A Christmas Checklist To Help With Your Holiday Decorating + A Free Printable Timeline

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I have put together a helpful 3 week Christmas decorating checklist that will guide you through decorating your home for the holiday season so that you can actually enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

My 3 week Christmas checklist planner will allow you to create a festive home by breaking the process down into manageable steps.

Christmas Checklist Free Printable graphic.

Start whenever you like, but if you’re someone who prefers to wait until after Thanksgiving day to start your holiday decorating, the goal of following this Christmas timeline is to have your home fully decorated and festive in 3 weeks!

The Christmas Checklist with a pink pen on the graphic.

I’ve broken the Christmas Checklist into weekly doable planning assignments.  It’s designed to start whenever you like and will help you completely festive’fy your home so that when you reach the end, all your holiday decorations will be in place and you won’t feel stressed out!


  • Create a blank slate so that you can visualize how you’d like to decorate for Christmas this year.  Now is the time to put away all things fall and Thanksgiving – pillows, florals, centerpieces, throws and any other fall’ish tchotchkes.
  • Review what’s already in your Christmas stash.
  • Make a master Christmas holiday decorating plan and shop for any items you may need to bring your ideas to life.
  • In addition to holiday decor items, don’t forget to include any crafting items and things like ornament hangers, extension cords, timers, stocking hangers, Command Strip hooks and pipe cleaners or floral wire.
  • This is also a good time to make sure your Christmas tree stand is in good repair, make sure all of your Christmas lights are working and to purge your collection and donate or sell items that you no longer want to use.
  • Mood starter – play your favorite Christmas music!


Christmas hot cocoa bar vignette in the kitchen with a little sign saying Free Cocoa.


  • Make your holiday wreath, Christmas garland and any handmade items you want to include in your festive decor.  If you’ll be making your own wreath or garland, click HERE and HERE to get step-by-step directions from my visit with professional designers.
  • Put up and decorate the Christmas tree. I spent time with two different professional tree designers and have two different Christmas tree decorating tutorials, which you can find HERE and HERE.
  • Decorate your fireplace mantel or any other flat surface in your home.
  • Purchase fresh wreaths and garlands.  (I recommend not purchasing these until two weeks prior to Christmas.)
  • Add Christmas decorations to your exterior front entry of your home.
  • Mood starter – set aside an evening to watch a favorite Christmas movie!


White, gold and silver Christmas tree decorations.


  • Switch out your dishware and table linens.
  • Add the final touches around your home by creating holiday vignettes for your coffee table and other occasional tables.
  • Add cozy throws and seasonal pillows to make your home extra inviting.
  • Create a delicious hot cocoa bar.
  • Mood starters – drink hot cocoa while watching another favorite Christmas movie!
  • Enjoy your stress-free Christmas decor!


The front porch with Adirondack chairs, and garland framing the door. There is a Christmas wreath on the front door as well.

I hope you find that having a Christmas Checklist takes all of the stress out of your holiday decorating, my friend!

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The Checklist with Prep time, Get Started And The Details poster.

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  1. Hi Suzy, Thanks for sharing your Christmas timeline. Your such a blessing! So far I have removed all the faux pumpkins. I have a laundry basket full of small size from Hobby Lobby. Should I just put them in a large bin with a lid or wrap each one in gift paper so they wont get scratched up? I’m having fun doing some frosted pinecone vignettes to slowly transition from Fall to Christmas.

    1. Hi Connie. I’m glad that you’re finding the timeline helpful! I keep all of my faux pumpkins in a container or even a large black garbage bag. There’s no need to wrap them, but I do recommend avoiding placing anything heavy on top of them to avoid creating dents. 😀