stripes. Coastal decor uses natural materials and colors to emulate the beach and ocean.

Coastal chic decor is defined by neutral colors and heavy use of sisal, seagrass and natural elements.

You can mix just about any style with coastal decor as long as you are careful to mix in the appropriate colors, materials and textures.

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